Gothic 1: Cleaning Orc Land

Again, I tried to get into Old Mine, but I cant. So, I went into Orc Land and killed every beasts there. In my previous hunting missions itself, half of the creatures in Orc Land were dead. Now, I wiped out the remaining creatures, which includes 2 of 3 Golems of Xardas. Xardas created three Golems, which protect the path to his tower. He is studying Dark Magic and ancient books and dont want to get disturbed by anyone, thats why he created these Golems.

Golems are very powerful unique creatures which wont take damage from Normal weapons. Only powerful magic spells can defeat this creatures.

The first golem there is Stone Golem. Only the mighty Orc Hammer can do damage to this creatures. I got an Orc Hammer near the fort in the mountains, which is guarded by a Bridge Golem. With that Orc Hammer I defeated this Stone Golem and took its heart.

Next one is the Ice Golem. Taking out this one is very easy. I casted just two fire balls and this Golem was dead.
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Next one is the Fire Golem. I thought this could me took out with Ice Block. I tried a few times, but, it didnt work.


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