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This is one of the toughest flash game that I played. The gameplay is very simple: We need to guide the crow through dangerous places with worst obstacles and traps. Graphics-wise the game looks mono colored, but it has a very good artistic touch and the graphics best suits the gameplay.

I have been playing it for a month(thanks to the save option). Daily I used to finish one or two scenes and now I completed the game fully. This game required high focus and concentration, without which it is impossible to finish the game.

If you didn't have super - duper focus to control the crow, then this game will be frustrating. But, once you get the hang of it, its an Ulti game.

Here are some of the screenshots of the final moment of the game:


Here is the link to play the game: http://www.addictinggames.com/acrowinhell.html


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With the ultimate SledgeHammer and Combat Armor, I went to the Junktown, wishing I will get some good fight to test out my new acquisitions.

I used some drugs while fighting with the Mutants in Necropolis and I somehow got this "Radiated" thing. Also, my Intelligence is getting reduced and my other attributes changes over time. I was having 1 INT and so no one in Junktown was ready to speak to me. I ate Mentats, which increased my Intelligence to 4. Then, I spoke with Lars and Killan. Thanks to them, now I know against whom I can test my SledgeHammer and Combat Armor. Its Skulz and Gizmo, but they are not alone. They hang out with a bunch of thugs, which means more FUN for me :D

fallout, NPC, mayor, leader, killian, darkwater, junktown

First I went to Skulz's Hangout, took them all out. The Sledge Hammer combined with 155% in Melee skill was a kickass. I killed all of them with ease. Then, went to Gizmo's territory and the fight with him was piece of a cake. This fights proved to be very valuable, as I got good loots from them.

Since the mission of finding and destroying Mutants have no time factor, I decided to check out few other towns, before dwelving into the main quest.

Adventures Continue...

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Game Name: Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands
Genre: Action, Adventure
Series: Prince of Persia

Gamespot Score: 7.5
IGN Score: 8.0

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Quebec, Ubisoft Singapore, Ubisoft Casablanca
Publisher: Ubisoft


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Game Name: Prince of Persia: Two Thrones
Genre: Action, Adventure
Series: Prince of Persia

Gamespot Score: 8.4
IGN Score: 9.0

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft


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As planned, I organised this blog by creating Index files for most of the games and changed to a super cool theme. Thanks to www.cahayabiru.com for this wonderful theme.

  • One of the feature that was missing in my blog was Search. It also came with this template and its working great.
  • removed Followers tab.
  • reset the hit count and changed it to Visit Count

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Game Name: Perfect World International


Gamespot Score: N/A
IGN Score: 7.5 / 10

Developer: Beijing Perfect World
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment


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    Game Name: Evil Dead: Regeneration

    Genre: Action
    Series: Evil Dead

    Gamespot Score: N/A
    IGN Score: 6.1

    Developer: Cranky Pants Games
    Publisher: THQ


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      Game Name: Conquest: Frontier Wars

      Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)

      Gamespot Score: 8.2 / 10
      IGN Score: 8.8 / 10

      Developer: Ubisoft
      Publisher: Fever Pitch Studios


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        Game Name: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

        Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
        Series: Call of Duty 4

        Gamespot Score: 9 / 10
        IGN Score: 9.4 / 10

        Developer: Infinity Ward
        Publisher: Activision


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          Game Name: Counter Strike: Condition Zero

          Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
          Series: Counter Strike

          Gamespot Score: 6.8
          IGN Score:

          Developer: Valve Software, Gearbox Software, Ritual Entertainment, Turtle Rock Studios
          Publisher: Vivendi Universal


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            Before dwelving into the main quest, I thought of going back to Hub and take care of some unfinished business there. It was something about a arrogant guy named Kane.

            When I spoke to Lorenzo, he told me that I could get some jobs from the guy, Kane. I, then met Kane and inquired about jobs. He took me to Decker, and he assigned me the job of killing a merchant who lives in the Heights.

            fallout, decker, mission, hub, merchant
            From Fallout

            I went to The Heights along with Ian. There was a thug, who told us to leave the place. So, I had no other go than killing him. While in combat with the thug, his friends came to his rescue and the small fight became a mini war. They are very much skilled and also outnumbered us. After several attempts, we somehow managed to take them all out. Then, I went inside the hotel and killed the merchant, Hightower and also his wife. The loot from this fight, was much profitable. With the looted items and a part of my money, I bought the ultimate melee weapon, Sledgehammer. With my melee skill over 100%, this proved to be a Ultimate asset.

            I met Kane again and this time, I got another business from Decker. It is to take out the Jain of the Children of the Cathedral. With the sledgehammer in my arm, it was just a child's play in taking out the Jain and other eye-witnesses. Becker paid me well and I got good experience also from his quests. He dont have any more business for me and so I turned into real me and complained about his doings to the local police. Then, with the police Sergeant and Ian, I took out Decker and his guys.

            fallout, combat, armor, sledge, hammer, inventory, screenshot
            From Fallout

            But, unfortunately, before I could start looting the items, I was taken to The Hub from Decker's place. Anyhow, I looted a little during the combat itself and from my money and with the looted items, I bought the Ultimate Combat armor from Jake.

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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            As promised, I found the missing parts and I repaired the water pump in Necropolis and the peace loving ghouls and their leader was very happy and thankful to me.

            Then, with the water chip, I proceeded to my home, Vault-13 and I gave back the water chip to our leader. I, then made a report about my adventure in the library and visited back our leader.

            He was very happy about the water chip, though he was much concerned about the number of mutants above the surface. From my report, he found that the number of mutants currently there above the surface, is far above than the numbers that would have occurred naturally. He believes strongly that someone is bulk manufacturing mutants, which is a threat to the vaults, including ours.

            fallout, overseer, returned, water, chip, vault, 13, happy, proud
            From Fallout

            So, now he wants me to find about this mutant manufacturing and eliminate who are all responsible for this.

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf

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            Here I am, in Necropolis. Trusting the words of Master Water merchant, I came to Necropolis in search of the water chip. Hope I will get it here.

            fallout, necropolis, watershed, map
            From Fallout

            The Ghouls:
            There are no people in Necropolis to welcome me and Ian. Instead, the group of ghouls, when approached started to attack us. We killed almost all the aggressive ghouls and we cant found any good place there, like a shop or something. Then, I walked over a manhole cover and found that there is a path beneath it.

            There were numerous tunnels below the Necropolis and I found the Ghouls Leader there. He is peace loving man, with a sad story. An arrogant Ghoul, named Seth, taken over his position and is now controlling all the other ghouls. It seems Seth was torturing other ghouls. Also, Ghoul Leader accepts the fact that there is a water chip somewhere in Necropolis and he pleads not to take it away, or at least, fix their water pump, before I do so.

            Killed Seth and Super Mutants:
            It was a very acceptable request and so I accepted it and started searching for the materials to fix their water pump. During my search, I crossed Seth and his people and killed every one of them. Then, I went to the water shed and found a bunch of super mutants with heavy machineries. After a tough fight, using grenades, me and Ian managed to kill them all. If spoke to Harry, he takes us to a more dangerous place, which I cant handle now. So, I decided not to go that way and so killed Harry and his friends.

            ghoul, battle, best, seth, group, kill, death, fallout
            From Fallout

            WATER CHIP IN VAULT-12:
            On searching their area, I found another manhole and on exploring it, we found an entire Vault inside. Actually, I was now in search of something to fix the water pump in Necropolis. But, to my surprise, I FOUND THE WATER CHIP in the third floor of Necropolis, underground vault-12.

            vault, 12, necropolis, fallout, ian, water, chip
            From Fallout

            After all this time, my main quest made a dramatic progress. Now, I am to hurry back to my home, vault-13 to return the water chip. But I made a promise here to the Ghoul Leader to fix the water pump. So, I am going to do it first, before making my journey to Vault-13.

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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            With no luck for getting the Water Chip, I am now wandering the nuclear devastated cities in search of the Water Chip and my first target is The Hub.
            The Hub is a very big town, with so many shops and people. The first thing, I did in Hub is sold off all the loots I had, and bought numerous Stimpacks(I have now nearly 30 of em), few hand grenade and also made a bunch of cash, oops, caps(hav nearly 3k caps).
            There are lots of people in Hub. Spoke to many of them, but didn't get any mission, except for the Caravan run. Did the Caravan run mission two times, once to the Junktown and the other to the Necropolis, made some cash and nice experience :)

            Butch and DeathClaw:
            I went to a shop named "Far Go Traders" and met a guy named Butch. He gave me a mission to find about the missing Caravans. When asked in detail, he told that a mysterious ghost or something named "DeathClaw" might be the reason for those missing Caravans. I accepted to solve the case and talked about this to a guy named Rutger, in "Far Go Traders". He didnt believe in the DeathClaw story and send me to Beth, owner of the gun store. He also told me that, I will be getting 15% discount on my sales in GUNS store, since I am working for the "Far Go Traders". Then, I proceeded to GUNS store and spoke to Beth. She forwarded me to Harold, the mutant and Uncle Snappy.

            Uncle Snappy is a mad person and so I didnt spend much time with him. I went inside the building and met Harold. He is a mutant with a very big story. Very patiently, I heard all his stories and asked him about the DeathClaw. He gave me some clues on killing it, but no more details. I came back and spoke to Uncle Snappy, and he took me to a cave, where DeathClaw is likely to be hiding. I went inside the cave and met DeathClaw. Its a very tough monster and it took me more than half an hour to kill it, with several reloads and several stimpacks, even with Ian supporting me. After killing it, I found a dying Mutant behind the Deathclaw. Looks like, he and his partners were the real Caravans thieves. I got a recording from him to prove that and went back to the Hub market.

            deathclaw, kill, death, ian, hub, cave, fallout, missing, caravan
            From Fallout

            I reported about this issue to Butch and was rewarded by Rutger.

            Water! Water! Water!
            The moment I heard about the Water merchants, I was very happy and thought that they would provide answer to my questions. I rushed to the water merchants, spoke to their master, but in vein. The Water Merchant's master was very keen in getting money from me, so that water caravans will be sent to Vault-13 to quench their thirsty. But, this is no permanent solution and not what I am supposed to do. But, this might help later. So, I said no to the water trade and kept on interrogating. Then, she told me that people in Necropolis might have a water chip. Still, some news is better than nothing. I was happy and started my journey to the next wasteland, The Necropolis, along with my pal, Ian.

            fallout, missing, caravan, dying, mutant, hub, fallout
            From Fallout

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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            Me and Ian reached Vault 15 safe and sound. There was a small hut with a ladder, which leaded to an Underground cave. In the underground cave is the Vault-15, which was fully devastated. No people were living there and there were several creatures lurking in the Vault-15. There were three floors in Vault-15, but the elevators doesnt seem to be working. The rope which I bought from Seth in Shady Sands, helped me to go to the second floor without the elevator. I searched all the floors thoroughly and all I could find is the rats. There was definitely no water chip in here.

            fallout, game, vault, 15, no, chip, water
            From Fallout

            Looks like the main quest is not so simple, as it seemed. I have no idea what to do now. I spoke to many people in Shady Sands and my Vault and got no clue. Ian told me of two towns: The JunkTown and The Hub. So, we are now leaving to The Hub. Hope will get some clue about the water chips there.

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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            I ventured out Vault-13 for the first time in my life, into the cave, where the Vault is, and found a bunch of hungry Cave Rats. I killed them all and proceeded out of the Cave. Here comes my first view of sky, the natural light, and wonderful sight of the ravaged world.

            While traveling towards Vault-15, I found a small town called Shady Sands. I decided to check out this town, before proceeding to Vault-15 and so entered Shady Sands. I was warmly welcomed by Katrina, a girl from Vault-15 and Seth, The guardian of Shady Sands.

            Seth was very worried about the Redscorpions in a cave near Shady Sands. I decided to help him out and went to that Cave. It was a very big Cave with about 20 to 25 Redscorpions. But, it was not a big deal. I cleared that cave and reported back to Seth. He was very thankful, but gave me no rewards, which I expected. But, I sold all the Redscorpion tails and made a little profit.

            Then, I found that Tandi, the daughter of the Town Leader, Aradesh had been kidnapped by Raiders, who had their camps, just south-west of Shady Sands. I made a visit to Raiders camp and found that there were a lot of them. Surely it takes a lot for me to kill all of them and rescue Tandi. I tried to speak about this with their leader, but in vein.

            So, I came back to Shady Sands and spoke to the people in there, regarding Tandi. A guy named, Ian was ready to tag along with me for some price. I paid him and went again to the Raider's camp and we started out battle there. In some 30 minutes, we took them all out and rescued Tandi. This mission was a very benefical for me. There were a HELL lot of loots in there and I took them all :D

            fallout, game, tandi, rescue, shady, sands
            From Fallout

            I returned to Shady Sands with Tandi and I was celebrated as a hero.

            I am thinking of making progress in my main quest and so proceeded to Vault-15, but not alone. Took Ian with me.

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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            I played various good and bad Role Playing Games before. In all of them, things go like Slaying Dragons, siding with Orcs or Humans in a legendary war, worlds filled with mythical creatures, i.e., they take place at Medieval ages. But Fallout is a Role Playing Game with totally a different theme. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by Nuclear explosions, in the year 2077.

            Character Creation:
            There are 3 built-in characters: Stone, Natalia and Albert
            Stone is a heavy-weight person, good at close range fights.
            Natalia is an Intelligent character with good long range critical skills.
            Albert is a stealthy person with good personality to negotiate with people.

            I played an hour with all the three characters to see which is best and I can say that every one is good in their own way.

            Then, I took Stone, made some minor changes to his profile and started out the game with the character saiy2k.

            Welcome to Vault-13:
            To be safe from the Nuclear war, government build underground facilities called Vault. And we start out in Vault-13, which has a big problem now. The water chip that powers the Water treatment plant in Vault-13 is going to die soon, exactly in another 150 days.
            So, I am to go to Vault-15, get the water chip from there and return within 150 days. The hope of Vault-13 is me.

            fallout, game, screenshot, vault, 13, light
            From Fallout

            I started my adventure in this post-apocalyptic world, hoping for the best.

            Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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            Game Name: Railroad Tycoon II

            Genre: Simulation Game
            Series: Railroad Tycoon

            Gamespot Score: 8.7
            IGN Score: 8.9

            Developer: PopTop Software
            Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Take-Two Interactive


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            Game Name: Tomb Raider: Anniversary
            Genre: Platformer / Action / Adventure
            Series: Tomb Raider

            Gamespot Score: 8.0 / 10
            IGN Score: 8.0 / 10

            Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Buzz Monkey Software, Nixxes Software and Robosoft Technologies
            Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Feral Interactive


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            These days, I had been drifted a lot from core gaming and been playing Flash games. One reason is Animes, I finished Naruto, Death Note and just recently started Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) and the other is because of Miniclip.com.

            Daily, in my office, after lunch, I used to play some games in Miniclip.com. Just 2 weeks back, I came to know about the cool flash game Stunt Pilot. Its a very cool game and I was practicing it a lot these days and soon will be a pro in it. My current score is 142,245 and completed 19 levels in it. My aim is to get 200,000 soon and so to beat my colleague, Ganapathi. Though he is not playing now a days, his high score is 200,000 and am gonna beat it soon :)

            Here is the link to my MiniClip profile http://www.miniclip.com/players/en/card/?uid=25387953, where you can challenge me.



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            Game Name : Need For Speed: Carbon

            Genre : Racing
            Series : Need For Speed

            Gamespot Score : 7.6
            IGN Score : 7.9

            Developer : EA Black Box
            Publisher : Electronic Arts


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            Game Name: Sins of Solar Empire
            Genre: Real Time Strategy
            Gamespot Score: 9/10
            IGN Score: 8.9/10
            Developer: Ironclad Games
            Publisher: Stardock Entertainment


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            Since I am hooked up with Anime (finished Naruto, Death Note and not gonna start Rurouni Kenshin), I am not game much now a days. I see that this blog is poorly organised and definitely needs some improvement, in terms of organisation of posts, missing search box and possibly a new cool theme. Just yesterday, I added the Facebook LIKE button for all the posts.

            The Number one priority is now to create an index post for all the games listed here. The Index post of a game will be having links to all the posts that are related to that particular game. I really dont like the tree links at the left side bar. Gonna change it to too.

            Thats it for now... Look out for revamped SaiGameWorld soon :D


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            I am a big fan of Prince of Persia series, starting from Prince DOS game. I played all the games, though i didnt completed em all. Recently, I got The Forgotten Sands from my friend Arun and installed it very eagerly. But I was in doubt, whether it will run on my system(see my system spces here). I was very happy to see that it really runs on my system with all the game settings at its low value.

            The game starts with Prince going to the kingdom of his brother Malik. At the time of his arrival, Malik's kingdom is sieged by their enemies and the full place was in havoc. It was said that, they guard a mystical powerful artifact in that kingdom for a very long time and so the other kingdoms do frequent attacks to lay their hands on this artifact. After the cut scenes are over, the Prince was standing in a broken bridge and start his journey from there.

            Platforming was taken to a new level with so many cool moves, which includes the price climbing the walls by getting hold of the bricks in those walls. Combat was also fully different, as the Prince fights against more than 10 opponents at a time.

            After a few minutes of roaming around a castle, he finds his brother Malik. Upon his request, Prince opens a gate which leads to the Treasure Vault. Then Malik orders prince to meet him in the Treasure Vaults.

            I played upto that point, but quitted after it. Because, the frame rate was oscillating between 5 and 15, touching 2 and 3 at times. It was very disappointing that my system was not able to handle the game, though I planned to play the game in Jyothiswaroop house.

            Thats all for now... Cya Later

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                 If anyone ever wondered why the hell I am playing out dated old games like NFS Carbon, when Shift is out, planning for FEAR, when FEAR 3 is soon to be launched, Gothic 1 and 2, when Gothic 4 is to be launched, here is your answer:

                 Below is the specification of my grand old PC:

            • Processor : AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
            • RAM : 1 GB DDR2
            • Hard Disk : 80GB
            • Graphics Card : Inbuilt one with 256 MB video memory (this is the worst part)
            • 15” Monitor
            • DVD Drive: None (thx a lot for the pen drives)
            • and a 9 year old speaker, but still working great :D

                 This is the reason I always used to play out dated games, but I hope, time to upgrade my PC will come soon :D

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                 Yeah!!! I got the Invitation to participate in NFS World Beta. I applied for this some 2 or 3 months back and was very eagerly awaiting for the invitation. Several Beta sessions got over and finally I got into the NFS World this time :D

                 Now the game has two major divisions of races. One is racing versus other players like PvP(normal races has a Single Player option too, not yet tried it) and the other is Pursuit with the cops like PvE. As far as I played, racing versus other players is very hard for me, but very rewarding though I get the last position.

                 The sad thing is my poor system cant handle the heavy World and crashes like every 30 minutes or so. Afterall, its just BETA still, so no worries.

                 I ll just post screenshots here… Will write more about the Beta later…


            My First Race: Got 7th Place


            Free Roaming


            More details,


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                 Its been a long time since my last post. Its because I was not busy, but I became too lazy to write. Actually, I was not into hard core gaming for the past month. More than games, I had been spending a lot of time watching movies and anime. After I finished with the Carbon, I had been playing many classic games online with friends starting from Age of Empires 2, Counter Strike 1.6 to Call of Duty 2…

                 In all these games, Sridhar is the one who is accompanying me all the time, whereas Yuvaraj, Vivek, Arun, Jyothi Swaroop, Arun Balaji join us occasionally.

                 For a few days in these gap, I tried Half Life 2. The game was really fantastic, but an infamous “Stuttering Bug” got me. googled a lot to find a fix, but in vein. So, I uninstalled it.

                 Tried DoTA and this was the first time, I tried that game. The scope of the game is very vast with nearly 100 heroes with distinct skill sets and very large number of items. My friends Arun, Arun Balaji and Jyothiswaroop were trying to dump all those details in a single day and totally confused me. I stopped playing it for now, but will surely go for it after some time.

                 Planning to try FEAR game soon… Till then, I will continue with those online games :)



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            Here are the links to my saved files of NFS Carbon:

            This is the saved file with 100% Career Completion:

            This one is with 100% Challenge Series Completion and numerous rides in Career Mode:

            How to apply the saved file:

            • Extract the RAR files using WinRar.
            • Copy the ASai folder to Documents/NFS Carbon.
            • Start the Game.

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            A Read must for all POP fans out there. History of Prince of Persia series starting from Prince of Persia (1984) to Prince of Persia (2008).

            IGN Presents: The History of Prince of Persia - Retro Feature at IGN
            pop,prince of persia,prince,farah

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                 I played and completed all the challenge Series in NFS Carbon. I thought the challenges would be bloody hard as in Most Wanted. But, they are relatively easy when compared to the ones in MW. With some repetive playing and concentration, completed all the 45 Challenges and here is the screenshot of my profile statistics:

            Sai Game Stats

                 I dont know why, but after finishing the challenge, I went into career mode and found that all the data has been messed up. Though all my rides were safe, the Career Completion showed 0%, Anyway, I completed the career and so its not a big deal.

                 Time to uninstall Carbon now and get back a whooping 4 GB of free space in D Drive.


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                 Met the boss Darrius and rode with him on the Canyon in Palmont City’s outskirts. He was not like the other racers and gave really a hard time for me. I upgraded my SLR McLaren with all the Race Packages and raced with Darrius again. After a few retires, I finished him and completed the Career mode in NFS Carbon.

                 The game is not over yet. There is a big array of races in the Challenge series. As in Most Wanted, I decided to play the Challenge series and try to complete it. I completed all the bronze and silver races and I personally think that the challenges are not as hard as they were in Most Wanted.

                 From the starting itself, I missed something in carbon. I dont know what it is. Maybe I love Most Wanted too much than any other. Even after completing the career, I felt Carbon is just another racing game and nothing special. But wait... I started playing the drift races and they are addictive. Everytime I make a big score in drift, I cant take a rest. I just wanted to beat up my best again.

                 Here is a screenshot of me overtaking my opponent in Canyon Race in Silver Challenge:

            More about drifting later,

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                 After quitting Last Chaos, I started with the MMORPG Perfect World International (PWI). To ease up the partying thing, I started with a Cleric or Healer character and named him EliteHealer. He was level 20 now and the nice thing about Healers is they can start fly at level 1 itself. The other classes need to get level 30 to fly.

                 PWI is a very big game when it comes to in-game world and there are so many things to do in PWI. For the first few days, I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail in that game. Unlike LC, people start at the place where they logged out. So, there wont be big crowds and lags in any of the city. But, because of this feature, the cities are empty at some times. Also, the game is designed in a way the the full map is utilized. Each of the class starts at separate places and are moved to different places while doing quests so that there will be someone even in the remote place in PWI.

                 Also, the big land mass is one of the frustrating thing, when it comes to travelling. The toon moves very slowly and to move between places it takes a hell lot of time. All the classes in the game are well balances so that there is no single PVP superior class. Even the healer can be good at PvP if played well.

                 I like this game and decided to continue this. I ll post more about PWI after I reached level 30.


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                 I am a die hard fan of Need For Speed (NFS) series. Though I played only NFS1, NFS2 SE and NFS MW, I love this series. Back in school times, me and my friend Makesh will spend a day playing split screen knockout match in NFS 2 SE. NFS was one the game that I used to play in the beginning of my gaming history. I missed out Hot Pursuit, Underground and others.

                 I didnt played Carbon before because of my damn no graphics card PC. But, now I borrowed a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT card from my friend Arun and started playing Carbon.

                 I started the game a week back. Acquiring the territories of Wolf, Kenji and Angie was very easy and I never upgraded my car. I started with the car that Nikki bought me and got the pink slips from all the three. I thought the game was damn easy and could be finished just with the stock cars. But, all the races in the territory of Darrius was tough and cant be won over easily. So, bought a Supra, upgraded it and finished some races and unlocked SLR McLaren. Then, I bought McLaren and captured the remaining territory of Darrius.

                 Now, I am to race with wolf, kenji and angie again before meeting Darrius.

                 Big thanks to Arun for the 8600, with which I planned to play Gothic 3, an epic RPG game…

            More Later

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R 2 comments READ FULL POST

                 Yeah. Believe me. I quitted Last Chaos. This was one of the hard decision that I made in my gaming career.

                 Last Chaos was my first MMORPG and I loved it. I always wanted to play the game, the way it was meant to be played.

                 The main thing behind my decision is people no longer party together to grind, either for sp farming or to leveling, except for the power leveling thing. This was a online multiplayer game and the people in there like to play in solo party. The second thing is everyone do power leveling and people at 40 to 70 level are very scare. Everyone plays either in prokion or in tomb. The big map of draton and merac are deserted. The third thing is Elizabeth buff in c5. Since the elizabeth buff is moved to c5, a non-pvp server, every low level people are now playing in c5. So, random PKs and small fights became extinct.

                 Also, I hate grinding for sp for long hours. I know every MMORPG narrows down to grinding when we reach high levels. But, if we grind in group, it wont be problem and it will be fun. Grinding all alone for hours is like doing hard work without fun and surely it not means playing.

                 I am at level 54 and I can solo anubis now. So, reaching level 80 or 90 wont be very hard for me. But the thing is armors and weapons cost insane and even if I manage to buy them, I cant go more than that level and I am not gonna shine in PVP too. So, the best thing is quitting now. I gave all my things worth 2.5 billion to my friends Arun(xWarloDx of ThePhoenix) and Arun Balaji(ChaosKnight of BloodMoon). I am the one who introduced and made them play LC. But now, I told them to quit and they are not listening to me. I know for sure, they will feel the same way I felt, when they already have wasted a long time in there.

                 Yeah. I will surely be missing some of the good friends I got in game. I ll log in once in a while to keep in touch with them.

                 I researched about a lot of MMORPGs to replace Last Chaos and many are found to be not so good, except WoW and guild wars. So, I need to wait till I get a job to play one of them or either:D. Till that, I am gonna try various MMORPGs of various kinds to see for myself which is better. I am gonna start with Perfect World International (PWI).


            I ll miss you Last Chaos...
            LC is not just a game, Its more than that for me…



            last chaos, saiy2k, pvp, west, gate, fun, pk, fight

            Good old times at West Gate

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Wednesday, April 14, 2010 4 comments READ FULL POST

                 To be accepted as the leader of Zainab Camp, I need to bring a Telvanni lady for the Ashkhan Kaushad to marry. But the probelm is no telvanni people will accept to marry an ashlander.

                 So, I went to wise woman and asked for help. The wise woman told me that I can easily cheat Kaushad by bringing him a slave neatly disguised as a Telvanni lady. So, I need to go to Tel Aruhn and buy a slave from there.

                 I done a few errands for the Slave dealer, Savile Imayn and bought the slave, Falura Llervu. Here comes the real problem:

                 I was asking her to follow me to Zainab camp, but she says something stupid and was not even moving an inch. I thought I might have did something wrong and started over the mission again from an earlier save. I was very careful this time, but then also Falura Llervu didnt follow me. I thought it was a graphical bug and so I turned off collision check through console and tried again. But the problem persists.

                 Then, I found that the bug was caused by Morrowind Comes Alive(MCA) mod. I used to keep all my stuffs in my companion inventory, who are all part of MCA mod. So, I moved all my stuffs from my companions to chests, which was a big pain.

                 Finally, I started the game without loading the MCA mod. Now Falura Llervu was following me to zainab Camp. The bug is solved. But I found that I am missing so many of my items which includes my best bow “Daedric Longbow of Sureflight”. And the worst thing is I am missing my face. Yeah, my face was also part of MCA mod.

                 Now, I got only 2 options: Either to play the game without doing the main quest or to play the game with an ugly faceless character. or quit the game.

                So, I chose the third option and gonna QUIT MORROWIND. I really need to know the story after my current trial and more about Dagoth Ur and the final fight with him. So, I am gonna just watch youtube videos of them and know the full story.

                I hate stupid mods

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Tuesday, April 13, 2010 11 comments READ FULL POST

                 I almost forgot Morrowind, because of my tight schedules. Also, I set the difficulty setting to 100 a long back and its hard for me to fight people there. So, I just decided to reduce the difficulty and quickly finish the game...

                 Now I am travelling with my mates Bralas Andaren, Luthien Morvayn and Shareel. Actually Bralas and Luthien were in Solthiesm, since I took them with me for my solthiesm hunt and left them there. I just took them to Morrowind by swimming all the way to Gnisis.

                 My Main Mission Status: I already became the Hortator of all the houses and now I am to convince all the four tribes to accept me as their leader. Also, I already became the leader of Urshilaku Camp. Now i need to convince the other 3 tribes to complete the fifth trial. So, I decided to visit Zainab camp first.

                 From Gnisis, we started our journey to Zainab Camp and on the way met sooo many devil monsters and several ashlanders and bandits. We killed all of them with our strength of Unity. Also we raided a few tombs and dungeons. But in a big war against a bunch of bandits near Zainab Camp, we lost one of our pal, Bralas Andaren. It was like 4 vs 10 fight. So, Bralas death is obvious.

            After the War

                 Then, after proceeding for some time, we reached Zainab Camp. Now the job is to persuade the leader of Zainab Camp to accept me as their leader, which I ll do later…


            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Saturday, March 27, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

                 I had been training myself and my Ichi at wafes for the past 1 week. In the past few levels I got loads of SP from killing wafes. With all those SP, I maxed all my skills and spent the remaining SP on Master Weaponsmith and some leaf processing skill.

                 I thought of making a quick level and so went to tomb taking MUTTI, a templar knight in my guild along with me. On entering Tomb, I was in level 53 and 8% xp. We went to Anubis and killed few anubis and a few sphinx which made my xp to 61%. Then for one anubis kill, i put on a Experience Booster(XPB) to check how much I get with the XPB. On that kill I got a whooping 65% xp and made level 54, with 26%.

                 Then had a small fight with TheUnDead, an alt of Sickness. We didnt went to arena as it will be crowded by high level ppl. So we went to the Providing grounds in Draton, which is quite empty. He is just level 40 and I am level 54. Anyway we just had a few fights and it was a good fun. A Screenshot:

            last chaos,game,mmorpg,pvp,saiy2k,theundead,providing grounds,draton

                 As most people think, soloing high level monsters is not very tough, especially in Tomb. You just need to get the right gears and pots and must not hesitate to run in the middle when your health gets to very low level.

                 Here is small tips on soloing high level monsters in Tomb

            • You need to get maximum Evasion and a few Hit Rate. Just forget about the crits and suction accs. Like Stone of Shadow(SoS) for evasion and Tears of Knight(ToK) or 93 HR acc for hit rate.
            • Then had loads of Greater HP and MP pots and candies. Keep these pots running all the time to be in safer side.
            • Level 12 physical defense and attack minerals is must. Put your pets technical points in full defense.
            • Lastly, top gear which includes +15 weapon and +8 and above armor
            • Keep an eye on your HP all the time, if it goes below 25% of ur total, just run and give some time for your candies and hp pots to heal you.

                 With all the above, you can easily solo the mobs on tomb. No need to beg someone to plvl you, when you can do it all by yourself..

            Have Fun


            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2 comments READ FULL POST

            First Kamira Kill

            I was leveling myself and my Ichi at Wafes near sphinx in Draton and arrived the "GRAND DEVILROAD KAMIRA".. I tried to solo it a few times before, but always failed. This time I had a little hope in succeeding as I had 56+13 shirt and 56+12 pant, which gives me a good defense. After buffing myself with all the pots, I started hitting Kamira.

            In the beginning it was very easy as Kamira did only melee attacks and missed a few of its hit. After like half of its HP was over, it started with its magical attacks and I was dying. When its HP was like 80% over, I died. Without wasting a second I came back and was happy to see it didnt regenerated its health.

            But I lost the Elizabeth buff and I am not going for the buff now and let Kamira disappear. I had only like 20% of health and so I buffed myself with all the pots and started hitting it and voila, I killed Kamira. I got “Chain of Tiger” accessory and junks..

            Here goes the Screenshots:

            last chaos,saiy2k,knight,kamira,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot
            last chaos,saiy2k,kamira,knight,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot last chaos,saiy2k,kamira,knight,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot

            First Anubis Spearman Kill

            My friend Arun Balaji challenged me to just visit the Anubis spearman at the tomb of theos, Draton. I didnt thought just visiting them would be hard and as expected I made it to Anubis Spearman easily. So, I went inside all the way in and surely not coming back empty handed. So, I decided to kick in Anubis and with all my pots on, I actually started fighting it.

            But that noobish mob stunned me. I never knew monsters have skills like this stun. After the stun is over I ran from there and came back after it lost focus on me. Then grafity, a mage gave me few remedy potions to escape from the stun of Anubis. With the remedy, I started my fight against Anubis again. It was hitting hard and my hits was feathery.. I was running the candies and HP MP pots to keep myself from dying.. Though my HP went below 500 a few times, when I started running away, get a few seconds to rejuvenate and then come back to fight.

            After like 15 min of hard fight, I MADE IT.. yes.. i killed Anubis Spearman :D Thanks to grafity for the remedy pots.

            Here goes the Screenshot of my Anubis spearman Adventure:

            last chaos, anubis, solo, kill, low, level, saiy2k last chaos, anubis, solo, kill, low, level, saiy2k

            Most of the time I used to think “I am not buying Ap nor getting plvled… So what the heck am I doing in LC?” But now I got hope that I can plvl myself whenever I want. All I need is to upgrade my helm, boots and gloves to current level armor and above plus 10

            More Adventures Later

            The Brave Knight

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Thursday, March 18, 2010 2 comments READ FULL POST

            Its been a long time since my last post, almost a month. Actually I was not playing any games seriously for the past one month. All this because of the hectic project I am doing and my College Symposium, Callida. But once in a while, I play Last Chaos, Track Mania and few flash games.

            In Last Chaos, I made some good progress in terms of my financial status. I used to buy and sell things daily and made like 1 billion in de past month and bought few good accessories. Now my accessories include

            • 3 x 90% crit (ea costs around 250M, but i bought for all 3 for 630M... thx to Arun for selling me at cheap rate)
            • 2 x Tears of Knight (ToK)
            • A 93 HR, 2 x 56 Eva Accessory
            • Few Stone of Shadows (SoS)

            And I learned an important lesson, which also applies to my Real Life. Its “NEVER TRUST ANYONE”… Its because of the following two incidents

            Rocky987 was one of my close friend in LC and I trusted him with my 33+15 sword. He told me that he will use that sword till he levels to 40+ and return back the sword along with 10 HS. But later, when I asked him, that fking retard is telling me that he never borrowed that sword from me.

            Also a titan named Morrowind was a good friend of mine and so I lended him a Titan event Weapon +12. Since then, I never seen him online. He just disappeared with my sword

            Few notable things that happened in the past 1 month:

            1. Joined the guild Violaters (http://violators.ub3rserver.com/)
            2. Bought a level 6 Ichi and trained it to level 12.
            3. Made 1 level from 49 to 50 with the skills maxed.
            4. and 1 more important sad thing about a old friend, to know what it is click here

            Apart from Last Chaos, I played Age of Empires 2 online with my friend Sridhar.


            More Later

            Saiyasodharan. R

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Tuesday, March 16, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

            Today morning I was soloing at Sphinx as usual... I was bored and I took my horse and started exploring the surroundings. I was wandering for some 5 minutes and I saw the tomb from a cliff top. Immediately visiting Tomb came to my mind:-)

            I know the zombies were 100+. But I did remember Arun telling me that Zombies have very poor HR. So I took all my 3 SoS and proceeded to Tomb. I was very eager to fight those zombies, but I was frightened by the level gap between mine(47) and them (100+). But I curiosity overcame my fear and I boosted my defense with lvl 12 physical defense minerals and Large Defense Potions and started hitting the Creepy Zombies. With my 3 SoS, the Zombies actually miss me all the time and hit me rare :-) But my attack was very low and it took me nearly 5 minutes to kill tat zombie.. I even put a XPB in the middle and got 23% xp from a single kill :-) Thats almost like a miracle for me....

            So, I killed 4 more zombies and leveled to 48 in just 30 minutes and 5 kills.

            saiy2k, zombie, tomb, solo saiy2k, zombie, tomb, solo

            Here is the gear that I had, while fighting the Zombie:
            Weapon: 41+13
            Armor Set: 45-48 set with +6 to +10
            Accessories: 3 Stone of Shadow (SoS)
            Pet: lvl 36 Drake with full defense n few attack passive
            Buffs: Elizabeth, Horse Buff n Regular knight buffs
            Pots: Large Defense potion and Lvl 12 Physical Defense mineral

            Mine is not a perfect gear setup, but with +15 Armor set and wep, they can be soloed at lvl 35 itself, i think.


            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Sunday, February 14, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

            I hav tasted the flesh of Sphinx and will never go back to Giant Larvae or Goblin Commanders. Personally, I hate that some monsters are advantageous than other monsters of same level in terms of Experience. I totally hate prokion for the SP System LC have. But, I have to admit the truth that Sphinx is much better than all other.

            So, I went to Sphinx and soloed them till I reached level 45. Soloing Sphinx was not hard at my level with my +6 to +8 armor set and 41+15 sword. I not even use the defense pots or minerals, except the self buffs and horse buffs.

            last chaos, lc, game, mmorpg, solo, soloing, sphinx, saiy2k
            Soloing Elite Sphinx Spear Man

            After I reached 45, I wanted to learn Triple Bash(TB). But i didnt have enought STR to do that. So, I reduced my Dexterity and put them in Strength and learnt TB. But now I was not able to use concentration as I reduced my Dexterity below 17. Also, I learnt only the 1st level of TB as I didnt have enough skill points.

            So, I went to Jail in merac and sp farmed at Beast Scythe. I farmed a long time and learned upto level 4 of Triple Bash(TB) now. But still there is one more level to learn and I need more sp for that...

            last chaos, lc, game, mmorpg, tb, triple, bash, fox, saiy2k
            My First Triple Bash (TB) Hit, lol

            Now I am going back to sp farm to learn TB level 5

            Till then,

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Monday, February 8, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

            I(saiy2k) was in level 43 for a long time, since I was doing business and raised my gold from 160 million to 250 millsion and also bought a few weapons like 52+13 and 57+12...

            4 Man party @ Sphinx:
            Now I asked in my guild, Onepiece whether anyone is interested in joining me to fight Sphinx. Zabdiel seems to be interested but he is only level 34. Anyway I joined him and went to draton. There met a titan named Excelence(36) who also joined us in our journey to Sphinx. While going there, I called rocky987(36) to join us. He too came there. then we grinded at Sphinx at ease. rocky987's horse buff saved a lot of my def pots, but also I needed to use HP potions to keep me healthy.

            excelence, saiy2k, draton, party, sphinx, travel
            Taking Excelence to Sphinx

            Gave 33+15 to rocky987:
            Initially, rocky987 borrowed my 33+15 sword from me, so that he could kill Sphinx faster. But after some time, he got used(addicted!) with tat sword and told me that he would like to buy that weapon. But he dont have money or worthy items now. So, I just gave him the sword and told to give me back all the HS he gets from quiz till the count reaches 100. I still dont know why I trusted him to great extent that I gave him the sword. Even I met him today only... Now all I can do is just hope he will be honest and pay back.

            After sometime a Templar Knight named Flyhunter77 joined us, but he too is only 35. But with his defense buff, I no longer needed the HP pots to keep me from dying. Then, we played for some other time and I got some 40% xp totally. I didnt notice the xp % for each kill clearly, but I think I got like 160k to 180k for Sphinx Spear Man and around 450k for Elite Sphinx Spear Man. We played for some 30 to 40 minutes and everyone got benefited out of this party.

            Thanks Excelence, rocky987, Zabdiel and Flyhunter77 for giving me a wonderful time XD

            A Screenshot of all of us fighting the Elite Sphinx Spear Man.
            saiy2k, excelence, rocky987, zabdiel, flyhunter77, elite, sphinx, spear, man, fight, party

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Friday, February 5, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

            I(saiy2k) joined the guild Onepiece through letsrogue and we had a great Hide n Seek event today morning. It was RoyalEagles who was hiding somewhere in Juno. Prizes will be given to the first two people who find him.

            Only 2 people came for the event other than me and they are letsrogue and sirkiller. At first I looked for RoyalEagles around the Randol town. After some 5 minutes of searching, RoyalEagles gave us a clue that he can see enormous body of water from the place where he was hiding. Then I started searching for him along the banks of the rivers in Juno. While searching, letsrogue crossed my path. Again, after sometime, he told that he need not be very close to water to see the river. Immediately the mountains came to my mind. They are a good place to hide, as they are hard to climb and also we can see rivers that are very far. So, I started searching in the mountains closer to the River that flows north of Randol. On the way, I met a guy named Hayabusa. I asked him whether he saw RoyalEagles. I got no reply and I proceeded north. My instinct said me that I was going in the right direction.

            Then, I FOUND RoyalEagles at the north end of the map at the top of a mountain. I was the first one to find him and I got the prize money of 2M:-) letsrogue came second and sirkiller too found him in the end. So, prize was given to sirkiller too...

            royaleagles, saiy2k, guild, event, hide n seek, juno, mountains

            Had great fun and hope to see another event soon...
            Thanks Onepiece

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Saturday, January 30, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

            While I was leveling my pet lever, Gammag was in my party and he was getting ready to explore the Temple of forgetfullness. I was also very eager to check what evil creatures were hiding in those Dark Temple. So, I joined Gammag with my main saiy2k and together we went inside the temple of forgetfullness.

            At our first sight we saw some spiders at level 63. After buffing ourselves with all the buffs we got, we started kicking the spiders. But the spiders grouped together and we were no match for them. So, we went back to the safe area and planned to sneak in instead of fighting all the way in. Then we proceeded to go in, but Gammag took heavy hits from the Legendary Slayer and was killed. He lost some of his SP and he was not willing to lose more SP and he went out. Then, I proceeded in with all my courage. There were some 2 headed monsters. I crossed them and ran all the way in. At the heart of the temple, I found the boss monster Barren Eise. I looks like a giant evil eye that is floating in the air with violent thunder storming around it.

            I know for sure that I cant even stand near this Eise. But I was very curious to touch it. So, I thought of stunning it and DB it just once. But, as expected the stun failed and I was dead.

            I added this Barren Eise to my hitlist, which holds the following monsters:
            1. Grand Devilroad Kamira (Draton Boss)
            2. Black Pudding (which killed me once, when I went to Stryana)
            3. Barren Eise(Temple of Forgetfullness, Draton)

            To know more about the Temple of Forgetfullness, visit http://lastchaosinfo.wetpaint.com/page/Temple+of+Forgetfulness+map

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Friday, January 29, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

            Today I(saiy2k) was called by Arun Balaji(xChaosknighTx) to help him kill a rogue named OneDeadlyHit. My weapon and accessories was my friend. Arun Balaji told me tat rogue was at level 30 only and I can easily kill him with vl 29 sword. So, I went to west gate and started attacking the rogue.. I was making very low damage only and he also misses too much on me. I DBed 2 times and he became invisible. I was searching for him and he reappeared after a few seconds and started attacking me...

            last,chaos,best,epic,pvp,saiy2k,onedeadlyhit last,chaos,best,epic,pvp,saiy2k,onedeadlyhit

            After a few minutes a knight named knigt22 joined OneDeadlyHit on fighting me. Even now, I was not taking much damage from them. We were fighting for minutes, but none of us were dead... Meantime, another knight named kniGHT1 joined the opposite faction. But this time, I was taking some serious damage and I put my def and atk pots on. All the three of us were attacking me and with my pots, I tanked them. Then, I concentrated on hittin knigt22 and I killed him. Then I started hitting him and killed him too... But I cant take out OneDeadlyHit as he used his Invisibility skill often.

            last,chaos,best,epic,pvp,saiy2k,onedeadlyhit Photobucket

            Then we came to an agreement to stop the fight and we chatted for sometime about the epic 10 minute PVP fight we had and I logged out...

            Posted by Saiyasodharan R Saturday, January 23, 2010 0 comments READ FULL POST

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