Morrowind: I am Back

     I almost forgot Morrowind, because of my tight schedules. Also, I set the difficulty setting to 100 a long back and its hard for me to fight people there. So, I just decided to reduce the difficulty and quickly finish the game...

     Now I am travelling with my mates Bralas Andaren, Luthien Morvayn and Shareel. Actually Bralas and Luthien were in Solthiesm, since I took them with me for my solthiesm hunt and left them there. I just took them to Morrowind by swimming all the way to Gnisis.

     My Main Mission Status: I already became the Hortator of all the houses and now I am to convince all the four tribes to accept me as their leader. Also, I already became the leader of Urshilaku Camp. Now i need to convince the other 3 tribes to complete the fifth trial. So, I decided to visit Zainab camp first.

     From Gnisis, we started our journey to Zainab Camp and on the way met sooo many devil monsters and several ashlanders and bandits. We killed all of them with our strength of Unity. Also we raided a few tombs and dungeons. But in a big war against a bunch of bandits near Zainab Camp, we lost one of our pal, Bralas Andaren. It was like 4 vs 10 fight. So, Bralas death is obvious.

After the War

     Then, after proceeding for some time, we reached Zainab Camp. Now the job is to persuade the leader of Zainab Camp to accept me as their leader, which I ll do later…



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