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On entering the Observatory, there will a number of Sand Creatures waiting for Prince. Prince kills all of them and saves the Progress in the Savepoint that appears after the fight is over. Game is 71% completed, upto this Point.

There will a platform at the center, which when activated lifts Prince to the Top. Prince goes to the top and plays with the mechanisms above in the Observatory to open the door to the next area. Then, he comes down and enters the door to exit the Observatory.

Out there will be some Hard Defense mechanisms of the Palace, that makes Prince's journey hard. Use slow motion, and cross all the hurdles there. Perfect Timing is important here.

prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, observatory

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There will be many Professors and Lecturers welcoming the Prince to Library, waiting to teach Prince the Lesson of Death. But, the Prince who mastered the Arts of Sword sends all of them to Hell. Then, Prince gets a Savepoint here and the game is 69% completed.

Now, the Prince has to solve a Light puzzle. The task is to arrange all the Mirrors in the floor so that the light reflects at each of them and hits an Ancient Yellow Symbol in a big Pillar at the Center. Then, the Prince climbs up that large Pillar at the Center and again have to adjust all the Mirrors in the first floor to open up the closed door below, which has a New Powerful Sword inside it. Also, up there lies the Seventh Life Upgrade. Here is a screenshot of the way that leads to Seventh Life Upgrade:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, life upgrade, seventh, health

Solving this light Puzzle will take some time for the Prince and moving all the Mirrors to their Place, the door that has the New Sword opens. Then, the Prince gets his New Sword and proceeds to the next area, Observatory. Before proceeding to Observatory, Prince may fill up his health here and may also save the Progress with the Savepoint available Here.

Some more Screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, fight
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, wall run

New Sword:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, new sword, library

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The path to the next place will be hidden behind the Curtains that hang from the wall there. Also, Farah is separated from Prince here. So, Prince roams alone and soon joins Farah. Then, they both fight together and kills some more Sand Creatures. Then the next Savepoint appears, with 65% of the game Completed.

Also, after running through the available path there, Prince soon gets another Savepoint, "What Did You Call Me?" with the same 65% completion.

Next, is a good looking place, which is a Library.

Look at Farah:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, farah

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Prince goes into the door and and catches the rope in the last room, with a Pit full of Spikes. There will be two buttons at the walls. One is white and other is yellow. Prince has to first press the White button, then the Yellow button to open the door. But, this is hard to do and requires Patience and Concentration with good timing sense.

Now, Prince goes inside and had to do some hard tricks here to get to next door. Using Slow Motion here, will be helpful. Then, a number of Sand Creatures spawn and the Prince kills them all with ease. After the fight is over, Prince saves the game at the nearby Savepoint and the Game is now 62% completed.

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This is the worst Mission and I wasted nearly an hour trying to accomplish the third challenge in this mission, which is to kill a Flash-blinded Enemy and to survive the Round.

Yesterday night, I had been playing this mission for almost an hour and completed 58 rounds. Yet, I didnt achieved the third challenge and quitted the game. Upto the 32nd round, I have been playing the game eagerly and even I didnt completed the third challenge, I won the round. But, after that I got very bored and concentrated fully on killing a Flash-blinded Enemy. If I failed, then immediately I gave up the Round. So, I keep on giving up and at last after 58 rounds, the terrorists win count went above our count and the mission came to an end, with a BIG failure.

Here is a Screenshot of my Scoreboard at round 58:
counter strike, condition zero, game, action, inferno, expert, scoreboard

Again, today, I played the same mission and won in just 16 rounds. But, even today, I dont know how I completed the third Challenge. I done that, just by luck. A Screenshot of saiy2k shooting at a dead enemy:
counter strike, condition zero, game, action, inferno, expert, mad, revenge

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This place has one of the most Confusing Puzzles in the game. For a newbie, this place will surely eat up a minimum of 30 minutes to solve this puzzle.This Reservoir has a number of Ropes hanging from the Ceiling and many number of Ledges along the wall and in the sides of Pillars. Finding the correct path is confusing here. Also, Prince gets his sixth Life Upgrade here. Here is a Screenshot of that Life Upgrade:

[will be updated soon]

There is a rope which is tied to a well above the reservoir. Prince climbs up this rope, and at the top, a number of Sand Creatures appear. Finish them all and the Prince gets a Savepoint there with the Game Percentage Completion of 60%.

Some screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, underground reservoir

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Go into the dark Tunnel and break the walls with your Sword and proceed. The place inside looks awesome with great graphics. Here too, Prince move along the ledges, fight some bats, run through some weak wooden platforms and he then enters into a Big Caveran. Before entering into the Caveran, the Prince jumps through many weak stalactites, which will break and leads to Prince's death if perfect timing is not maintained.
In the Caveran, Prince has to go all the way down from the top, with the help of all the Ladders there. In this place, two Savepoints Waterfall and A Caveran of Ladders will be there and at the second Savepoint the Game Percentage Completion is 57%.

Some screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince
Screenshot of prince jumping the stalactites
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, stalactites

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This is a closed area with a bunch of Giant Sand Crows and some Sand Reptiles. Also, this place has the most irritating puzzle, I ever seen in the game. The puzzle is like you have to wall run from one place to other. But, the catch is there will be no wall in between. You have to make the gate below to come up and take the place of wall. To pull that Gate up, you have to pull a level and cross several obstacles and come as fast as possible. Because, the gate goes down slowly, as soon as you leave the level that is used to pull it up. Timing is very important in crossing this area. As soon as you pull that level, you have to run towards that gate very fast and even if you waste a small amount of time, while running, the Gate will go down and you cant wall run to your destination. Here, you will get a Life Upgrade, which is the fifth One. A Screenshot of the place, where you will get the Upgrade is:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, life upgrade, fifth, health, game, screenshot

After this, Prince goes to a watery place, which looks awesome. Soon after entering there, a savepoint appears and 52% of the game is Completed at this Save.

More screenshots:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots

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This is the most Irritating Hostage Rescue Mission, I ever played. The challenges to be completed in this mission are:
1. You must kill 6 enemeies with an ES five-seven.
2. You must kill 6 enemeies with a Magnum Sniper Rifle.
3. You must rescure All of The Hostages.

For completing the first two Challenges itself, it took me 19 Rounds and the Third Challenge is Rubbish. Before I rescue, all the Hostages, my Team wins. My sincere fellow commanders shoot down all the enemies and does not give enough time to escort the Hostages to the Safe Point. If I instructed them to hold their Position, then the Terrorists easily kill me as I was alone.

So, I played, played and played 43 rounds, just to rescue all the Hostages. But, we, the Counter Terrorists were playing great and got a winning count of 36 out of 43.

A Screenshot of my scoreboard:
counter strike, condition zero, game, action, screenshot, italy, expert

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This is a Bomb Diffuse mission. This game is very simple to finish, because of the simple Challenges. One of the challenge is to kill 5 Enemies with Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun. This may seem hard. But, with right Plans and understanding of the Bot movements, this is the easiest challenge to complete.

To Complete the Shotgun Challenge, buy that Leone Auto Shotgun and a Smoke Grenade and go into the tunnel at the back of your spawning Place, which leads to Sector A. Shortly, you will come to a very small bridge with a narrow path underneath it. Throw the Smoke Grenade into the narrow path and wait a few seconds. All the terrorists will come there. Shoot all of them down. Be sure that you stay inside the Smoke, otherwise they will kill you. Also, you may instruct your other commanders to hold their Positions. Because, they may come after you and kill steal.

I completed this mission after 11 rounds with CT win count 10.

A Screenshot:
counter strike, condition zero, game, action, tides, expert, screenshot

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Both Prince and Farah enter into a Room full of puzzles. Together they solve all the puzzles and comes out of the room to another bridge, which is guarded a dozen of Giant Crows. Farah runs fast to other side of the Bridge and shoots down the Crows VERY slowly to aid Prince to cross the Bridge. But, Farah is very slow, so Prince have to take care of those Crows by himself and he too crosses the bridge. The moment, Prince steps on the other side, the Bridge brokes and falls down. Then, the way to the next area will be there below where the Prince stands. Go there and after a while Prince will land on a floor. As soon as he lands there, it starts to shake and falls down. So, run as fast as you can and wall run to reach the next ledge.
Half of the game is over at this point and the Prince now has 6 Sand Tanks and 6 Power Tanks.

Some Screenshots:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, awesome, view
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, broken, bridge

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After killing all of them, Prince climbs up the room through his own means, outside the top of the room, there is a Bridge which is closed. Then to open the bridge and to bring Farah to the bridge, Prince runs through some traps goes into the first floor of Mess Hall. There is a lever there, which on activation provides a ladder for Farah to climb up. Then, with her help, Prince goes into a locked room and pulls the level there, to open the Bridge. Then, both of them safely comes to the bridge. On trying to cross the bridge, again a bunch of Sand Creatures appear. This fight is harder than all the fights that Prince fought before. But, again Prince kills them all and a savepoint appears on the Bridge itself. Game Completion Percentage remains 46%.

Some Screenshots:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, hurdles

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Both Prince and Farah arrives a Soldier's Mess Hall. There are many Soldiers here, who are now transformed into Sand Creatures, but their Skill remains the same. At a time, The Prince have to manage around 3 to 5 soldiers. This is a little bit difficult fight and if the Prince is careless, the Soldiers turn towards Farah and kills her. Prince cant even jump behind them and attack. They simply push Prince down, when he tries to jump on them. So, I killed them all by attacking them after bouncing from the wall. They are vulnerable to this attack most times. And to save Farah, I use Freeze Enemy on soldiers who are attacking her, which uses one power tank and kills them. Game Percentage completion is 46% upto this savepoint.

A Screenshot of the tough fight in Mess Hall:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, fight, mess hall, soldier, hard, tough

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With the new sword, Prince exits the Baths and goes to a Dark Valley, which looks creepy and dangerous. Then, after that place, he again goes into another building and have a intense fight there with a Save point very near. At this savepoint, the game percentage completion jumped to 43%.

prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, fight

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Here, the Prince meets a new sort of Sand Creature, which bears a Long Chain. But, as anyone knows, nothing can stop the Progression of Prince.Here in The Baths a new Sword is kept, but with highly restricted access.
There is a ladder, which leads to the new Sword. But, while wall running to catch the ladder, the Prince's legs slips because of the water beneath. So, the prince go to the place above the baths, fights some creatures there. Then, he pulls down two levers to open up a small portal which leads to the baths below. Through that small Portal, a Crate is pushed down and this crate is then moved beneath that old Ladder which leads to the new Sword. Now, the Prince climbs up the ladder and roams the room and comes and gets the new Sword. With this Sword, Prince can now break wooden walls and week broken walls. Very near to the new Sword, a Life Upgrade is also there. This is the fourth one. Screenshots of the fourth life upgrade:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, baths, life, upgrade, health, fourth

In the Baths itself, there will be three savepoints named "The Baths", "Above The Baths", "There's Something Glowing Up There". But for all the saves, percetage completion is 33% only.

Some More Screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action,

New Sword:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, prince, new, sword

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Here, Prince comes to the place, where he fell down in his Vision, but fortunately nothing happens like that. Maybe, the Vision is slightly distorted and wrong. The Door to the next place, The Baths is straight head, but closed. So, the Prince searches for and finds the lever to open the door and opens it. Here, the Prince doesnt swings through the poles and climbs the Columns, but he swings through the branches of tree and climbs up the trees itself. On the way, he fights a number of Giant Sand Crows, which die in just one shot. Here, the Prince's stats are 5 Sand Tanks and 5 Power Tanks with 3 Life Upgrades. Upto this Save, 33% of the game is completed

Some Screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, screenshot, prince
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, screenshot, prince, farah

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The Prince must now go into the Zoo, but as usual the Door is locked. So, he roams around, activate some mechanisms and with the help of Farah opens up the door. Once Inside the Zoo, the Prince do wall runs and pole swings to move to the top. There is a lever at the top of the Zoo, which open s up the door to the next area, Cliffs and Waterfall. There are two save point here, One at the Bottom of the Zoo and one near the top. The top save is named ATop A Bird Cage, but the percentage of completion remains 28% for that save too. In the Vision for that Save, the prince falls down when he was jumping on a broken bridge. Lets see what happens to Prince, will he really dies(no, not) or what happens to him?
Upto this Save, 28% of the game is completed

Some Screenshots:
prince,  prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, zoo, sultan
prince,  prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, zoo, sultan

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There is no stairs in there to climb up the tower. So, Prince has to climb up in HIS own way, swinging the poles and jumping. After reaching the top of the tower, there is a Life Upgrade there. Dont miss it. here is a screenshot of its location:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, prince, life upgrade, health, powerup, screenshot

This is the third Life Upgrade. Get that and move to the warehouse.
Upto this Save, 21% of the game is completed

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After getting the third Life Upgrade Prince meets up with Farah shortly and they both enter into a warehouse. They are now at the top of the warehouse and need to get down. Both of them work together, to activate the stair mechanisms to move the stairs and to go down. At the pit of the warehouse, an action sequence occurs and Prince kills all the Sand Creatures and moves to the next location Sultan's Zoo. Upto this Save, 24% of the game is completed.

sands of time, prince of persia, game, action, screenshot, fight, prince, warehouse

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The Prince and Farah are now working together to get into the tower, where the Hour Glass of time is kept. They are now outside the walls of Palace and running along the walls to access a way in to the tower. In their path, they faces few Sand Creatures and Prince swings through numerous poles and wall run all around the Tower to open the door inside. After opening the door, the Prince proceeds towards the door and few Sand Creatures appears near the door and again the Prince saves the day by killing them all. Then, he proceed through the door and saves inside. Upto this Save, 19% of the game is completed and the Prince has 5 Sand Tanks and 3 Power Tanks.

A Screenshot:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, prince, wall run, action, screenshot

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Proceeding in, Prince finds that a bunch of Sand Creatures are attacking Farah. Immediately, Prince jumps in to rescue her and found that the powerful Sand Creature down there is none other than his father Shahraman. But now, he can do nothing other than killing his own father. This fight wont be easy as others. Because, Prince cant simply roam around and take his own time to finish the evil. If he do like that, then the Creatures start attacking Farah and kills her, after which the game gets over. What I did is took down all the Creatures and didnt touch the King, so that I could fully concentrate on him after finishing all the others.

The Mighty King block all the attacks of the Prince. Only way to hit him is vault over him and hit once, because he will block the second one. Do this again and again and after sometime, the King will fall down. Now, take the sand from him and you get the Savepoint too here.
Upto this Save, 17% of the game is completed and now the Prince has 5 Sand Tanks and 3 Power Tanks.

Father and Son:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, screenshot, prince

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After crossing some traps, the Prince arrives at a Courtyard and engages into some action with the Sand Creatures that spawn there. After all the action, search the area to find the Second Life Upgrade. Here is the Screenshot which shows the Second Life Upgrage path:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, screenshot, life upgrade, health, powerup, prince

Upto this Save, 14% of the game is completed.

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In the room, there are some cupboards along the wall. Move them all and you will find the path to the next area behind one cupboard. On proceeding through that path, the Prince comes to the place, where the Palace's Defense System activator is lying.

prince of persia, sands of time, screenshot, game, action, palace, defense system

Once activated, the defense System will make the Palace a hell to people inside. But, there is no other go. Prince can proceed only if he activated the Defense System and activating involves a Puzzle. Here is how to solve the Puzzle.

A. Step on button to get First Axel.
B. Next Turn platform once clockwise.
C. Move platform up once.
D. Next Turn platform counter clock wise three times
E. Move platform down once.
F. Step on button to get Second Axel
G. Move platform up Once.
H. Turn platform clockwise twice.
I. Move platform up twice.
J. Step on button to get Third Axel.
K. Turn platform once clockwise.
L. Move platform down once.
M. Step on button for Final Axel.
N. Move platform up once.
O. Turn counter clockwise once.
P. Move platform up once

Now, cross the bridge that appears and climb the ladder on the far platform. Go down the walkway, then jump up to grab the switch to finish the puzzle and activate the palace defenses. Go back down the ladder to find the guard that was helping you, except he's turned into a sand creature. He's joined by another spear wielding sand creature, so take the both of them out, and head through the door to find a Save Point inside. Upto this Save, 12% of the game is completed.

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After running through the walls of the broken Palace, the Prince comes to a place, where he have to jump all the way down to proceed, there is an alternative path in the wall nearby. Dont miss the way, because there is a Life Upgrade inside that. This is the first Life Upgrade, which permenantly increases the Life of the Prince. After he had the Life Upgrade, he comes to the same point where he was before, but that hole in the wall is now gone. So, proceed down.
A Screenshot of the tunnel that leads to the first Life Upgrade:
life upgrade,prince of persia,sands of time,game,screenshot,action,health powerup,1,HP,upgrade

Down there, Prince will meet Farah and they will have a little conversation, in which Farah asks the Prince for the dagger to undo the things he done by unleashing the sands. But, Prince will say that he will trust no one but himself and he will undo all by himself. By that time, some Sand Reptiles appears and Farah crawls through a small hole in the wall and Prince kills them and proceed to a Big Bed Room, where he perform various tricks to get down.

On the way, he see a couple of Flying Sand Creatures taking away the Hour Glass of Time to another building.
prince of persia, sands of time, sand creatures, hour glass, screenshot, game
On reaching the bottom a bunch of Sand Creatures appears and Prince again starts his action. As he kills them, more of them appears and after killing them all a Save Point appears there. Upto this Save, 10% of the game is completed and the Prince have 4 Sand Tanks and 2 Power Tanks with 1 Life Upgrade.

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After finishing everyone, Prince starts to follow Farah. But, while following her, the loose ceiling keeps on broking and blocking the path of the Prince. So, Prince goes through an alternative way, where he have to perform his various tricks like wall run, jump, swinging and jumping the poles and crosses the place where the stones blocked his path. Again, he see Farah running and on following her, the same thing happens again, his way is blocked and again he seeks an alternative way. But this time, there are some sand creatures in the room. So, Prince uses his sword a little and on exiting the room, there is a Savepoint there. Still, the Prince doesnt found Farah and 7% is completed up to this.

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While the Prince was busy running after the Dagger of Time, the persian King took the Hour Glass of Time. The Evil Magician Vizier makes the prince to unleash the Sands of Time from the hour glass and the Sands of Time are now Unleashed. Immediately after the Sand touches any living thing, that thing gets transformed into Sand Creature. So, all the people around there now become Evil creatures. Our Prince, Princess Farah(daughter of Indian Maharajah) and Vizier are the only three who are immune to Sands of Time, because of the unique artifacts they carry. For Prince, its the Dagger itself, for Farah, its a Necklace and for Vizier, its his Staff. Then, the Prince faces a large number of Sand creatures in the Main Hall and finishes everyone. During the fight, Farah watches the Prince and gives some tips on using the dagger. Upto this, 5% of the game is completed.

Some Screenshots:
Evil Vizier:
evil,magician,vizier,prince of persia,sands of time,game,action,screenshot
An Intense fight:
prince,prince of persia,sands of time,game,action,screenshot,fight

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Wall run from there a few times to reach the next platform and Prince will reach the room. The Prince crosses some pits by wall running and comes to the place, where the treasure, the Dagger of Time is kept. But, it is not accessible, since it is kept on the other side of the wall. Then, to get to the other side of the wall, the Prince gets out of that room and comes to a place where there is a very big statue. The Dagger of Time is placed on the head of that big statue. Getting up there is easy with some jumpings and humpings. After he took the Dagger of Time from its place, a mini earthquake occurs and a big stone falls from the top to squeeze our Hero. Immediately, the Prince reverses the time to the instant when the earthquake didnt occur. But the whole place starts crumbling and the floor brokes and falls down. After running through these hellish area, the Prince meets up with his father. Upto this point, 2% of the game is completed.

Dagger of Time:
prince,sands of time,prince of persia,game,action,dagger of time,dagger,screenshot

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The Intro Video shows the Invasion of India by persian King Shahraman, accompanied by his young son, the hero of this game and its sequels.

On Game start, the young prince was locked up inside the palace walls of Indian Maharajah and he took himself the quest of finding the treasure(The Dagger of Time), to bring Honor and Glory to his father. But, without knowing the ill effects of using the Dagger, the poor Prince keeps on moving to get that treasure. After roaming around the Palace, the Prince meets his first opponent. This Opponent is not a tough one and he was killed in just two hits. A Screenshot of Prince's first fight:
first,fight,prince,prince of persia,sands of time,game,action,screenshot

After that, the prince again roams around the palace walls and kills some royal Men, who are defending the Palace and Prince goes to a Room with some Pillars in it. Climb the pillars and go the balcony above. There an, Autosave appears.

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This is a Bomb Diffuse mission and Prodigy is one of my favourite. In this mission too, I used Smoke Grenade to take out a number of terrorists. Smoke Grenade is the best when you have to face more than 2 terrorists alone. All the matches, I bought Maverick Rifle with a Smoke Grenage. Then, I move to the narrow path, where many Crates are kept. 50% of the time, all the Terrorists will come to Sector B through this way only. So, I throw a Smoke Grenade in that narrow path, wait for the terrorists to show up and take them all. But, they sometimes goto Sector A to plant the bomb, when I have to rush up to A and then the game becomes difficult to win.

First, I made my win count to 6 and theirs was 2. Then, I bought Schmidt Scout, that is on Round 9 to finish up the challenge. But, I was shot at the beginning itself, as I ran into the Crates path without throwing the Smoke Grenade. Then, the next round I played carefully, and killed three of the terrorists with Schmidt Scout and completed the challenge and hence the Mission.

A Screenshot of the Crate Path:
vantage point,counter,counter strike,condition zero,game,screenshot,expert,prodigy

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This is a hostage rescue mission. As I have played this a lot, this is also a bit easy to finish. In the beginning, I concentrated on my last challenge "You must rescue all of the hostages" and completed that only in the fourth round. By that time, my second challenge was also completed, which is "You must kill 2 enemies with a KM Submachine Gun and survive the round." I killed only 4 bots and so I have to kill 6 more to accomplish the first challege. So, from the fifth round, I delved into fighting terrorists. And by the 7th round, I accomplished that, with the scoreboard as follow:

scoreboard,office,counter strike,condition zero,game,screenshot,expert

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At Hard Difficulty level, I played all the three Missions Chateau, Havana and Cobblestone in Tour Of Duty 4 SEVERAL times. But, cant finish any one of them. Even, I could keep the CT winning count ahead of Terrorists winning count. But, the challenges are damn so difficult to accomplish. So, I decided to see how the Expert Mode missions will be and started playing Expert Mode.

I played Dust, my favourite and I am more than an Expert as far as the Dust is concerned. There is a great trick, with which you can kill even 5 bots at Expert difficuty level. To do that trick, you must have a Smoke Grenade. So, I bought it at the game start and one of my favourite, Bullpup. The trick is to throw the Smoke Grenade in the closed way, which is to the left of the Double Door at Sector A. Then, immediately, go in there. There will be some crates inside. Duck beside them and by this time, terrorist bots will be coming there. See this screenshot:
vantage point,dust,counter strike,condition zero,game,screenshot,expert

They cant see you, as smoke hides you. So, you simply shoot them all. But, be careful, if you are slow, and they will come too close to you and then you are dead. But, sometimes, the terrorists take their alternative way and goes through the bridge. So, what you have to do is wait for some 30 seconds at our point. If they are not coming, immediately move towards the bridge. They will surely be coming there. Shoot them down from the top.

With these simple techniques, I completed dust in 4 Rounds. The challenges in this mission are: [Will be updated soon]

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The Objective is to find a new Lord for El Cid to serve. El Cid will be in the King Alfonso's area at the game start. El Cid will be given his Horse there and asked to go away from Alfonso's Empire.

As soon as El Cid step out of the Alfonso's wall, he will make the Diplomatic stance to Enemy and his soldiers start attacking El Cid. On running away from them, El Cid get some loyal followers. Move a little forward, and El Cid gets a small number of Camels, who informs El Cid to join Motamid of the Moors at his Castle in Zaragoza. But, all the way to reach Motamid is blocked by dense forests and our enemies walls. So, El Cid must go to the mini base at the South of the map provided by Motamid to create some Siege.

Four or Five battering Rams will be enough to destroy the gates and Castle of King Alfonso, which blocks our path. On destroying Alfonso's Castle, he calls for a Truce and changes the diplomatic stance to Neutral. Proceed North East from there to Motamid's Empire. When, El Cid reaches the Castle of Motamid, he gives El Cid a small Objective of taking down the Siege Workshop of Berenguer. So, destroy the Siege Workshop and then Motamid gives El Cid a small number of Peasants and some resources to start building his own Empire. A Screenshot taken while ramming the Siege Workshop of Berenguer with my Battering Ram:
el cid exile of the cid,ramming,battering ram,siege workshop,berenguer,age of empires 2,aoe 2,screenshot

Now, the Main Objective appears, which is to defeat Berenguer. So, with the resources given by Motamid, start building your base. Berenguer is very dumb and he wont be invading El Cid with any army. All he will do is, sending his units one by one to be killed by El Cid's Watch Tower. Then, I just developed a small Military with 3 Trebuchetes and took down Berenguer with ease.

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This is little bit tougher than the previous Mission.

On beginning a dozen of Toledo Villagers will be running away from their Town, because of the rebellion there. They will also tell El Cid to meet Imam to find a way to stop the Rebellion.

Before searching for Imam, I establised my base near the place where Motamid's market resides and started developing my Empire. Also, sent out a few scouts to search for Imam. There is a small lake at the north of the Map. Imam is hiding in a small Island in that Lake. On bringing El Cid to Imam's Island, he tells that if El Cid manage to capture and bring 4 Relics from the Rebel Leaders, then Imam will be able to stop the Rebellion.

I created a large army and started attacking my enemies. Their base is very much condensed with buildings, built very close to each other. Managing my large army in this no land area was very hard and I lost many of Units because of this stupid reason. Anyway, I built a Castle and military building just outside their Gate. So, I keep on creating new Units to replace my dead ones. Once I went inside and stabilized myself, taking all the Relics became easy.

Then, the mission ends on taking all the 4 Relics and depositing them in Imam's Temple.
el cid the enemy of my enemy,relic,imam,monastery,age of empires 2,aoe 2,game,screenshot

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At the Game start, King Sancho invites El Cid to a fighting Tournament, where El Cid should kill a Champion to win the Tournament. After killing the Champion, King Sancho challenges El Cid to face his Knight in the Arena. But, before the fight El Cid goes to a stable nearby and comes with his own Horse and defeats the Knight. A Screenshot of the fight at Arena:
el cid,brother against brother,fight,arena,age of empires 2,aoe 2,game,screenshot

On winning this tournament, King Sancho is pleased and gives El Cid a small army with some Villagers. Also a new objective appears, which is to Capture King Alfonso, brother of King Sancho.

I moved all the units to the center of the map, where there are some good wood resources and established my Base there. Quickly I developed the Military and invaded the lands of King Alfonso. He had plenty of Scorpions and well fortifies with Walls and Keeps. So, my mini Invasion failed. Then, slowly I created a large military with a number of Battering Rams and invaded them again. This time, my Battering Rams razed their buildings and their Castle too.

As soon as their Castle was destroyed, King Alfonse, changes the diplomatic stance to Ally and new Objective appears, which states that "EL CID HIMSELF MUST BRING THE CAPTURED KING ALFONSO TO KING SANCHO'S TOURNAMENT GROUNDS".

This mission is over, after taking both King Alfonso and El Cid to the Arena.

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a third-person action-adventure computer and video game published by Ubisoft. It was released on November 6, 2003 and is a continuation of the landmark MS-DOS and Macintosh game series Prince of Persia, created by Jordan Mechner in 1989.

The Sands of Time, developed internally at Ubisoft Montreal, successfully captures the mechanics of the original platformer and extends it to the 3D generation. An earlier attempt by The Learning Company to transfer the game to 3D (Prince of Persia 3D) was released in 1999, but failed to meet the standards set by the franchise. The Sands of Time was praised for its visual design, finely tuned game mechanics, and intriguing storyline, winning the game several awards.

In Azad, the Vizier of the Maharajah tricks the Prince into releasing the Sands of Time contained inside the Hourglass of Time, using the Dagger of Time. The Sands wash over the kingdom, turning all living beings into monsters. The Prince, Farah, and the Vizier remain unchanged due to their possessions; a dagger, a medallion, and a staff, respectively. On a journey to repair the damage he has caused, the Prince teams with Farah to return the Sands of Time to the hourglass, using the Dagger of Time. Throughout the journey, the Prince and Farah begin to grow closer. As they make their way to the Hourglass of Time, the Prince hesitates, and the Vizier uses magic to throw him and Farah into a tomb. Inside the tomb, the Prince and Farah find baths, which they use and show affection for each other. The Prince awakens, and the Dagger and his weapon have been stolen by Farah, who left him with her medallion so that he would not be affected by the Sands of Time. The Prince pursues and catches her, but she falls to her death. Driven by grief, the Prince stabs the top of the hourglass with the Dagger of Time, locking the Sands of Time back into the hourglass, reversing the events of the game to the point before the invasion of the fortress ever took place. The Prince awakens in a camp, still with the Dagger of Time, and makes his way to Farah's bedroom. He tells her a story about the events of the game, because she does not remember due to the time reversal, but the Vizier shows up, and attempts to kill the Prince. The Vizier reveals his intended betrayal during their battle but the Prince emerges victorious and slays the Vizier. He gives the Dagger of Time back to Farah and prepares to leave. When she asks his name, he asks her to call him "Kakalukia," a word of familiar significance to Farah that she told him of on their adventures in the previous timeline.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time combines exploration and combat to create a unique synthesis. Both elements make use of the Prince's acrobatic capability and agility. Throughout much of the game, the player must attempt to traverse the palace by running across walls, ascending or descending chasms by jumping back and forth between walls, avoiding traps, climbing structures and jumping from platform to platform, making other types of well-timed leaps, solving puzzles, and using discovered objects to progress. The cultural setting of the game provides many linguistically interesting inscriptions to be found on walls.

During combat, many of the same moves vital to the player in other situations can be put to use to overpower enemies. One example is the ability of the Prince to rebound off walls in order to strike enemies decisively. The player can also vault over the enemies' backs and then finish them off in two hits. The player generally attacks enemies and blocks using a sword, although other factors such as the Dagger of Time and its time-control abilities eventually prove to be critical to victory.

A pivotal gameplay element is the Prince's Dagger of Time. It contains "charges" of the Sands of Time from the hourglass that allow the Prince to control time. The Prince has the ability to "reverse" time and travel up to ten seconds into the past. While using this ability, all sounds and previous action play backwards, and the play environment accurately resets to its previous state. For example, if the Prince was struck by an enemy attack during the rewound period, the health he lost will be given back to him, or a bridge that was destroyed a few seconds ago will repair itself. The Dagger also allows the Prince to slow down time, and freeze his enemies, using it as a main-gauche to attack them directly.

The Dagger only comes with a limited number of uses. However, defeated enemies leave behind piles of the Sands of Time, which can be absorbed by the Dagger to replenish its stock. The stock can also be replenished by absorbing Sand Clouds. This encourages the player to confront and vanquish enemies (as opposed to avoiding them) in order to replenish the power to manipulate time during the more tricky acrobatic sections of the game. However, if the player does not absorb the Sand from a fallen enemy in about five seconds, said enemy will come back to life. Extra Sand Tanks can be gained by collecting eight Sand Clouds, and extra Power Tanks (which are used for different powers than the Sand Tanks) are gained by vanquishing sixteen enemies after having collected a new Sand Tank.

Later on, when Farah takes the Prince's sword and dagger, after solving a puzzle he gains an extremely powerful new sword in a large room, which has the capability to destroy the Sand like the dagger.

Two years ago only I played and finished this game. I got the setup of this game from my friend. Now, I cant simply delete it. So, I installed it and gonna play it again. This is one of the BEST action game. Since, this is going to be my sencond time, I think i could complete this game within a week. Lets see what happens

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This is a very nice Scenario, with nice series of Mission Objectives. Unlike other scenarious, where you will be asked to attain certain goal in certain amount of time, this game has a series of tasks, which you have to complete one by one, but in a limited time. For Bronze, it is said that the game should be completed in 100 years. Since, I was playing this map for the first time, I was not pushing myself too much and decided to work for Bronze.

This Map is divided into two parts, where one part is the mirror of the other. All the Cities, Industries and even forests are similar in both the parts. You can play only in one part and you foe plays in the other. The Winner, is the one, who first connects the Starting Gate and Finishing Line and haul 50 loads of Cargo between them. But there are so many territories between Starting Gate and Finishing Line, to which you wont be having the access rights. You have to earn those rights one by one, by accomplishing the task given for the territory. The territories in between are

  • Timber Corner - Abundant in Logs and Pulpwood
  • Heartland - Plenty of Grain, Sugar, Cotton, Wool, Coffee, etc.,
  • Landbridge - Has only two small Cities.
  • Western Desert - Has a bulk of Oil, Coal and Iron
  • Western Swamp - Plateau - Cattles in large numbers.
  • Peaks - As the name goes, full of peaks
  • WastleLand

At the game start, you will only be having access to Starting Gate and Timber Corner. You get the access rights to other successive territories by completing the following Checkpoints:

  • First Checkpoint: Your company is WEST SIDE RAILWAYS. You have rights to Starting Gate and Timber Corner territories on the west side of the map. To earn rights to the Heartland, you must haul at least 30 loads between Starting Gate and Timber Corner.The race is on! Go! GO!!!
  • Second Checkpoint: To win the rights to Landbridge, you must achieve profits from subsidiary industries in excess of $600,000 within a single calendar year.This means you will have to service and buy up a lot of industries. To reach the next checkpoint, you'll have to make pit stops at many of the farms in the Heartland, so get busy! - This seems to be hardest one to accomplish.
  • Third Checkpoint: To earn the rights to the Western Desert, you must haul at least 20 loads between Landbridge and Timber Corner.
  • Fourth Checkpoint: To win rights through the Western Swamp, you must haul at least 40 loads TO the Heartland FROM the Desert.
  • Fifth Checkpoint: To win rights to the Plateau, your company's Book Value must reach or exceed $100,000,000. In addition, you must haul at least 20 loads TO the Swamp. Loads may be supplied by any territory.
  • Sixth Checkpoint: To win rights through the Peaks, you must haul at least 50 loads between the Plateau and the Western Desert.
  • Seventh Checkpoint: To earn the rights to the final checkpoint in the Wasteland, you must complete the grueling tasks of Hauling at least 40 loads FROM the Peaks TO the Plateau -=AND=- hauling at least another 20 loads FROM the Peaks TO the Western Swamp.To aid you in this effort, you are now granted the opportunity to purchase the 2-6-0 Camelback, if that locomotive was not already available.
  • Eigth Checkpoint: To reach the final checkpoint and win the rights to the FINISH LINE, you must haul at least 150 total loads in a single year -=AND=- earn at least $1,500,000 in profits from subsidiary industry in a single year. Both must be done in the same year!

I completed seven Checkpoints and while doing my Eigth one, I lose the game, as 100 years have passed, since the game start. I will surely play this same game again, but not now. I need some action and go want to play Counter Strike.

Some Screenshots:
grand prix,bird's view,heartland,railroad tycoon 2,rrt 2,screenshot
grand prix,scenario,goods,train,peaks,railroad tycoon 2,rrt 2,screenshot

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This is the REAL game, I have been expecting for. Unlike the previous missions, it keeps you engaged all the time and its difficult too. But, not too hard to finish. I played this one two times. The first time, I lose the game, because of Wonder Victory by my enemies. But, the second time, I played very cautiously and won.

The main Objective is to defeat Milan, Padua, Verona and Aquileia and to parlay with Rome. The Rome itself does not have a good offencive power as they lost all their forces in the previous battles with hun.

Most of the time, the enemies keeps on attacking us with small to medium size armies. You have to defend our base and at the same time develop a massive army with good siege weapons to destroy their Wonders. Yes, Padua starts to build a wonder after 5 minutes from the start of the game and after some time Aquileia and then Verona also starts to build a wonder. This is why, I lost the game when I was playing first time. I not at all expected them to build a wonder and I was establishing myself a good defense without developing the offensive force, especially the Siege units. But, while playing the second time, I started with Castle, and trained Trebuchets and started attacking Milan very early. They had 3 Castles, some watch towers and well fortified with wall. But none of their fortifications can withstand the attacks of my Trebuchet units. I took them out early and they had Navy too. But, I dont have time to develop a Navy to wipe them out from the Sea as Padua and Verona already started their wonders. The Atheism research at Castle was of much help and it increases the Wonder Victory time by 100 years.

Immediately, I turned all my forces to gates of Padua. They were a bit hard to take down, as they had a bunch of Scorpions, which I hate the most. But in a few minutes Padua was down and I marched towards Verona and built a Castle and all the Military building outside the walls of Verona. I lost half of my force while invading Padua and I replenished my army, while the Castle took care of all the Verona Units, that comes to attack. Meanwhile, Aquileia also started their Wonder. But this time, I was not in a hurry as in the beginning, because I had a big stockpile of resources, and good army. After this point, the gameplay was easy and I defeated Verona and then Aquileia with ease.

After all the empires were defeated a new Objective pops up, which says that Attila must come and meet Pope Leo I outside the walls of Rome, after which the game ends. With this mission, the Attila Campaign ends, and the next Campaign is El Cid.

Some Screenshots:
awesome,screenshot,attila,army,fall of rome,campaign,age of empires 2,aoe 2
attila,pople,pope,fall of rome,age of empires 2,aoe 2,screenshot

More Pictures here:
Sai's Scoreboard:http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss340/slagio2002/AOE2/Attila-TheFallofRome-ScoreBoard.jpg
Sai's Achievement Graph:http://i589.photobucket.com/albums/ss340/slagio2002/AOE2/Attila-TheFallofRome-AchievementGra.jpg

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