AOE 2: El Cid: Brother Against Brother

At the Game start, King Sancho invites El Cid to a fighting Tournament, where El Cid should kill a Champion to win the Tournament. After killing the Champion, King Sancho challenges El Cid to face his Knight in the Arena. But, before the fight El Cid goes to a stable nearby and comes with his own Horse and defeats the Knight. A Screenshot of the fight at Arena:
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On winning this tournament, King Sancho is pleased and gives El Cid a small army with some Villagers. Also a new objective appears, which is to Capture King Alfonso, brother of King Sancho.

I moved all the units to the center of the map, where there are some good wood resources and established my Base there. Quickly I developed the Military and invaded the lands of King Alfonso. He had plenty of Scorpions and well fortifies with Walls and Keeps. So, my mini Invasion failed. Then, slowly I created a large military with a number of Battering Rams and invaded them again. This time, my Battering Rams razed their buildings and their Castle too.

As soon as their Castle was destroyed, King Alfonse, changes the diplomatic stance to Ally and new Objective appears, which states that "EL CID HIMSELF MUST BRING THE CAPTURED KING ALFONSO TO KING SANCHO'S TOURNAMENT GROUNDS".

This mission is over, after taking both King Alfonso and El Cid to the Arena.

Saved File:


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