AOE 2: Attila The Hun: The Fall of Rome:

This is the REAL game, I have been expecting for. Unlike the previous missions, it keeps you engaged all the time and its difficult too. But, not too hard to finish. I played this one two times. The first time, I lose the game, because of Wonder Victory by my enemies. But, the second time, I played very cautiously and won.

The main Objective is to defeat Milan, Padua, Verona and Aquileia and to parlay with Rome. The Rome itself does not have a good offencive power as they lost all their forces in the previous battles with hun.

Most of the time, the enemies keeps on attacking us with small to medium size armies. You have to defend our base and at the same time develop a massive army with good siege weapons to destroy their Wonders. Yes, Padua starts to build a wonder after 5 minutes from the start of the game and after some time Aquileia and then Verona also starts to build a wonder. This is why, I lost the game when I was playing first time. I not at all expected them to build a wonder and I was establishing myself a good defense without developing the offensive force, especially the Siege units. But, while playing the second time, I started with Castle, and trained Trebuchets and started attacking Milan very early. They had 3 Castles, some watch towers and well fortified with wall. But none of their fortifications can withstand the attacks of my Trebuchet units. I took them out early and they had Navy too. But, I dont have time to develop a Navy to wipe them out from the Sea as Padua and Verona already started their wonders. The Atheism research at Castle was of much help and it increases the Wonder Victory time by 100 years.

Immediately, I turned all my forces to gates of Padua. They were a bit hard to take down, as they had a bunch of Scorpions, which I hate the most. But in a few minutes Padua was down and I marched towards Verona and built a Castle and all the Military building outside the walls of Verona. I lost half of my force while invading Padua and I replenished my army, while the Castle took care of all the Verona Units, that comes to attack. Meanwhile, Aquileia also started their Wonder. But this time, I was not in a hurry as in the beginning, because I had a big stockpile of resources, and good army. After this point, the gameplay was easy and I defeated Verona and then Aquileia with ease.

After all the empires were defeated a new Objective pops up, which says that Attila must come and meet Pope Leo I outside the walls of Rome, after which the game ends. With this mission, the Attila Campaign ends, and the next Campaign is El Cid.

Some Screenshots:
awesome,screenshot,attila,army,fall of rome,campaign,age of empires 2,aoe 2
attila,pople,pope,fall of rome,age of empires 2,aoe 2,screenshot

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