AOE 2: Attila The Hun: The Catalaunian Fields

This game is like a deathmatch, where you will be having 2000 wood, 8000 food, 8000 gold and 100 gold during startup. But, at the start, you wont be having your base, not even a Town Center, but will be having a small Cavalry Force. You have to establish your empire from the scratch and this time, you have an ally, Ostrogoths. But, they wont be of much help to us. While establishing the base, the enemies will raid us with small army. At that time, few units of our ally prove helpful. But, as the game progress, they didnt do much to mention here.

The Objective of this game is to defeat Romans, Alans and Visigoths, same as the other games. I am bored of writing the same thing of building military, invading enemies and defeating them. Nothing special in this mission. Invading enemies goes in the following order... first Visigoths, then Alans and last one is Western Roman Empire.

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