AOE 2: Attila The Hun: A Barbarian Betrothal

This mission takes place in Icy Place. This a nice change after playing all the games in grass land. Also, the coolest thing about this mission is that, Huns can now get into Imperial Age from this mission onwards.

The Objective is to defeat three Empires, Burgundy, Metz and Orleans. After developing a small army, I went to attack Burgundy. Since, I didnt have a Castle to create Trebuchets, I created a small number of Battering Rams. On destroying the town center of Burgundy, they proposed an ally request for 500 gold and a Castle on their area for defense. Immediately, I retreated, and accepted their proposal, by giving them 500 gold and building castle on their land. I thought that they would be much help when invading other empires. But, these idiots not all developed any army. They keep on collecting the resources.

Next I invaded Metz and defeated them easily with my mighty army.

Next I went into the lands of Orleans and while fighting them a big Roman Army appeared out of nowhere. I was sure, I cant handle them all with my army. So, I retreated to my home town and while follwing me, the Roman Army was split up into smaller groups and then I took out them easily and finally went to and defeated Orleans and the game is over. A Screenshot of my Army before attacking Orleans.

And the Saved files here:


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