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Last Chaos: Tomb

Today morning I was soloing at Sphinx as usual... I was bored and I took my horse and started exploring the surroundings. I was wandering for some 5 minutes and I saw the tomb from a cliff top. Immediately visiting Tomb came to my mind:-)

I know the zombies were 100+. But I did remember Arun telling me that Zombies have very poor HR. So I took all my 3 SoS and proceeded to Tomb. I was very eager to fight those zombies, but I was frightened by the level gap between mine(47) and them (100+). But I curiosity overcame my fear and I boosted my defense with lvl 12 physical defense minerals and Large Defense Potions and started hitting the Creepy Zombies. With my 3 SoS, the Zombies actually miss me all the time and hit me rare :-) But my attack was very low and it took me nearly 5 minutes to kill tat zombie.. I even put a XPB in the middle and got 23% xp from a single kill :-) Thats almost like a miracle for me....

So, I killed 4 more zombies and leveled to 48 in just 30 minutes and 5 kills.


Last Chaos: Soloing at Sphinx and TB

I hav tasted the flesh of Sphinx and will never go back to Giant Larvae or Goblin Commanders. Personally, I hate that some monsters are advantageous than other monsters of same level in terms of Experience. I totally hate prokion for the SP System LC have. But, I have to admit the truth that Sphinx is much better than all other.

So, I went to Sphinx and soloed them till I reached level 45. Soloing Sphinx was not hard at my level with my +6 to +8 armor set and 41+15 sword. I not even use the defense pots or minerals, except the self buffs and horse buffs.

Soloing Elite Sphinx Spear Man

After I reached 45, I wanted to learn Triple Bash(TB). But i didnt have enought STR to do that. So, I reduced my Dexterity and put them in Strength and learnt TB. But now I was not able to use concentration as I reduced my Dexterity below 17. Also, I learnt only the 1st level of TB as I didnt have enough skill points.

So, I went to Jail in merac and sp farmed at Beast Scythe. I farmed a long time and learned…

Last Chaos: Big Sphinx Party

I(saiy2k) was in level 43 for a long time, since I was doing business and raised my gold from 160 million to 250 millsion and also bought a few weapons like 52+13 and 57+12...

4 Man party @ Sphinx:
Now I asked in my guild, Onepiece whether anyone is interested in joining me to fight Sphinx. Zabdiel seems to be interested but he is only level 34. Anyway I joined him and went to draton. There met a titan named Excelence(36) who also joined us in our journey to Sphinx. While going there, I called rocky987(36) to join us. He too came there. then we grinded at Sphinx at ease. rocky987's horse buff saved a lot of my def pots, but also I needed to use HP potions to keep me healthy.

Taking Excelence to Sphinx

Gave 33+15 to rocky987:
Initially, rocky987 borrowed my 33+15 sword from me, so that he could kill Sphinx faster. But after some time, he got used(addicted!) with tat sword and told me that he would like to buy that weapon. But he dont have money or worthy items now. So, I just gave him t…