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Morrowind: A Terrible Place, I've Heard

The only thing everyone says about Soltheism is "A Terrible Place, I've Heard". On Hearing the same thing from everyone, I was curious to go and check it out. Surely it it impossible for me to swim to Soltheism. So, I decided to take the only boat to Soltheism from Khuul. I went to Khull by boat from Vivec to Hla Oad, then to Gnaar Mok and then finally to Khull. Then from there, I went to one of the few habitable place in Soltheism, Fort FrostMoth. To go from Balmora to Fort FrostMoth, I spent nearly 1500 gold coins for the Silt Strider and Boat services itself. I spent much of money to come here, so surely I am not going empty handed. I am gonna hunt down everything in the Island of Soltheism and loot whatever I finds worthy.

I spent so much time(in days) in Soltheism. So here I am going to write only some of the rare feats that I achieved...

Helped out Ingmar by distracting a Draugr, so that he had enough time to kill it...
Learned Secuity, Mysticism skills to level 25 wi…

Morrowind: Very Very Rewarding Hunting

After the long journey with Pemenic, I was really exhausted and ran out of supplies. So, I went back to my home, Balmora and bought a lot of potions and arrows and I again went to Gnisis from Caldera. But this time, killing each and every Creatures on the way. I killed all the bandits, hostile Ashlanders on the way.

After a long walk, I met Sason, who gave me the mission of finding her wife, Malexa. There was a tomb near him, named Alen Ancestoral Tomb. I went inside it thinking that Malexa will be inside it. There were a number of powerful Vampires with some great weapon. I killed them all and I found a Vampire holding a Daedirc Bow named Daedric Longbow of Sureflight. I took it and its attack rate is 2 - 50, the best bow I ever seen. Even its attack is more than the Best Long Blades I seen. It is enchanted with the constant effect of Fortify Marksman 10 pts. Also, I found Steel Jinkblade of the Aegis, which is a short blade with paralyze effect on strike. I found some valuable artif…

Morrowind: Pemenic and Boots of Blinding Speed

I went for hunting with my team mates to the North of Caldera. We killed so many beasts, but I lost both my mates in this hunting session.

Then, I was roaming the forests alone and found a Merchant named Pemenic. She asked me to escort her to Gnaar Mok and she told me that she will reward me with the Boots of Blinding Speed. I already heard about this mission from my friend Sairam. He said that I have to take her to Gnisis. So, without hearing what she said I started my journey to Gnisis. Gnisis was very far from here and it took almost an hour for me to go to Gnisis. On the way, I met several groups of bandits and two persons, who gave me some mini quests. They are Rasha and Sason. Rasha gave me 5 expensive shirts and asked me to deliver it to Bivale Teneran in Ald ruhn. Sason wanted me to find her wife, who was kidnapped a mob of Cultists. Now I was taking Pemenic to Gnisis, so I ignored them now. Then, after a long journey I reached Gnisis. I spoke to Pemenic and came to realize th…

Morrowind: Great Adventures

I went to Fighters Guild to look for any new jobs. Eydis Fire-Eye was waiting for me to assign me a job. She told me that there are two egg poachers in the Shulk Egg Mine south of Balmora, very near to Odai River. She ordered me to take care of them.

So, I started my journey to Shulk Egg Mine after buying some Health potion from Ajira. It was not very far from Balmora. I went inside the Shulk Egg Mine and killed a large number of Kwama Foragers and Kwama Workers. These acts wont stop the mining operation, since Kwama Workers will respawn after some time. There is a door in there that led to Queen's lair. I went in and found the egg pochers there. On seeing me, they ran towards me and started attacked me without a word. So, I killed them both and so my mission got over. I returned to Balmora and reported to Eydis. She gave me 100 gold and also some potions.

Also Eydis Fire-Eye gave me another assignments of killing four Telvanni agents responsible for thefts in Caldera Mine.

I am sure…

Morrowind: Larrius Varro and gift of the Emperor

I already heard rumours that the Legion Champion, Larrius Varro wanted to meet me. So, To learn the truth, I went to Fort Moonmoth and met Larrius Varro. He told me a very BIG story about a corrupted Magistrate and he wanted me to kill some bad people, who were supporting the bad Magistrate. But the problem is he dont know, who that bad people are. Since he is in the Legion, no one is willing to tell anything to him. So, he wanted me to find out who those bad people are and kill them.

I went to the Corner Club in Balmora and asked the people in there about the bad people. They told me that the bad people are the members of Camonna Tong and they can be found in the Council Club and their names are Vadusa Sathryon, Marasa Aren, Madrale Thirith, Sovor Trandel and Thanelan Velas.

This is gonna be a toughest fight for me and Marianne as I have to face four people at a time. Since they are in the Council club, I cant even run back to get myself some time. But I have some arrows with paralize …

Morrowind: Thieves Guild

I joined both the Fighters guild and Mages Guild and also progressed to a decent level. But, I missed out the Thieves Guild. So, I joined it by speaking to Sugar-Lips Habasi in Southwall CornerClub. As a first mission, she wanted me to steal a diamond from Nalcarya of White Haven. But I already had a diamond with me and I gave it to her.

Then, she told me to bring the Key to Nerano Manor. Also, she told me that Sovor Trandel, servant of Nerano might have a duplicate key. He was one of the bad people, whom I killed for Larrius Varo. So, I already took the key from him. So, I gave it to Habasi. Before giving her the key, I unlocked all the doors in Nerano Manor and also kept a few of my things in there. For giving the key, she gave me 500 gold and also promoted me to Footpad.

Morrowind: Ajira and her Silly missions

I went to Mages Guild and spoke to Ajira. She had a series of some silly quests for me.
The first quest is to collect some flowers. Those flowers are not of very rare type. Also, I already had those flowers and gave those to Ajira. She thanked me and gave me the next quest. It is to buy her a Ceramic Bowl for her from Ra'Virr. I did that too.

With all the help I did to her, she completed her experiments and her prepared her report. But Galbedir had stolen her reports and hiden it somewhere. She wanted me to find that missing reports. Both the reports are inside the Mages guild only and I found them with ease. I returned that reports to her and she thanked me again. Also, she have no more quests for me and she told me to visit Mages Guild in other towns for more mission.

Morrowind: Sharn gra-Muzgob and her errand

I met Sharn gra-Muzgob in the Balmora Mages Guild to get info about the Nerevarine Cult. She told me that she will give all the info, once I retrieved the skull of Llevule Andrano from Andrano Ancestral Tomb.

I was told that the tomb is just south of Pelagiad. I went to Seyda Neen first with Marianne. There I sold few things to Arrille and headed towards the Andrano Ancestral Tomb. There were a number of Skeletons and few zombies in there. I killed them all with Marianne on my side. Some of the Skeleton Archers in there had some arrows with paralyze effect, which will surely be of great help, if I have to face a very tough opponent. Then I retrieved the skull of Llevule Andrano and returned to Balmora.

I gave Sharn gra-Muzgob the skull and she gave me notes on Nerevarice cult. I went to Caius home and gave him the notes on Nerevarine Cult. He thanked me and asked me to give him some time to think how all this information fit in with Emperor's plan for me.

Morrowind: Fighters Guild and Mages Guild

I explored the streets of Balmora with my partner, Marianne. I found the Fighters Guild and went inside. In there, I spoke to Eydis Fire-Eye, the steward of Balmora Fighters Guild. She accepted me into Fighters Guild and to test my capabilites she gave me a small quest. The quest is to kill the rats that infested Drarayne Thelas's house.

Then I spoke with all the people in Fighters Guild and got some extensive info about various things in Morrowind. Also, there is a rumour that the Legion Champion, Larrius Varro, over at Fort Moonmoth wants to talk to me. The day 1 in Morrowind got over. The Day 1 got over in Morrowind.

Then I went to Mages Guild, located next to Fighters Guild. I spoke to the Ranis Athrys, the steward of Mages Guild and joined the guild. Ajira one of the mage in Mages guild asked me to bring samples of four types of mushrooms. I already have all the types she asked. So, I gave them to her immediately and she thanked me. Ranis Athrys promoted me to Apprentice. Agai…

Morrowind: Addamasartus and Bandits

I went to Seyda Neen by walk with my partner, Marianne. There I sold all the garbage I had to Arrille. With the money I got, I bought a short bow.

Then with Marianne, I went into the cave of Addamasartus to wipe the cave of the bandits. We killed all the bandits in there and searched the whole area. Marianne is a heavy close range fighter with a single handed sword. Also, her sword is enchanted with lighting damage. Her superb weapon along with her great skills only killed all the bandits in the cave. I did nothing but attracted the bandits towards me, giving time to Marianne to easily take out the opponents.

From the loot, we got in there, I made nearly 500 gold. Then we proceeded to Balmora and on the way, I tried to rest. But, an assassin showed up and started to attack me. He is very strong. But with my bow, I made him some damage and also Marianne killed him easily with her lightning axe. I took his armor set. It looked crappy, but it gave me a decent armor rating of 40. So, I k…

Morrowind: Caius Cosades and Secret Cults

I forgot my main mission itself. I was told by Sellus Gravius to meet a man named Caius Cosades and deliver his a package. So, I went to his home now and met him. He is the Master of the Blades and I gave him the package. He read it and accepted me as a Novice in the Blades. Caius sent me to Hasphat Antabolis at the Balmora Fighters Guild. I am to get information about Nerevarine secret cult and Sixth House Secret Cult.

I went to Fighters Guild and spoke to Hasphat. He asked me to do a favour, before his give the info. He wanted me to go to the nearby Dwemer ruin called Arkngthand and find a cube called Dwemer Puzzle Box. With Marianne, I went to the ruin and killed nearly 10 people in there. After searching the place for almost an hour, I found the Dwemer Puzzle Box and I returned it to Hasphat.

He gave me all the details abour the Nerevarine secret cult and Sixth house secret cult. He also told me that the Dwemer Puzzle box looks like a key and he asked me to come back later to check …

Morrowind: First Trip to Balmora

Trip to Balmora:
Me, Brave Heart and Marianne started our journey to Balmora. On the way we met a Pilgrim, then we crossed the small village, Pelagiad. While on the road northwest of Pelagiad, I met a beautiful breton woman, Maurrie Aurmine. She is very strange because ahe fell in love with a bandit, Nelos Onmar, who robbed her. She asked me to track down Nelos and give him her glove as a token of her affection. This seems to be a silly quest, but I accepted to help her out for the sake of true love. Then, after running for a small time, we finally reached Balmora.

Morrowind: Seyda Neen

The Extraordinary Spell of Tarhiel:
I am now in Seyda Neen. Before going to Balmora, I planned to familiarize myself with the world of Morrowind and hence roamed in the wilderness around Seyda Neen. I killed a few crabs and rats and while running I heard someone screeming and seen a guy who fell down from the sky. I neared him and found that he was dead. His name is Tarhiel and he dropped a book near him. The book seemed to be his diary, in which he wrote about a spell that he formulated to help people to fly across the sky. I found three spell scrolls in his body, which will fortify your Acrobatics skill by 1000. So, it seemed that he used that spell to fly to sky and then he fell from that great height and died. I took all the 3 scrolls.

Processus Vitellius, The Tax Collector:
While going back to Seyda Neen, I found the body of Processus Vitellius, who seemed to be the tax collector in Seyda Neen. Someone who is not wanting to pay the tax might have killed him. I took 200 gold from his…

Morrowind: My Release

I am Brave Heart, a prisoner and came to Morrowind in a boat as per the king's order. After arriving at the port of Seyda Neen, I went into the Census and Excise Office to get my release papers. There, I met a guy called Socucius Ergalla, who asks about my Race, Class and the Birthsign. I chose to play as a Ranger and so I chose Wood Elf, as my Race. Then I created a custom class named Silent Shooter, whose specialization is Stealth and the favourite attributes are Agility and Speed. For the major skills, I chose Marksman, Light Armor, Short Blade, Athletics, Block and for the minor skills, I chose Unarmored, Acrobatics, Illusion, Mercantile and Security. I chose The Shadow as my birthsign. After selecting all this, Socucius Ergalla gave me my release papers and told me to go and meet the captain, Sellus Gravius.

On the way to Sellus Gravius room, I took an Engraved Ring of Healing with some magical properties from a Barrel. Then, I went into the room of Sellus Gravius. He released…

No time for Blogging :-(

For the past one month, I have been playing Morrowind. I was so immersed in the game, that I got no time to write for the blog. Also, my semester exams came and for the past one week, I even winded up morroind and studying for my exams. In the middle of heavy study sessions, to relax myself, I was playing some small flash games like Bubble Trouble and Balloon Invasion and I completed Balloon Invasions yesterday. My exams will get over on November 27th and after that only I will continue to play Morrowind.

I played the game with no mods installed and I dont like the way my character develops. I not even completed half of the missions, but I maxed out almost all my attributes except Luck. So, I am thinking of playing the game from start, with mods like GCD and more installed and with a different character, most likely a Ranger.

More Later