Morrowind: My Release

I am Brave Heart, a prisoner and came to Morrowind in a boat as per the king's order. After arriving at the port of Seyda Neen, I went into the Census and Excise Office to get my release papers. There, I met a guy called Socucius Ergalla, who asks about my Race, Class and the Birthsign. I chose to play as a Ranger and so I chose Wood Elf, as my Race. Then I created a custom class named Silent Shooter, whose specialization is Stealth and the favourite attributes are Agility and Speed. For the major skills, I chose Marksman, Light Armor, Short Blade, Athletics, Block and for the minor skills, I chose Unarmored, Acrobatics, Illusion, Mercantile and Security. I chose The Shadow as my birthsign. After selecting all this, Socucius Ergalla gave me my release papers and told me to go and meet the captain, Sellus Gravius.

On the way to Sellus Gravius room, I took an Engraved Ring of Healing with some magical properties from a Barrel. Then, I went into the room of Sellus Gravius. He released me and gave me an order to deliver a package to Caius Cosadus in Balmora. Now, I am not a prisoner and is free to go anywhere in the land of Morrowind.

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My Character, Brave Heart The Ranger


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