RRT II: Grand Prix Scenario

This is a very nice Scenario, with nice series of Mission Objectives. Unlike other scenarious, where you will be asked to attain certain goal in certain amount of time, this game has a series of tasks, which you have to complete one by one, but in a limited time. For Bronze, it is said that the game should be completed in 100 years. Since, I was playing this map for the first time, I was not pushing myself too much and decided to work for Bronze.

This Map is divided into two parts, where one part is the mirror of the other. All the Cities, Industries and even forests are similar in both the parts. You can play only in one part and you foe plays in the other. The Winner, is the one, who first connects the Starting Gate and Finishing Line and haul 50 loads of Cargo between them. But there are so many territories between Starting Gate and Finishing Line, to which you wont be having the access rights. You have to earn those rights one by one, by accomplishing the task given for the territory. The territories in between are
  • Timber Corner - Abundant in Logs and Pulpwood
  • Heartland - Plenty of Grain, Sugar, Cotton, Wool, Coffee, etc.,
  • Landbridge - Has only two small Cities.
  • Western Desert - Has a bulk of Oil, Coal and Iron
  • Western Swamp - Plateau - Cattles in large numbers.
  • Peaks - As the name goes, full of peaks
  • WastleLand

At the game start, you will only be having access to Starting Gate and Timber Corner. You get the access rights to other successive territories by completing the following Checkpoints:

  • First Checkpoint: Your company is WEST SIDE RAILWAYS. You have rights to Starting Gate and Timber Corner territories on the west side of the map. To earn rights to the Heartland, you must haul at least 30 loads between Starting Gate and Timber Corner.The race is on! Go! GO!!!
  • Second Checkpoint: To win the rights to Landbridge, you must achieve profits from subsidiary industries in excess of $600,000 within a single calendar year.This means you will have to service and buy up a lot of industries. To reach the next checkpoint, you'll have to make pit stops at many of the farms in the Heartland, so get busy! - This seems to be hardest one to accomplish.
  • Third Checkpoint: To earn the rights to the Western Desert, you must haul at least 20 loads between Landbridge and Timber Corner.
  • Fourth Checkpoint: To win rights through the Western Swamp, you must haul at least 40 loads TO the Heartland FROM the Desert.
  • Fifth Checkpoint: To win rights to the Plateau, your company's Book Value must reach or exceed $100,000,000. In addition, you must haul at least 20 loads TO the Swamp. Loads may be supplied by any territory.
  • Sixth Checkpoint: To win rights through the Peaks, you must haul at least 50 loads between the Plateau and the Western Desert.
  • Seventh Checkpoint: To earn the rights to the final checkpoint in the Wasteland, you must complete the grueling tasks of Hauling at least 40 loads FROM the Peaks TO the Plateau -=AND=- hauling at least another 20 loads FROM the Peaks TO the Western Swamp.To aid you in this effort, you are now granted the opportunity to purchase the 2-6-0 Camelback, if that locomotive was not already available.
  • Eigth Checkpoint: To reach the final checkpoint and win the rights to the FINISH LINE, you must haul at least 150 total loads in a single year -=AND=- earn at least $1,500,000 in profits from subsidiary industry in a single year. Both must be done in the same year!

I completed seven Checkpoints and while doing my Eigth one, I lose the game, as 100 years have passed, since the game start. I will surely play this same game again, but not now. I need some action and go want to play Counter Strike.

Some Screenshots:
grand prix,bird's view,heartland,railroad tycoon 2,rrt 2,screenshot
grand prix,scenario,goods,train,peaks,railroad tycoon 2,rrt 2,screenshot


  1. how did you buy the industries? They don't seem to be for sale, which makes it impossible to get past that part.

  2. Its been years since I played this game, so I dont remember much. But you can try this:
    1. Finish first checkpoint first and then try buying industries.
    2. In the game start I remember a screen where you setup various game parameters like revenue % for urself and AI. In that screen see if there is any option that locks buying industries.

  3. Victory Condition (that is, after you get access to finish line): Transport 50 loads from end to end.

    In the game setup screen, select 'custom' as the difficulty. Then, make sure the 'Industrial model' is set to 'Expert'. You can set the other settings to anything you like.


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