AOE 2: El Cid: The Exile of The Cid

The Objective is to find a new Lord for El Cid to serve. El Cid will be in the King Alfonso's area at the game start. El Cid will be given his Horse there and asked to go away from Alfonso's Empire.

As soon as El Cid step out of the Alfonso's wall, he will make the Diplomatic stance to Enemy and his soldiers start attacking El Cid. On running away from them, El Cid get some loyal followers. Move a little forward, and El Cid gets a small number of Camels, who informs El Cid to join Motamid of the Moors at his Castle in Zaragoza. But, all the way to reach Motamid is blocked by dense forests and our enemies walls. So, El Cid must go to the mini base at the South of the map provided by Motamid to create some Siege.

Four or Five battering Rams will be enough to destroy the gates and Castle of King Alfonso, which blocks our path. On destroying Alfonso's Castle, he calls for a Truce and changes the diplomatic stance to Neutral. Proceed North East from there to Motamid's Empire. When, El Cid reaches the Castle of Motamid, he gives El Cid a small Objective of taking down the Siege Workshop of Berenguer. So, destroy the Siege Workshop and then Motamid gives El Cid a small number of Peasants and some resources to start building his own Empire. A Screenshot taken while ramming the Siege Workshop of Berenguer with my Battering Ram:
el cid exile of the cid,ramming,battering ram,siege workshop,berenguer,age of empires 2,aoe 2,screenshot

Now, the Main Objective appears, which is to defeat Berenguer. So, with the resources given by Motamid, start building your base. Berenguer is very dumb and he wont be invading El Cid with any army. All he will do is, sending his units one by one to be killed by El Cid's Watch Tower. Then, I just developed a small Military with 3 Trebuchetes and took down Berenguer with ease.

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