POP - SOT: Death of A Sand King

Proceeding in, Prince finds that a bunch of Sand Creatures are attacking Farah. Immediately, Prince jumps in to rescue her and found that the powerful Sand Creature down there is none other than his father Shahraman. But now, he can do nothing other than killing his own father. This fight wont be easy as others. Because, Prince cant simply roam around and take his own time to finish the evil. If he do like that, then the Creatures start attacking Farah and kills her, after which the game gets over. What I did is took down all the Creatures and didnt touch the King, so that I could fully concentrate on him after finishing all the others.

The Mighty King block all the attacks of the Prince. Only way to hit him is vault over him and hit once, because he will block the second one. Do this again and again and after sometime, the King will fall down. Now, take the sand from him and you get the Savepoint too here.
Upto this Save, 17% of the game is completed and now the Prince has 5 Sand Tanks and 3 Power Tanks.

Father and Son:
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