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Sins of a Solar Empire: Almost Finished

This Huge Random Map is a big success for me. Colonized two star systems and eliminated 6 players and only two players to eliminate, since the third one is my ally.

Since, I colonized all the planets in two star systems, there is no problem of resources for me. Approximately, I get 80 Credits/sec, and 20 asteroid and 20 crytals per second.

But now the game seems boring. Because, there is no need to manage your precious resources(because they are no more scarce), no need to plan your researchers(already reasearched them all), and the only thing to do is move from star to star which takes about 10 - 15 minutes and take our your enemies' planets.

I think you get the maximum fun from Sins of a Solar Empire only if you play small or medium maps. Because, huge maps will really be boring when you have only two or three enemies left.

More Later,
Till then Bye.

Last Chaos: Billionaire

WOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!! I now have one Billion in Last Chaos. Thousand thanks to the Trade Agent Roy, the new NPC.

I am not playing much in Last Chaos, because of my exams. But, I am doing buying and selling stuff(actually, doing business, hehe) through the Merchant Mart and made some big profit. Once, you learned the Market, its very easy to earn money.

Since, I now have 1 Billion gold and approximately another 1 Billion worth items(with my Main at lvl 40), I proclaim myself a Tycoon in LC and soon will do a post on "Money Making in Last Chaos"

Sins of a Solar Empire: Chennai Completed

Finally, I made it... Yes, I colonized all the planets in the first Star System and thus fully created the Virtual Chennai. Only two planets are missed, because they are colonized by my Ally and now I cant declare war on him just to capture those two planets. Because, he is wayyyyy toooo powerful than me. Here is a Screenshot of the Virtual Chennai in Sins of a Solar Empire.

Now is the time to explore new lands, sorry actually new stars and planets... I think from now on, the game will be somewhat easier than before, because my Economy is now stable and I am now having good gathering rate of all the resources. Also since all the researches are complete, I need the resources only to replace the dead ships.

Hope will complete this Huge Random Map, before my exam gets over, which is on June 3rd...

Below is an awesome screenshot of a planet being fired by my Novalith Canon:

Last Chaos: Location of Poison Mist

This post is to show a location of Poison Mist in Last Chaos. There are many people coming to this blog, while they are searching to find the location of poison mists. Thanks to for providing me this information. So, to help those, I post here the location of poison mists. The screenshot below shows where the poison mists are:

1. Press 'W' to open the map.
2. Drag the second slide bar(at the top) to zoom out and to view the full map.
3. Now, the area marked with the red line is where the Poison Mists are...
4. The white line marks the path from Draton town to the location of poison mist.
5. The approximate co-ordinates of this location are 2969, 1750.

Note: There is also another area, where poison mists are located... But, I exactly dont know where it is. But will add it soon.

Poison Mists stats:
Level: 39
Type: Aggro
Non Equipment Drops:
1. Thick Liquid(Useless)
2. Mist Eye(for Scra-Ichi mission)
Equipment Drops:
1. Titan: Mighty Leggings (36)
2. Healer: Tranquil Skirt (…

Sins of a Solar Empire: Going well

In the middle of my Exam preparations(yes, i am having my exam in a week), I made myself some time to play Sins of a Solar Empire. I am playing a Huge Random Map for about a week(but only 1 hour a day), and this time I rule the game. Ya, now 14 planets are under my control, with all the Military and Civil researches completed. Also, i built two Novalith Canons, which is the super weapon of TEC. With a single Novalith Canon, any planet can be taken down in just two shots. Its an amazing deadly weapon.

Still, i didnt venture beyond my Star System. My plan is to capture all the planets in this Star System and then move on to the next system. Sorry, i dont have any time to take screenshots and upload... But will surely add some amazing screenshots in the next post of Sins of a Solar Empire.

This is a fantastic space RTS game, I love this as my all time favourite space RTS, "HOMEWORLD"

Last Chaos: Lvl 40

Again, I done AFK pet leveling for a really long time and levelled my pet to lvl 35 :-)...

And with INFORIS done a bogle party in Egeha... We both are RK(i m lvl 40 and he is lvl 37), but we had shield with us. What we do is, first i ll go and stun the bogle and switch to my dual fast and start to hit, meanwhile he is continuasly hitting the mob. But when my stun finishes, we took only half life of the bogle. So, in the middle itself, INFORIS, switch to his shield, stun the mob and again switch back to his dual and ya this worked very fine without using any minerals or potions, other than HP, MP pots and my horse buff... But if any one of our stun fails, then we immediately start to run towards the town like hell and the bad thing is the stun fails often... In the party, INFORIS lvled to 38 and i got only 20% XP, becoz i was killed many times, since sometimes i continue to hit the bogle, even after the stun fails with a strong determination of killing it. But the reverse thing happens…

Last Chaos: Lvl 39 - SP Farming

Poison Mist Location here in this post

I done the Personal Dungeon, Ajaka Canyon for the first and since i m lvl 39, it was too easy for me. But in a hurry to finish it fast, I pressed Enter quickly after finishing Kamira and missed my loots... A Screen Shot took in Ajaka Canyon:

There was 150% XP, 150% SP and 200% pet XP yesterday(7/5/09). So, instead of lvling myself, i AFK lvled my pet(a cute little pink drake) the whole night and it is now levelled to 33 from 31. So, i got some Technical points to invest in attack too... Because, i always put my pet's TP in defense only, since it makes things easier.

And today, there was 200% SP event, so to get myself some good SP to learn Dark Immunity, which is my lvl 38 skill, i spend the whole day, grinding my all time favourite Poison Mists. After some long time grinding, i reached 80% xp and got about 510 sp. Initially, at the start of the level, i had only 13 sp. Yeahh, a great jump in SP, thanks to the double SP event. After i reached 80…

Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn

This is my first time to go for Mad Monster Spawn(MMS) and i was very very eager to see, whats this event is about. This time, [GM]JediMike organizes this event and it happened in Cariae-3. I think it always happens there.

I went there a long before and already there are many people waiting there for the event to start. Then, INFORIS joined up with me. While we were chatting, suddenly without any warning or something, the monsters appeared and this is my first Screenshot in MMS(took this after some 5 seconds after the monsters appeared:

In the first wave, all the monsters are around lvl 75 and +. I know its impossible for me to solo them. So, i joined up with some rogues there and killed some them. Also, i died many times. So of my beautiful screenshots of my final moments(even though i die in these SS, i like them very much):

An Epic battle between the brave warriors of Iris and a devil from Oblivion...

And finally came the wonderful moment for what we are all waiting for, for what the n…

Last Chaos: Lvl 38 - Egeha

I leveled to 38 after some long solo grinding on Giant Larvas in Merac. Level 37 is a boring one...

In lvl 38, i tried out many new things and they really worked out

First is Baal hunt(Boss monster). Myself, and my guildies, Arch and th3roug3 partied and fought baal and killed that bloody boss 2 times..
First, myself and th3rough3 tried very hard for many times, but we didnt succeed. We were killed many times and then came Arch. With his help, the perfect snare skill, we were able to kill it. Some screenshots of our epic battle againt BAAL

Second is a hard MC(Monster Combo) with my new friend, mohammed. First i selected lvl 35-lvl 38 mobs for the MC, but it was too easy for us and we finished it quickly. Then, we selected lvl 36 - lvl 40 mobs. the first and second round went fine. I was killed in the third round. But mohammed finished it without my help. Then comes the fourth round. Both of us, tried very hard, but didnt succeed. Again we went in and after some hard fights, we made it. Bu…

Sins of a Solar Empire: Repeated defeats

I played the Huge Random Map. In the beginning the game goes smoothly. But after capturing some 5 to 6 planets, i lose control of the game. As I move my fleet to capture a new planet, that stupid AI players start attacking my planets and take it over and/or i forgot(or didnt notice) to take care of the pirate. So, that stupid mercenary comes and destroys my planet. This happened to me two times. But i learnt some valuable lessons from my defeats and today, I started a new game again and this time i ll surely WIN. Some wonderful screenshots below. I am not playing the game with full graphic settings, but with the medium settings itself, the game looks awesome

More Screenshots at

As you can see from the Screenshots, i am trying to create a Virtual Chennai inside the game. But damn, those fking AI players are not letting me. But, you dont worry, this time i ll surely DO it...