Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn

This is my first time to go for Mad Monster Spawn(MMS) and i was very very eager to see, whats this event is about. This time, [GM]JediMike organizes this event and it happened in Cariae-3. I think it always happens there.

I went there a long before and already there are many people waiting there for the event to start. Then, INFORIS joined up with me. While we were chatting, suddenly without any warning or something, the monsters appeared and this is my first Screenshot in MMS(took this after some 5 seconds after the monsters appeared:
Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn

In the first wave, all the monsters are around lvl 75 and +. I know its impossible for me to solo them. So, i joined up with some rogues there and killed some them. Also, i died many times. So of my beautiful screenshots of my final moments(even though i die in these SS, i like them very much):
Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn

An Epic battle between the brave warriors of Iris and a devil from Oblivion...
Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn

And finally came the wonderful moment for what we are all waiting for, for what the noble brave warriors gave their lives, for what we used up all our costly potions and minerals, for what we are all fighting the monsters............THE ITEMS!!!
Last Chaos: Mad Monster Spawn Drops
But i got only 2 SPB and some Tool Aids, not a single Heaven Stone :-(

Overall, i LOVE this event and will try to participate in this MAD MONSTER SPAWN whenever possible...............

Current info:
IGN: saiy2k
Class: Royal Knight
Level: 39
Playing in Cariae 2


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