Last Chaos: Lvl 40

Again, I done AFK pet leveling for a really long time and levelled my pet to lvl 35 :-)...

And with INFORIS done a bogle party in Egeha... We both are RK(i m lvl 40 and he is lvl 37), but we had shield with us. What we do is, first i ll go and stun the bogle and switch to my dual fast and start to hit, meanwhile he is continuasly hitting the mob. But when my stun finishes, we took only half life of the bogle. So, in the middle itself, INFORIS, switch to his shield, stun the mob and again switch back to his dual and ya this worked very fine without using any minerals or potions, other than HP, MP pots and my horse buff... But if any one of our stun fails, then we immediately start to run towards the town like hell and the bad thing is the stun fails often... In the party, INFORIS lvled to 38 and i got only 20% XP, becoz i was killed many times, since sometimes i continue to hit the bogle, even after the stun fails with a strong determination of killing it. But the reverse thing happens... lol

Then came a special Mother's Day upgrade event, when i upgraded my legging to +10 from +6 and my boots to +8 from +6 and worst thing is i broke my Gaunlets which was +9, lol. Then went for Sunday Quiz Event and got 15 Heaven stones and some moonstones too...


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