Last Chaos: Lvl 38 - Egeha

I leveled to 38 after some long solo grinding on Giant Larvas in Merac. Level 37 is a boring one...

In lvl 38, i tried out many new things and they really worked out

First is Baal hunt(Boss monster). Myself, and my guildies, Arch and th3roug3 partied and fought baal and killed that bloody boss 2 times..
First, myself and th3rough3 tried very hard for many times, but we didnt succeed. We were killed many times and then came Arch. With his help, the perfect snare skill, we were able to kill it. Some screenshots of our epic battle againt BAAL
Last Chaos: Baal

Second is a hard MC(Monster Combo) with my new friend, mohammed. First i selected lvl 35-lvl 38 mobs for the MC, but it was too easy for us and we finished it quickly. Then, we selected lvl 36 - lvl 40 mobs. the first and second round went fine. I was killed in the third round. But mohammed finished it without my help. Then comes the fourth round. Both of us, tried very hard, but didnt succeed. Again we went in and after some hard fights, we made it. But the fifth round is horrible. We lost 2 times and the third time, mohammed took the shield and told that he would tank the mobs and i ll kill them. But again, because of my low defense, i was killed, the moment the round started. But, the beautiful thing is, mohammed finished the round successfully alone... lol, he is good.
Last Chaos: Monster Combo

The great thing i done(achieved) in this level is, I went to Egeha and GRINDED bogles. ya, believe me, i am not lying. With my horse buff(lvl 10 defense buff), and my lvl 31 drake'd passive defense and with some defense minerals, i fought bogles. Most of the time, i partied with DeathSkull there. Her snare helped me to save many HP pots. Because, if i soloed, i ll use 2 great healing pots for each and every kill. Then came the high lvl player, Freedan. He gave me many pots, platinum refining stone and lol, he asked me only 100k. I really dont know, how much to give, so i gave him 5M and i am sure the stuffs he gave me worth more than that. With his help, myself and DeathSkull killed demons and i got a hell lot of XP from demons, like i went from 35% to 70% in an hour.. Also, Freedan killed a lvl 96 boss dragon that appeared near the bogles. for killing it, all the three of us, fought with it for about 5 minutes. lol, i was killed many times, by that bad dragon. But again, i came back and fought it. I must say, that battle against the dragon is EPIC.
Last Chaos: Bogle Party, Egeha
Last Chaos: Great Grand Dragon(GGD), Egeha
Last Chaos: Great Grand Dragon(GGD), Egeha

Current info:
IGN: saiy2k
class: Royal Knight
Level: 38 76%
Playing in Cariae 2


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