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I never trained or even had a horse before... From the start, i am training two drakes(one is pink drake). Becuase i love dragons and such myth creatures. But, lol, this is a game, and we need the horse buff at some point. I took time for me to realize about the horse buff. So, i sold my normal drake(lvl 24) and bought myself a new white colored Horse Mount(lvl 32). You know, the price difference between the lvl 24 drake, i sold and this Horse Mount is just 10M. Some screenshots of me and my horse mount...
Last Chaos: Horse Mount and Royal Knight

Also, i upgraded my armor set to 40-41 armor set. Actually, i borrowed the Shirt, Leggings and Gauntlets(all +6) from Elspethia. the remaining i bought from Merchant Mart. A photo of me, with the new armor set and my 41+15 dual sword...
Last Chaos: Royal Knight

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I have posted so many things about my Last Chaos gameplay experience. But, this thread is help you to get a copy of the game yourself. Yes... here i will give you the download links to get the Last Chaos

Official Download Page: http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/download
Torrent Download: http://www.torrentreactor.net/torrents/2739839/Last-Chaos-(free-mmo)

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Last Chaos official site: http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/

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Yesterday night, we had a Guild Event in 7th Circle. The event is eveyone(not everyone, all those who could come) in the guild assemble in the town, form a queue and run like a train. It started well, but after few minutes, i started lagging(because of the highly upgraded glowy weapons and armors) and i got disconnected two times. So, what we did is, we removed all our armors and weapons to make things better.

We rounded the town once and then we went to Velpist Temple in Juno. There we killed everyone on sight. But i didnt get anyone to kill, as everyone ran or logged out on seeing us. But later, i went to Margudaam Jail and had my PK there...

LadyVi called this event "Naked Mile", when we removed our armors. Yes, it is a good name, though.

Some screenshots of this event:
Last Chaos: Naked Mile
Last Chaos: Naked Mile
Last Chaos: Naked Mile

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Oops. i forgot to tell...

I made a signature for my Last Chaos profile last week and got some positive comments on it in the forums. Here it is...
Last Chaos: saiy2k Signature

saiy2k is looking nice na... i love this signature

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This level was over in some just 4 hours... I bought 5 Blessed Iris from my GM, Elspethia for a very low price. She is so nice, always popping out of no where, when the guildies need help.

First i partied with ANDAND, RavenSwan and 2 new friends, OmegaTempst and RAMIYANO in Margudaam Jail in Merac, but only for a short time. Because ANDAND left shortly, then RavenSwan also went as she had to go to work. Then i also logged out, as it was very late time for me. There OmegaTempst buffed us all with his horse which helped us a lot very much. Must thank him here. Some Screen shots:
Last Chaos: Jail, Merac Last Chaos: Jail, Merac

Then with the Iris, that i bought from Elspethia, i grinded the Poison Mists with ANDAND and got 90% of my xp in just 3 hours. Got numerous easter eggs there, two of them gave big experience potion which lasts for some 138 hours and give +30% xp and a Snow Flake. Two Pandora Box appeared there. One is a lvl 40 Spider and another is lvl 50 Sea Horse thing. Me and ANDAND killed them both, but they gave less xp than the Elite Poison Mist. Very disappoiting for us, since we expected the xp to be very high. Some screenshots:
Last Chaos: Poison Mist, Dratan

Last Chaos: Poison Mist, Dratan Last Chaos: Poison Mist, Dratan

I hav done a really great thing today. I bought 5 Platinum Pet Experience Potion for 25M. i know it costs very high. But with that and today's double experience i leveled my pink drake from lvl 25 to lvl 30. This is going to be one of my greatest achievement in Last Chaos...

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Nothing Special happened when i am at lvl 35.

Here and there some parties in Merac and Draton. But the final moments of lvl 35 are interesting. Myself(35), ANDAND(35), and Inforis(34) went to fight Salamanders(lvl 50) in merac. After reaching its place, we planned well and i m the one who first kicked it. I took some two hits and my health went nearly to zero. So, to escape death i started to run, yelling HELP HELP!!! They were trying to kill it, but since the Salamander is also in move(following me), they couldnt land hit on it. While running, i used my potions and restored my health. Then after some run and chase, they did hit the salamander and turned its attention towards them. Then, i stopped and went back to fight the monster and yes, we won. But Inforis was killed in the fight.

Then we came to the conclusion that we cant run like these to kill each and every one. So, we started to fight Gnoll and i levelled to 36.

My pink drake is now at lvl 23.

One more thing, there are some new drops added to the game since Easter, named Easter Egg. It gives random stuffs. I got nearly 30 easter eggs and the items i got are really terrible like 50 gold, 10 herb trunk and 1 tool aid like that. I also sold 3 easter eggs for 1 million each through the merchant mart. But some people got 2 Heaven Stone and valuable stuffs like that...

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Last Chaos: Knight

This is wonderful. Now i am lvl 35. Here are some screenshots of my knight's honorable moments:
Last Chaos Last Chaos

I met a guy named ANORTHOSIATIKO and we partied in Maargudam Jail in Merac. Everything went fine, until someone named beautyhealing(a low lvl noob) came there. She came inside and started attacking ANO's pet(a lvl 4 hatchling). We warned her, but she continued. So, ANO killed her and again she comes and again he killed her. This repeated for about 10 times and i also joined the fun and killed her some 3 or 4 times. Then she went away.

After that came, ANO's brother and he killed me without even noticing me. I would hav killed him, even though he is 2 lvls higher than me, if he played fair. Because, i m having only 25% of HP and came out to take some rest to regenerate my HP. At that time, he hit me. Immediately, i used the Hp potions and started to attack him. He should have taken heavy dmg with my 37+10 sword. So, he started to ran away. Since he ran, i stopped. Then after he went far away from me, he buffed himself with his horse mount and killed me.

Adventures Continue...

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Yesterday, i participated in the quiz event and lol, its very funny and the amazing thing is got 15HS. I even dont know answers for many of the questions and i think some questions are really stupid like whats the color of pant some GM is wearing and some weird questions like that... What i did is simply i selected the option what every one was selecting(following the crowd, lol).

But the game lags like hell since a lot of them are there in a small place.

To know more about Last Chaos, click here
To Download Last Choas, visit http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/download
To know more about Sunday Quiz Event, visit http://lastchaosinfo.wetpaint.com/page/XO+Quiz+Event

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The Ultimate Space RTS game, that every RTS lovers should play, "Sins of a Solar Empire". This game offers awesome graphics and fanstastic gameplay experience with the variety of strategies it offers. The technology tree is very big, there are so many innovative researches available with brilliant easy to use interface.

The graphics is wonderful. The space background with all the nebulas looks amazing. The planets, the sun and above all the ships and the stations simply rocks.

This game is somewhat hard because all the time i lacked in getting some resources. Sometimes, its metal and sometimes its crystal, i had no problems with getting the credits. But, i think, this makes the game even more strategical where you have to choose between what research to do, or what platforms to built, or what ships to create with the very limited resources you have.

Also Sins of a Solar Empire offers RPG features with the Capital ships having the ability to gain experience, level up, learn powerful unique abilities, that aid you in combat.

There is a tree in the left which will list out all your platforms, ships and also the enemy ships in your empire. This tree makes things very very easy to manage, no matter how many fleets you have or where your screen is currently is at. Its a brilliant idea.

There is a pirate system in the game, which i dont like very much. Sometimes, its annoying. Because when i am deeply involved in something it disturbs me. If the pirates are made to make their attack every 30 minutes or more, then its OK. But pirate attack every 15 minutes is bad.

Also this game takes hell lot of time to finish. Even with the smallest map in the game and playing against only one player, it will surely take around 3 hours to finish.

But apart from the pirate system and the LOOONGGG time it takes, Sins of a Solar Empire ROCKS!!!

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I am sincerely doing my college assignment for the past 3 days. So, cant play any games. But, i am doing some trade in Last Chaos and earned some good gold in my spare time. Buying and selling is also a good thing to do in Last Chaos(only if u get profit, lol). I got Evil Dead: Regeneration and just installed and played it for some 10 minutes. Its looking good.

First i have to finish all my college works and start gaming soon. Oh NO! My exams are also nearing... Think my gaming time will be reduced a lot till my exam gets over. Thats bad...

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Today me and RavenSwan went to do Monster Combo. At first, I selected lvl 35-39 monsters. So, it was very hard for us to survive in there. So, we came out and selected lvl 32-36 monsters. Its also very hard. But, after many failures and we learnt how to handle them mobs.

What we will do is, i go near all the mobs and run in circles in the stage. So almost all the monsters chase me. Because of this, RavenSwan is free to fight. She picks the monsters one by one that follow me and kills it. After the number of monsters reduced to some 50% i also stop running and fight them.

This may seen stupid(running away from the mobs). But there is no other way and its very fun. Really, i enjoyed each and every second, as if i am playing some cool fast paced fps.

And after many rounds of mixed success and failure, we finally WON. Some screenshots when we were inside the Monster Combo:

Last Chaos: Monster Combo Last Chaos: Monster Combo
Last Chaos: Monster Combo Last Chaos: Monster Combo


My IGN: saiy2k
Monstly in: C-2
Class: Royal Knight

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I was trying hard to 17 Mist eyes for the Ichi pet mission. Since, the drop rate is horrible, i m getting only one for an hour of grinding. which means i hav to grind for 17 hrs to get all the eyes. Thats very long. But without losing hope, i was grinding them.

Thats when, a guy named, Alseven came to help me. He was a friend of RavenSwan. He gave me 5 Mist Eyes and he really doesnot want anything in return. He is so nice, but i gave him 2.5M and some herbs, which i hav a lot.

Then we partied together and got 16 Eyes. Only one left. But that time, i hav some other work. So, i left and came back and hunted down the remaining one Eye... Wow... Cool. Now i hav all the 17 Mist Eyes...

But the quest is not yet over. I need 3 perfect moonstones. I upgraded all the moonstones, i had but only got 2 Perfect Moonstones. Again, Alseven came to my rescue and gave me the Perfect Stone and when i asked what he want in return, he told me that i should help a stranger for an hour. Thats what he wants in return. What a nice guy he is.

Now, i reached lvl 34. Showing good improvements, right?

Again some hunting with RavenSwan. We took out a lvl 50 Pandora beast.. Hurraaaaayyyy!!! Thats great. To be honest, RavenSwan only killed that beast, i just distracted that beast by running in front of it. That too not by purpose, to save my life, i just ran. The poor beast followed me and RavenSwan took it down. Anyway, its a team victory, i think. Then we went to kill baal, but its too hard for us to kill it, so we failed. But this is not permanent, we will beat that monster soon enough.

Thanks Alseven...

Poison Mist Location here in this post

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After a long time, i went to Monster Combo with my friend RavenSwan. We started well, but in the middle, i had some problem in game. I cant click anywhere, so i cant move or kill anything and because of that, we failed and came back. But, we will surely go again and succeed.

To level, i chose Poison Mists for grinding. They are of lvl 39, but my gear were upgraded enough to handle them . To me, they are a kind of special monster in the game. Because they drop Mist Eye, which is one of quest item of Ichi pet mission. So, i m now grinding them , mainly to get enough Mist Eyes to get myself an Ichi. I started grinding these monsters, when my experience was at 18%. Now, my experience is at 86%. I am not using Experience Boosters of any kind. I spended like some 6-7 hours from 18% to 86%. But got only 6 Mist Eyes. It drops like 1 per hour.

When I was grinding them, the Boss Monster Kamira appeared and i told the party members about it. Immediately, a guy named 7ycka, who is in my party came to fight Kamira. He is lvl 51 only and Kamira is lvl 70. I thought that, he will surely die, because its 20 lvls ahead of him. But to my surprise, he took it out easily and left behind some drops for me. Thanks 7ycka for the drops and you are really a good fighter. Here some screenshots of the fight between the brave 7ycka and frightening Kamira:

Adventures continue...

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I am now 33 and got almost 2.5k sp. But i am not satisfied. Because, i cant pvp. If i was killed in a pvp and got killed i ll lose my valuable sp and i wont like that. But, without any pvp, the game is boring. Also, i thought of investing all my sp in weapon and armor smithing and play. But, to get this sp, i grinded a lot and hard.

So, i must decide whether to giveup sp for fun or keep it till lvl 38, learn new skills. I took the first choice, after all this a game and its for fun only. My GM, Elspethiya also me that sp can be earned by hunting down white monsters at any level., but not like what the Sergeants gave. I learned most of the armor and weapon smith skills, all the processing skills and you know what
I GOT ONLY 60 SP NOW. But i am happy.

Then i went to arena to have a little pvp but the second lowest lvl player there is of lvl 81. OOPS. i cant fight him. So, i went to Merac for exploring some new lands.

Hope my decision is not bad.

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Solo leveling i very boring. So i teamed up with toxicrow and KhazadDum and very had a lots of fun in prokion. A screenshot of out party fun:
Last Chaos Screenshots: Prokion Party

Now i m lvl 33, got HolySword lvl 37+10. Thanks to the Trade Agent Roy...
But armors are not yet satisfactory, still searching for some good armor and i wont have any problem with my defense. Because, i invested most of my pets Technical points in armor. Thanks to my pet

Adventures continue

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Last Chaos Screenshots: Soloing Orc Sergeants at Prokion
Sergeants dont you have manners. Form a line and come or else i wont send u to hell...

Last Chaos Screenshots: Soloing Orc Sergeants at Prokion
hmm... i think thats better

Last Chaos Screenshots: Soloing Orc Sergeants at ProkionLast Chaos Screenshots: Soloing Orc Sergeants at ProkionLast Chaos Screenshots: Soloing Orc Sergeants at Prokion
no no no.. pls dont rush up or else i ll also end up in hell

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Today is a total bull shit. I lost nearly 300 of my hardly earned sp today. I think i am the one who started it all.

First, i asked sundigund to help me to lvl to 32. Because, i cant wait to see my new skills and i was very eager. So, he asked to come to Cariae4. I went there and he was there at Draton with BloodMagus. Sundigund told that we will go to the Tomb in draton and fight lvl 100+ zombies. On hearing that (killing 100+ zombies) i was very much excited and we started off. Everything went well and on the way, we met LogitechRor. He also joined with us. We traveled really a long distance to reach there. Because its very far away... Some screenshots of our travel to the tomb.

Last Chaos Screenshot: Party Last Chaos Screenshot: Party
Last Chaos Screenshot: Party Last Chaos Screenshot: Party
Last Chaos Screenshot: Party Last Chaos Screenshot: Party
Last Chaos Screenshot: Party

Atlast, we finally made there and we went inside. We planned that myself and sundigund will stun the monsters, while the other two will hit it. It worked fine for the first minute and we really done damage to the monster by some 5%. Then, it killed LogitechRor, then me and then everyone. We never gave a second thought and went to it and started attacking. Our only aim is to kill that beast. I was killed some many times. Damn, i never thought of my sp decreasing each and every time, i was killed. So, i lost many sp, but i didnt realize at that time. Then, we came to realize that we wont kill these monsters whatever effort we take. Its too hard for us. At that time itself, the party's morale went very low.

But, sundigund told that we will go to Sphinx. We left LogitechRor alone and BloodMagus was also not with us. Dont know where he went. On the way, i was killed and went to town. Then, sundigund told that the monsters there are not giving enough xp. So, we all separated and i went back to Prokion. There only, i looked at my stats and found that i lost nearly 300 sp. I was very frustrated.

Again, This is a Bull Shit Pary...

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There is an invisible monster in Juno. Anyone seen(its invisible, how come u see, lol) it or heard of it... Dont think i m blabbering, its real, i took some screen shots too...

Last Chaos Screenshot: Invisible Monster
Last Chaos Screenshot: Invisible Monster

In the screen shots, u wont see anything other than me. But see for yourself that i m taking damages. To be precise, the damages are because of the attacks of the invisible monster.

The interesting thing is i found the way to kill this monster. There is something that helps this monster. That thing is called LAG. Unless and until, the developers find a way to prevent this lag, this monster will roam the lands or Iris... Also, i need to upgrade to a REAL broadband Internet connections.

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Today, i m grinding to lvl up in prokion temple, as usual. Suddenly, some one came and asked for party. His name is alexbalex and his lvl is 25(Mine is 30 now). We partied for 5 minutes and i was surprised to see that he is taking out orc sergeant with ease at "LVL 25". Becoz when i was lvl 25, i wont even go to orc axeman, let alone orc sergeant. I was very surprised and i asked him what sort of armor he is using... But no reply.

Now the interesting part come... I asked him again and in a minute he started to kick me...

I stood still, as i took 0 damage and asked him to stop, but he continued to fight me and now i getting damage from him attacks. So, i also started to fight and he is taking all my attacks. We fought for some 5 minutes and i used up neary 15 hp potions and some mana potion and he also wasted many of his potions and he suddenly started to run away. I ran after him and told him to stop and fight, but he never listens and after some chase and run, he logged off. Then, i thought everything is over, but it continued after. Before that check some screen shots on our fight in prokion: (in the screenshots, i am the one with the name saiy2k)
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex

I got very tensed and thought of going back to Juno for some marketing thing and also to take some rest.

And again i went back to Draton and found alexbalex there... He started calling me a chicken. I got very angry and then we flamed each other and he wanted another fight. So, we went out and started fighting... This fight had gone for about 10 minutes with both of us using enourmous amount of potions. But he used more potions than me(He have to, lower than my lvl) and he has a horse too for buffing. After some time, i understood that i cant beat him to death. So, i stopped using my potions and i was killed. I was really very mad and angry and i shouted at my monitor, lol. What else can i do, after being killed by a lvl 25 player. Some screen shots on our fight in Draton. (in the screenshots, i am the one with the name saiy2k)

Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex

I felt very bad on myself, becoz i never thought that a player lower than my level could kill me. Becoz i maxed all my skills, hav +3 armore and +3 weapon.

Then i went inside and he asked for another fight and but i modestly told him that he already proved himself and there is no need of another fight... Suddenly he asked sorry and i havnt expected that kind of word from him. I said that he was really worthy and he deserved the victory(afterall, everyone has to the accept the truth, even though how bad it is).

Then only he told me that, he was none other than my pal, sundigund. He said it was his another char and since he wanted to test this character, he chose me and started a fight with me... Then we chatted for some few minutes on this fight and he came with his original character sundigund and took me to a place, where Mist Eye can be found... Mist Eye is a really rare item in the game and there is a heavy demand on it.

Atlast, everything finished well and about the fight if i had a horse buff for myself, i would have won. becoz it doubles your defense... But, its the best PVP i ever had.

Sundigand, thanks for the dual, Mist Eye and everything. Thanks a lot man... you are my best pal...

My IGN Name : saiy2k
My Class : Knight
My Level : 30
ah, i forgot to tell my name. its SaiYasodharan, lol

Last Chaos Official Site: http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/

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The long awaited return of the bugged, but well-known, Trade Agent Roy has happened today. Thanks to the LC Developers for bringing him back without the loss of any items.

About Trade Agent Roy:
Trade Agent Roy is a new, fantastic and innovative idea. He is an NPC, where you can register for the items you want to sell and anyone can buy your items, even when you are logged off. Similarly, you can browse through what other players have registered and buy some stuff, if you want. This will help not to AFK shop like before, which is very annoying...

What happened to him:
This Agent Roy was added to the game before a month ago. But within a few days of operation, some serious bugs were found in him and he was taken out of the game for some debugging. Many people have registered a lot of items, worth millions and billions, in him. I also registered Green Herbs, Quality Stones, Dark Orbs and some other items in there. So, everyone is frustrated and this resulted in shouting in the forums. But the GameSages and GameMasters assured us all, a safe return of the Agent Roy, as soon as possible.

The Return:
And it happened today. He is back with all my items. Some sold... Its feeling great now. I hope all the bugs are fixed and he will be fine now...

Last Chaos Official Site: http://lastchaos.aeriagames.com/
Trade Agent Roy: http://lastchaosinfo.wetpaint.com/page/Merchant+mart

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