Last Chaos: My Best PVP

Today, i m grinding to lvl up in prokion temple, as usual. Suddenly, some one came and asked for party. His name is alexbalex and his lvl is 25(Mine is 30 now). We partied for 5 minutes and i was surprised to see that he is taking out orc sergeant with ease at "LVL 25". Becoz when i was lvl 25, i wont even go to orc axeman, let alone orc sergeant. I was very surprised and i asked him what sort of armor he is using... But no reply.

Now the interesting part come... I asked him again and in a minute he started to kick me...

I stood still, as i took 0 damage and asked him to stop, but he continued to fight me and now i getting damage from him attacks. So, i also started to fight and he is taking all my attacks. We fought for some 5 minutes and i used up neary 15 hp potions and some mana potion and he also wasted many of his potions and he suddenly started to run away. I ran after him and told him to stop and fight, but he never listens and after some chase and run, he logged off. Then, i thought everything is over, but it continued after. Before that check some screen shots on our fight in prokion: (in the screenshots, i am the one with the name saiy2k)
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex

I got very tensed and thought of going back to Juno for some marketing thing and also to take some rest.

And again i went back to Draton and found alexbalex there... He started calling me a chicken. I got very angry and then we flamed each other and he wanted another fight. So, we went out and started fighting... This fight had gone for about 10 minutes with both of us using enourmous amount of potions. But he used more potions than me(He have to, lower than my lvl) and he has a horse too for buffing. After some time, i understood that i cant beat him to death. So, i stopped using my potions and i was killed. I was really very mad and angry and i shouted at my monitor, lol. What else can i do, after being killed by a lvl 25 player. Some screen shots on our fight in Draton. (in the screenshots, i am the one with the name saiy2k)

Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex
Last Chaos: Best PVP: saiy2k and alexbalex

I felt very bad on myself, becoz i never thought that a player lower than my level could kill me. Becoz i maxed all my skills, hav +3 armore and +3 weapon.

Then i went inside and he asked for another fight and but i modestly told him that he already proved himself and there is no need of another fight... Suddenly he asked sorry and i havnt expected that kind of word from him. I said that he was really worthy and he deserved the victory(afterall, everyone has to the accept the truth, even though how bad it is).

Then only he told me that, he was none other than my pal, sundigund. He said it was his another char and since he wanted to test this character, he chose me and started a fight with me... Then we chatted for some few minutes on this fight and he came with his original character sundigund and took me to a place, where Mist Eye can be found... Mist Eye is a really rare item in the game and there is a heavy demand on it.

Atlast, everything finished well and about the fight if i had a horse buff for myself, i would have won. becoz it doubles your defense... But, its the best PVP i ever had.

Sundigand, thanks for the dual, Mist Eye and everything. Thanks a lot man... you are my best pal...

My IGN Name : saiy2k
My Class : Knight
My Level : 30
ah, i forgot to tell my name. its SaiYasodharan, lol

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