Last Chaos: LVL 33: In Search of Mist Eye

I was trying hard to 17 Mist eyes for the Ichi pet mission. Since, the drop rate is horrible, i m getting only one for an hour of grinding. which means i hav to grind for 17 hrs to get all the eyes. Thats very long. But without losing hope, i was grinding them.

Thats when, a guy named, Alseven came to help me. He was a friend of RavenSwan. He gave me 5 Mist Eyes and he really doesnot want anything in return. He is so nice, but i gave him 2.5M and some herbs, which i hav a lot.

Then we partied together and got 16 Eyes. Only one left. But that time, i hav some other work. So, i left and came back and hunted down the remaining one Eye... Wow... Cool. Now i hav all the 17 Mist Eyes...

But the quest is not yet over. I need 3 perfect moonstones. I upgraded all the moonstones, i had but only got 2 Perfect Moonstones. Again, Alseven came to my rescue and gave me the Perfect Stone and when i asked what he want in return, he told me that i should help a stranger for an hour. Thats what he wants in return. What a nice guy he is.

Now, i reached lvl 34. Showing good improvements, right?

Again some hunting with RavenSwan. We took out a lvl 50 Pandora beast.. Hurraaaaayyyy!!! Thats great. To be honest, RavenSwan only killed that beast, i just distracted that beast by running in front of it. That too not by purpose, to save my life, i just ran. The poor beast followed me and RavenSwan took it down. Anyway, its a team victory, i think. Then we went to kill baal, but its too hard for us to kill it, so we failed. But this is not permanent, we will beat that monster soon enough.

Thanks Alseven...

Poison Mist Location here in this post


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