Last Chaos: Lvl 36 - Quick Levelling

This level was over in some just 4 hours... I bought 5 Blessed Iris from my GM, Elspethia for a very low price. She is so nice, always popping out of no where, when the guildies need help.

First i partied with ANDAND, RavenSwan and 2 new friends, OmegaTempst and RAMIYANO in Margudaam Jail in Merac, but only for a short time. Because ANDAND left shortly, then RavenSwan also went as she had to go to work. Then i also logged out, as it was very late time for me. There OmegaTempst buffed us all with his horse which helped us a lot very much. Must thank him here. Some Screen shots:
Last Chaos: Jail, Merac Last Chaos: Jail, Merac

Then with the Iris, that i bought from Elspethia, i grinded the Poison Mists with ANDAND and got 90% of my xp in just 3 hours. Got numerous easter eggs there, two of them gave big experience potion which lasts for some 138 hours and give +30% xp and a Snow Flake. Two Pandora Box appeared there. One is a lvl 40 Spider and another is lvl 50 Sea Horse thing. Me and ANDAND killed them both, but they gave less xp than the Elite Poison Mist. Very disappoiting for us, since we expected the xp to be very high. Some screenshots:
Last Chaos: Poison Mist, Dratan

Last Chaos: Poison Mist, Dratan Last Chaos: Poison Mist, Dratan

I hav done a really great thing today. I bought 5 Platinum Pet Experience Potion for 25M. i know it costs very high. But with that and today's double experience i leveled my pink drake from lvl 25 to lvl 30. This is going to be one of my greatest achievement in Last Chaos...

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  1. try to lvl now in LC at 175 lol

  2. still the game is alive n running uh !!


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