Last Chaos

Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests and crafting skills with fellow adventurers. It is set in the land of Iris, a place where anarchy, terror and ambition reign after an epic struggle between the Gods.

Some special aspects of Last Chaos are

Personal Dungeon System
The "Personal Dungeon" is a private quest mode where players can go solo in an "arcade" style gaming environment. This allows players to experience parts of Last Chaos in privacy, and at a more rapid and exciting pace. Players are also rewarded handsomely in experience and treasure!

Player Vs Player Vs Environment
Other online role-playing games have PvE - player versus environment (fighting computer-controlled monsters) and PvP - player versus player (human-controlled characters) fighting each other. Last Chaos brings these two game features together in an evolving system. PvPvE manages the complex relationships and alliances between races and guilds; and allows players a chance to test out their fighting skills against other players. Last Chaos will continue to work with players to improve the PvPvE features to make the game more exciting and challenging.

Pet System
Pets are NPCs that you have a certain amount of control over. There are currently 2 types of pets in Last Chaos, the ever loyal Horse and the majestic Dragon, and both of them can be trained to be mounts. Having a mount lends a certain prestige to your character and also helps in combat.

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