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Its been around 2 years since I moved away from Hard Core PC Gaming to online Flash games / mobile games. As a mobile game developer, I am now completely into mobile gaming, especially Android games, with my latest acquisition of Motorola Atrix 2.

There are quite a large number of games that I played in my mobile in past 6 months. But the latest one which I am playing around day and night is a special one and so posting about it in here.

Get the game for free @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smaatgames.zombiestrokes

Zombie Strokes: Enter the Horror !!!

Zombie Strokes 3D, a grand Survival Horror Game
But what so much hype about this game, that I am blogging about it here, after several months of inactivity? One thing, its from the Company (Smaat Apps and Technologies) where I work :-) and another thing, I believe it truly gives a unique gameplay experience unlike most clones out there.

The Visual and Audio Quality is definitely of International Standards. Full Credits to direction of Deepak Aravind; technical guru, Arvind Sudarshan; and our awesome artists, Angelina Albert, Rakesh Krishnan and Anand Kumar; Our excellent QA Team, Shyam and Tiru and our Company pillars Sree and Mohan.

You are trapped in a haunted room with just a zombie hand. Gameplay is very simple and straight forward. You need to run away from the cruel zombie and save yourself as long as possible. Death is inevitable, but how long you survive, matters !!
The Intense visuals combined with audio will make your heartbeat pump up for real

Download for Free
Get the game for free @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smaatgames.zombiestrokes

Horros Continue... !!!

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A good tower defense game with simple and neat graphics that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. The game is slow placed, unlike most other tower defense games, but intensive at harder levels. The difficulty of the game increases linearly with new monsters and towers (and their upgrades) being introduced at right levels.

The monsters and towers in the game has various types of attacks and defenses and they are very well balanced. The power ups are awesome :-)

My Progress

Here is my progress through the game as of writing:

  • Completed 10 levels with 3 stars in first 8 levels and fewer stars in later levels
  • Scored 33 of 62 stars

Pros: Visual Presentation, Slow pace of the game
Cons: Not much addictive

Signing off,

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Gemcraft, The most comprehensive and brilliantly designed Tower Defence game, I ever played.

  1. Loads and Loads of Unique Maps.
  2. Awesome variety of Gems and their Combinations.
  3. Superb Strategy.
  4. Excellent Visuals.
  5. Best Sound Effects.
My Map - Gemcraft Labyrinth

Overall, its just plain awesome and I LOVE the game. But its too much to finish in one single sit. But thanks to the saveable profile, that I played this, almost a year back and I am able to continue with that old profile now. Completed a dozen maps and shelving it again for later play.

Gemcraft Labyrinth - My Profile

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I am very much into Tower defense games these days and I recently played quite a couple of matches in Grand Defense - HD Battle in iPad. Its not a super-duper, genre changing RD game, but its a standard, very balanced and simple TD game that is very much worth being a free one.

Game Link: http://itunes.apple.com/in/app/grand-defense-free-hd-battle/id430393176

The catchy feature of this game is its neat interface and clean graphics. Many stats that will be usually shown in other TD games like HP, defense, attack power, range and other such numbers are totally avoided, but hit points and range are shown visually with appropriate graphics. I love the simplicity of this game. As a hard core TD player, I dislike the fact that I cant see how exactly the defense upgrades improves them. Also seeing all the stats and numbers and making them raise as I play / upgrade is very much satisfying, but I miss all those in this game. But for a casual player, I guess this is what that is appropriate. Just focus on the gameplay and forget the stats/math.

The goal of this game is to protect your fruits from the hordes of insects by placing killer plants on their way.

There are totally 85 levels in this game. As the levels progress, the units became harder and come in large quantities and the game is very well balanced between speed / tank / air units. You have only 3 types of defenses with 2 levels of upgrades. You cant see what the upgrade actually does to the defenses, but the visual look of upgraded towers is very pleasing.

Bonus Attacks:
Apart from the regular defenses, you get additional attack tools occasionally which includes electric discharger, flame thrower, air sucker and such. They are very much helpful in emergency situations and very cool to use.

If you are casual gamer looking to pass some good time, you can definitely try this, Its worth. If you are a veteran TDist, then also you could play this once for its neat graphics and interface.

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Autobot Stronghold is a tower defense game based on the film 'Transformers'. Our objective is to defend the base from the Decepticons with the following autobots: Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet and Optimus Prime. Each autobot has its own pros and cons. The game consists of 50 waves of increasing difficulty, comprised of a variety of decepticons.

Autobot Stronghold - Wave 50

Game Link: http://www.lg.com/au/transformers/autobotstronghold/

After experimenting with all the autobots, I found that placing just Ironhides at appropriate positions is enough to hold back for the first half of the game. Then after you get access to Optimus Prime, deploying just that and upgrading Prime is enough to beat the whole game.

After a couple of loses, I beat the game on my 4th or 5th try. Its not a very complex, addictive tower defense with loads of features. But a simple one which is good for the first few times.

Thanks to my friend Sankar Ganesh for letting me know of this good game.

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Warzone is a tower defense game where your objective is to defend your HQ from the waves of enemy tanks by constructing defensive structures. There are many maps to choose from and different types of game modes.

The game is too good because both the enemy units and our defenses are so well balanced that you need to construct all types structures to counter the variety of enemy units at strategic positions. The maps are initially empty at the start, it is upto the player to shape up the path that the enemy takes to his/her advantage. This gives infinite possibilities where player can try out a different number of placements to find a best placement plan.

Apart from the defensive structures, the player has the power to drop bomb and nuke at a given point which has a one time area damage effect, very much useful at crysis especially at later stages.

Game Link: http://www.flasharcade.com/arcade-games/warzone-tower-defence-game.html

No goal:
The only thing that I dont like about this game is that none of the maps has a goal which when reached we win the game. All maps and modes are like endurance mode where we keeps on playing until our HQ is destroyed. The thought that how good we play, we are going to loose at the end is not much satisfying. Other than this, it is a perfect tower defense game.

Warzone highscore 71899

Cheap Trick:
There is a cheap trick to survive longer than usual. The defenses should be placed such that there are two long curved loopy paths to the HQ, one path should be closed always so that all the units move through the other path and when the units are near the end of their path, that path should be closed and the other is opened. Thus by repeating this cycle with perfect timing, we increase the path travelled by the enemy tanks to virtually infinite distance.

By using the above technique, once a large number of tanks are gathered in a single area, we could drop a nuke there to take them all out with a single hit.

In our office, we are to develop a similar iphone game named 'Warnest', so we took this as a reference. I was playing the game daily for past few weeks and the maximum score I could reach is 71K in the 160th wave.

Overall its a great game with much replay value because of its dynamic nature and served its purpose (as a reference to our game) well.

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Deus Ex is one of the best RPG I ever played, mixed with conspiracy theories, futuristic elements all happening in our real world locations, rather than some fantasy world. The whole plot can be stated as something as follows.


In order to maintain peace and order, United Nations form a group named UNATCO, which has access to some other highly advanced sophisticated technologies in the world, particularly Nano-Augmentation, by which people are turned super soldiers by injection of nano-particles in their body.
Player is one of such Nano-Agent named JC Denton, who starts with the mission of recovering stolen Ambrosia supplies and in the process meets up with various personalities from different organisations, making critical decisions that branches the story in completely weird paths, visiting many places in the world including New york, Hong Kong and many more. My Play The world is ravaged by a fatal disease called "Gray Death" and there is a cure named "Ambrosia", which is very short in supply.
Ambrosia is provided only to the RICH and so various terrestrial organisations have been formed around the globe to steal it and a group named NSF actually accomplish in stealing the Ambrosia supply.

My Play

I spent long time with this game, but couldnt get to complete the game, though I played through more than half of the story, leaving UNATCO, visiting Japan, stopped the Kill Switch, obtained Dragon Tooth Sword and much more. I wish I had finished the game before itself, as I wont be playing this here after for various reasons. Overall its a superb game.

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SPOILER ALERT !!! - This post explains in detail the plot of FEAR game and thus contains major spoilers.

The player is an operative in the FEAR(First Encounter Assault Recoon) team. The game starts with the players being debriefed by the FEAR operatives. The mission summary goes as this: There is a psychic commander named, Paxton Fettel, who is capable of controlling an army of super soldiers telepathically.

I am dropped in one of the buildings of Armacham facility with the mission to find Fettel. Shortly after the mission starts, all my team memebers were killed by some super-natural powers and I am left alone to pursue the mission. I roam through the haunted buildings of Armacham in search of Fettel, killing all the super soldiers on my way, meeting Fettel in both reality and some altered dimension, a dream.

Worst part is the creepy environment, the lively BGM and the terrific encounters with the creepy little girl, Alma. The game will really make anyone go insane. For me, I cant play the game more the 2 hours straight, heart beats will go to the maximum if I play long hours and I needed gaps to relax myself. The encounters with Alma will be the most intense gameplay that will make you sweat for real. Initially the plot will be completely confusing but as the game progress, all your speculations, the plot slowly answers itself and makes sense.

The confusion plot goes as follows: Armacham did some weird research several years ago and the project was doomed and results of the project were hidden to outside world. The project is named 'Project Origin'. The two mystic characters Fettel and Alma were somehow linked to the Project Origin.

After halve the game is over, I am assigned a different goal of pursuing after Alice Wade, daughter of Harlan Wade, who is the lead scientist behind Project Origin and there were speculations that Alma is the daughter of Harlan Wade. It seems since the project failed, Armacham killed the girl, Alma  and locked up the entire research facility, Vault. But it is suspected that Alma's sould still lives inside the Vault (Creepy !!!)

Going after Alice takes us to the Vault. No!!! I dont want to go in!!! But I got no other choice. The game's final moments happen within the vault. Inside the vault happens the creepiest encounters with Alma. But Alma looks different inside the vault. She is all grown up, its her real appearance at the time of her death. Things go really insane both gameplay wise and plot wise.

fear, game, plot, ending


It is revealed that Alma is my mother and Fettel, my brother. For some reason, she wants to kill me, her son. Possibly she should have gone mad because of all the tortures she had as part of the experiments and she wants to take revenge on all, including me.

Project Origin seems to be a project to create evolved super humans with psychic powers. Since Alma exhibited some psychic powers at the young age, she was taken as a test model, made to give birth to two children (the prototypes). In the process, she was tortured, separated from her children and in the killed as the people in the research team couldn't control her. But her soul still remains there with the only intention of taking revenge on all and we are put in the middle of this whole mess without even knowing what going on all around for some really sick reason, which we dont know till the end.

Things go completely out of hand inside the Vault and we are to blow up the whole facility destroying all the traces the Alma and Project Origin. I did just that and escapes from inside the Vault to the surface. A nuclear explosion occurs, but I survived the disaster, wakes in a helicopter with the FEAR team around. Somewhere in those scenes, I hear a lady say "Prototype two successful", by which she refers us". After credits, comes the final unexpected twist. Perfect Ending with a loads of things left to speculate.

Seriously this plot is worthy of a Hollywood movie plot, I would say. A wonder full game indeed :-)

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I found another big vault opening door and came out the facility, where I got orders from Betters to get as far from the facility as possible.

I had some creepy encounter with Alma and in one encounter I was forced to shoot her. But, I suspect my bullets will do any harm to her. The whole place is blowing apart and I am literally running for my life. Those monsters from hell are spawning everywhere and slowing me down, but nothing can stop me.

I came out of the facility alive and witnessed a worst incident, a big terrible explosion at the heart of the Auburn District. Later I was saved by my friends and we are going in the chopper, where I witnessed another totally unexpected nightmare. With that the game ends.

The ending is very cool, with full of twists. As in other games, there is no boss monster to fight with, but this ending is 100% appropriate and suits the plot. I will start playing the expansion packs soon. Before that I will write another post on the plot of this game, after doing a little research myself, because plot-wise, I might have missed out something.

fear, game, ending, ground, zero, explosion, nuclear, survive

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I just now arrived inside the vault. There is a cool looking orb floating in front of me.

fear, game, orb, vault, inside

As expected, I am having creepy dream sequences with Fettel in it. This time, Fettel let me know a big secret and I never thought things will go like this. Unexpected, but interesting. On the end of the dream sequence, I am wiped out of my weapons and Fettel and Alice are found dead in front of me. I am not sure, whether it is for real and just an illusion.

On proceeding a litle, I found 3 soldiers, but they are standing still without any motion. I went close to them and touched them, but still no response. Maybe Fettel is really dead and now no one to control those soldiers, so they are now acting like unplugged robots.

I found a laptop with a video recording of Wade, where she described more about Alma. He ended his speech with a cool line. Here it is, "It is the way of men to make monsters. And it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers". Its a very cool quote and fits exactly to the current situation.

fear, game, ghost, family, eating, fettel, flesh

This facility is like hell, where Alma is free roaming everywhere and killing everyone. I saw an incident of Wade getting killed terribly by Alma. Hope its just an illusion, that tricked me well. And here she spawned some new type of monsters directly from hell through a dark(warm hole like) opening. They are easy to kill (in one shot), but they are self-destructive explosives and causes very high damage and they spawn in big numbers. Even with my sloMo, I barely manage to handle them.

fear, game, hell, opening, spawns, evil

I found the reactor with four reactor cells. As told by mapes, I destroyed them and the whole damn place started crumbling. I am running for my life and I need to get the hell out of there. Missions aside, I need to save my life first.

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