Grand Defense - HD Battle

I am very much into Tower defense games these days and I recently played quite a couple of matches in Grand Defense - HD Battle in iPad. Its not a super-duper, genre changing RD game, but its a standard, very balanced and simple TD game that is very much worth being a free one.

Game Link:

The catchy feature of this game is its neat interface and clean graphics. Many stats that will be usually shown in other TD games like HP, defense, attack power, range and other such numbers are totally avoided, but hit points and range are shown visually with appropriate graphics. I love the simplicity of this game. As a hard core TD player, I dislike the fact that I cant see how exactly the defense upgrades improves them. Also seeing all the stats and numbers and making them raise as I play / upgrade is very much satisfying, but I miss all those in this game. But for a casual player, I guess this is what that is appropriate. Just focus on the gameplay and forget the stats/math.

The goal of this game is to protect your fruits from the hordes of insects by placing killer plants on their way.

There are totally 85 levels in this game. As the levels progress, the units became harder and come in large quantities and the game is very well balanced between speed / tank / air units. You have only 3 types of defenses with 2 levels of upgrades. You cant see what the upgrade actually does to the defenses, but the visual look of upgraded towers is very pleasing.

Bonus Attacks:
Apart from the regular defenses, you get additional attack tools occasionally which includes electric discharger, flame thrower, air sucker and such. They are very much helpful in emergency situations and very cool to use.

If you are casual gamer looking to pass some good time, you can definitely try this, Its worth. If you are a veteran TDist, then also you could play this once for its neat graphics and interface.


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