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     Met the boss Darrius and rode with him on the Canyon in Palmont City’s outskirts. He was not like the other racers and gave really a hard time for me. I upgraded my SLR McLaren with all the Race Packages and raced with Darrius again. After a few retires, I finished him and completed the Career mode in NFS Carbon.

     The game is not over yet. There is a big array of races in the Challenge series. As in Most Wanted, I decided to play the Challenge series and try to complete it. I completed all the bronze and silver races and I personally think that the challenges are not as hard as they were in Most Wanted.

     From the starting itself, I missed something in carbon. I dont know what it is. Maybe I love Most Wanted too much than any other. Even after completing the career, I felt Carbon is just another racing game and nothing special. But wait... I started playing the drift races and they are addictive. Everytime I make a big score in drift, I cant take a rest. I just wanted to beat up my best again.

     Here is a screenshot of me overtaking my opponent in Canyon Race in Silver Challenge:

More about drifting later,

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     After quitting Last Chaos, I started with the MMORPG Perfect World International (PWI). To ease up the partying thing, I started with a Cleric or Healer character and named him EliteHealer. He was level 20 now and the nice thing about Healers is they can start fly at level 1 itself. The other classes need to get level 30 to fly.

     PWI is a very big game when it comes to in-game world and there are so many things to do in PWI. For the first few days, I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail in that game. Unlike LC, people start at the place where they logged out. So, there wont be big crowds and lags in any of the city. But, because of this feature, the cities are empty at some times. Also, the game is designed in a way the the full map is utilized. Each of the class starts at separate places and are moved to different places while doing quests so that there will be someone even in the remote place in PWI.

     Also, the big land mass is one of the frustrating thing, when it comes to travelling. The toon moves very slowly and to move between places it takes a hell lot of time. All the classes in the game are well balances so that there is no single PVP superior class. Even the healer can be good at PvP if played well.

     I like this game and decided to continue this. I ll post more about PWI after I reached level 30.


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     I am a die hard fan of Need For Speed (NFS) series. Though I played only NFS1, NFS2 SE and NFS MW, I love this series. Back in school times, me and my friend Makesh will spend a day playing split screen knockout match in NFS 2 SE. NFS was one the game that I used to play in the beginning of my gaming history. I missed out Hot Pursuit, Underground and others.

     I didnt played Carbon before because of my damn no graphics card PC. But, now I borrowed a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT card from my friend Arun and started playing Carbon.

     I started the game a week back. Acquiring the territories of Wolf, Kenji and Angie was very easy and I never upgraded my car. I started with the car that Nikki bought me and got the pink slips from all the three. I thought the game was damn easy and could be finished just with the stock cars. But, all the races in the territory of Darrius was tough and cant be won over easily. So, bought a Supra, upgraded it and finished some races and unlocked SLR McLaren. Then, I bought McLaren and captured the remaining territory of Darrius.

     Now, I am to race with wolf, kenji and angie again before meeting Darrius.

     Big thanks to Arun for the 8600, with which I planned to play Gothic 3, an epic RPG game…

More Later

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     Yeah. Believe me. I quitted Last Chaos. This was one of the hard decision that I made in my gaming career.

     Last Chaos was my first MMORPG and I loved it. I always wanted to play the game, the way it was meant to be played.

     The main thing behind my decision is people no longer party together to grind, either for sp farming or to leveling, except for the power leveling thing. This was a online multiplayer game and the people in there like to play in solo party. The second thing is everyone do power leveling and people at 40 to 70 level are very scare. Everyone plays either in prokion or in tomb. The big map of draton and merac are deserted. The third thing is Elizabeth buff in c5. Since the elizabeth buff is moved to c5, a non-pvp server, every low level people are now playing in c5. So, random PKs and small fights became extinct.

     Also, I hate grinding for sp for long hours. I know every MMORPG narrows down to grinding when we reach high levels. But, if we grind in group, it wont be problem and it will be fun. Grinding all alone for hours is like doing hard work without fun and surely it not means playing.

     I am at level 54 and I can solo anubis now. So, reaching level 80 or 90 wont be very hard for me. But the thing is armors and weapons cost insane and even if I manage to buy them, I cant go more than that level and I am not gonna shine in PVP too. So, the best thing is quitting now. I gave all my things worth 2.5 billion to my friends Arun(xWarloDx of ThePhoenix) and Arun Balaji(ChaosKnight of BloodMoon). I am the one who introduced and made them play LC. But now, I told them to quit and they are not listening to me. I know for sure, they will feel the same way I felt, when they already have wasted a long time in there.

     Yeah. I will surely be missing some of the good friends I got in game. I ll log in once in a while to keep in touch with them.

     I researched about a lot of MMORPGs to replace Last Chaos and many are found to be not so good, except WoW and guild wars. So, I need to wait till I get a job to play one of them or either:D. Till that, I am gonna try various MMORPGs of various kinds to see for myself which is better. I am gonna start with Perfect World International (PWI).


I ll miss you Last Chaos...
LC is not just a game, Its more than that for me…



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Good old times at West Gate

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     To be accepted as the leader of Zainab Camp, I need to bring a Telvanni lady for the Ashkhan Kaushad to marry. But the probelm is no telvanni people will accept to marry an ashlander.

     So, I went to wise woman and asked for help. The wise woman told me that I can easily cheat Kaushad by bringing him a slave neatly disguised as a Telvanni lady. So, I need to go to Tel Aruhn and buy a slave from there.

     I done a few errands for the Slave dealer, Savile Imayn and bought the slave, Falura Llervu. Here comes the real problem:

     I was asking her to follow me to Zainab camp, but she says something stupid and was not even moving an inch. I thought I might have did something wrong and started over the mission again from an earlier save. I was very careful this time, but then also Falura Llervu didnt follow me. I thought it was a graphical bug and so I turned off collision check through console and tried again. But the problem persists.

     Then, I found that the bug was caused by Morrowind Comes Alive(MCA) mod. I used to keep all my stuffs in my companion inventory, who are all part of MCA mod. So, I moved all my stuffs from my companions to chests, which was a big pain.

     Finally, I started the game without loading the MCA mod. Now Falura Llervu was following me to zainab Camp. The bug is solved. But I found that I am missing so many of my items which includes my best bow “Daedric Longbow of Sureflight”. And the worst thing is I am missing my face. Yeah, my face was also part of MCA mod.

     Now, I got only 2 options: Either to play the game without doing the main quest or to play the game with an ugly faceless character. or quit the game.

    So, I chose the third option and gonna QUIT MORROWIND. I really need to know the story after my current trial and more about Dagoth Ur and the final fight with him. So, I am gonna just watch youtube videos of them and know the full story.

    I hate stupid mods

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