Morrowind: MCA ruined my Game

     To be accepted as the leader of Zainab Camp, I need to bring a Telvanni lady for the Ashkhan Kaushad to marry. But the probelm is no telvanni people will accept to marry an ashlander.

     So, I went to wise woman and asked for help. The wise woman told me that I can easily cheat Kaushad by bringing him a slave neatly disguised as a Telvanni lady. So, I need to go to Tel Aruhn and buy a slave from there.

     I done a few errands for the Slave dealer, Savile Imayn and bought the slave, Falura Llervu. Here comes the real problem:

     I was asking her to follow me to Zainab camp, but she says something stupid and was not even moving an inch. I thought I might have did something wrong and started over the mission again from an earlier save. I was very careful this time, but then also Falura Llervu didnt follow me. I thought it was a graphical bug and so I turned off collision check through console and tried again. But the problem persists.

     Then, I found that the bug was caused by Morrowind Comes Alive(MCA) mod. I used to keep all my stuffs in my companion inventory, who are all part of MCA mod. So, I moved all my stuffs from my companions to chests, which was a big pain.

     Finally, I started the game without loading the MCA mod. Now Falura Llervu was following me to zainab Camp. The bug is solved. But I found that I am missing so many of my items which includes my best bow “Daedric Longbow of Sureflight”. And the worst thing is I am missing my face. Yeah, my face was also part of MCA mod.

     Now, I got only 2 options: Either to play the game without doing the main quest or to play the game with an ugly faceless character. or quit the game.

    So, I chose the third option and gonna QUIT MORROWIND. I really need to know the story after my current trial and more about Dagoth Ur and the final fight with him. So, I am gonna just watch youtube videos of them and know the full story.

    I hate stupid mods


  1. I experienced exactly the same problem. I was able to fix it using the following console command:

    "falura llervu00000000"->AIFollowCell, player, "Zainab Camp, Ashkhan's Yurt",0,0,0,0

    Before you execute the command:

    (1) Make sure you're in the same cell with her, e.g. you have her within your line of sight.

    (2) Make sure you've already given to her all the stuff, i.e. the following is already entered into your journal:

    "I spoke to Falura Llervu and gave her the perfume and exquisite clothes. She says she is very pleased with her clothes and her perfume, and is happy to escape slavery. She says she is a little anxious about marrying an Ashlander, even an Ashlander chief, but anything is better than being a slave, and she is tough, clever woman determined to make the best of her situation."

    Happy gaming!

  2. thx a lot AberLand :-D

    still I want to play and complete the game and hope ur solution work :)

    will try it when I get time

    and once again, thanks :-)

  3. My pleasure and good luck, Sai!

    Apparently, a lot of folks have experienced the same problem with Falura Llervu. This bit of command console logic does, more or less, what the game would have done, had it executed the dialog correctly.

    I came across another couple of less desirable fixes, e.g. using 'Journal' to update the quest stage (generally not recommended) or traveling back to Zainab Camp, Ashkhan's Yurt, and using 'PlaceAtPC' to bring her there.

    BTW--Falura's a feisty gal; she'll engage all enemies along the way. She's marked "essential" so I expect she won't die at their hands but, unless you want a fight, I'd steer clear of those groupings of outcast Ashlanders. ((:

  4. I tried tat PlaceAtPC technique through console, but it also didnt work for me.. anyway thx for ur tips :-)

  5. i tried the Follow console command didnt work :S faluras script error

  6. i just dont know what to do :\ , im so loving the game ,i hate mca for this .

  7. i can understand how it feels :(
    u tried de script after ur journal is updated, as told by AberLand?

  8. yes i did , it doesnt work , i dont know if i tiped it wrong, after tiping in so many times but it didnt work ...

    and i really did almost moded the game to perfection lol it was like a GTA of the medieval times ^^, a mode combo , but that main quest thing ruined it , i guess i should install oblivion know since its there that mca sends me lool the irony , was sent to oblivion loool

  9. @Anonymous - Sorry to learn you're having trouble with the script! Next time, with the command window open, mouse-click on Falura. That should re-title the command window with her object ID. In my game it is 'falura llervu00000000'. Keep in mind, too, the quotation marks and spaces -especially within quotation marks- are critical. Enter the command precisely as shown, maybe replacing 'falura llervu00000000' with whatever object ID appears in your game.

    And, as a last resort, you could update the quest using the 'Journal' command:

  10. i dont have a console on my version, anyway to fix without it?

  11. r u sure abt it?
    the console can be opened by pressing the "~" key, near the "1", in case you are not aware of it..


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