Need for Speed: Carbon

     I am a die hard fan of Need For Speed (NFS) series. Though I played only NFS1, NFS2 SE and NFS MW, I love this series. Back in school times, me and my friend Makesh will spend a day playing split screen knockout match in NFS 2 SE. NFS was one the game that I used to play in the beginning of my gaming history. I missed out Hot Pursuit, Underground and others.

     I didnt played Carbon before because of my damn no graphics card PC. But, now I borrowed a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT card from my friend Arun and started playing Carbon.

     I started the game a week back. Acquiring the territories of Wolf, Kenji and Angie was very easy and I never upgraded my car. I started with the car that Nikki bought me and got the pink slips from all the three. I thought the game was damn easy and could be finished just with the stock cars. But, all the races in the territory of Darrius was tough and cant be won over easily. So, bought a Supra, upgraded it and finished some races and unlocked SLR McLaren. Then, I bought McLaren and captured the remaining territory of Darrius.

     Now, I am to race with wolf, kenji and angie again before meeting Darrius.

     Big thanks to Arun for the 8600, with which I planned to play Gothic 3, an epic RPG game…

More Later


  1. NFS Carbon is a very good game. I finished playing it a few weeks ago with a 8600..

  2. Yeah.. Its a great game. Try completing the challenge races. They are good :)


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