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Fallout: JunkTown Raid

With the ultimate SledgeHammer and Combat Armor, I went to the Junktown, wishing I will get some good fight to test out my new acquisitions.
I used some drugs while fighting with the Mutants in Necropolis and I somehow got this "Radiated" thing. Also, my Intelligence is getting reduced and my other attributes changes over time. I was having 1 INT and so no one in Junktown was ready to speak to me. I ate Mentats, which increased my Intelligence to 4. Then, I spoke with Lars and Killan. Thanks to them, now I know against whom I can test my SledgeHammer and Combat Armor. Its Skulz and Gizmo, but they are not alone. They hang out with a bunch of thugs, which means more FUN for me :D

First I went to Skulz's Hangout, took them all out. The Sledge Hammer combined with 155% in Melee skill was a kickass. I killed all of them with ease. Then, went to Gizmo's territory and the fight with him was piece of a cake. This fights proved to be very valuable, as I got good loots from the…