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Last Chaos: Hide n Seek in Onepiece

I(saiy2k) joined the guild Onepiece through letsrogue and we had a great Hide n Seek event today morning. It was RoyalEagles who was hiding somewhere in Juno. Prizes will be given to the first two people who find him.

Only 2 people came for the event other than me and they are letsrogue and sirkiller. At first I looked for RoyalEagles around the Randol town. After some 5 minutes of searching, RoyalEagles gave us a clue that he can see enormous body of water from the place where he was hiding. Then I started searching for him along the banks of the rivers in Juno. While searching, letsrogue crossed my path. Again, after sometime, he told that he need not be very close to water to see the river. Immediately the mountains came to my mind. They are a good place to hide, as they are hard to climb and also we can see rivers that are very far. So, I started searching in the mountains closer to the River that flows north of Randol. On the way, I met a guy named Hayabusa. I asked him whether he…

Last Chaos: Exploring the Dark Tombs in Land of Iris

While I was leveling my pet lever, Gammag was in my party and he was getting ready to explore the Temple of forgetfullness. I was also very eager to check what evil creatures were hiding in those Dark Temple. So, I joined Gammag with my main saiy2k and together we went inside the temple of forgetfullness.

At our first sight we saw some spiders at level 63. After buffing ourselves with all the buffs we got, we started kicking the spiders. But the spiders grouped together and we were no match for them. So, we went back to the safe area and planned to sneak in instead of fighting all the way in. Then we proceeded to go in, but Gammag took heavy hits from the Legendary Slayer and was killed. He lost some of his SP and he was not willing to lose more SP and he went out. Then, I proceeded in with all my courage. There were some 2 headed monsters. I crossed them and ran all the way in. At the heart of the temple, I found the boss monster Barren Eise. I looks like a giant evil eye that is flo…

Last Chaos: Epic PVP

Today I(saiy2k) was called by Arun Balaji(xChaosknighTx) to help him kill a rogue named OneDeadlyHit. My weapon and accessories was my friend. Arun Balaji told me tat rogue was at level 30 only and I can easily kill him with vl 29 sword. So, I went to west gate and started attacking the rogue.. I was making very low damage only and he also misses too much on me. I DBed 2 times and he became invisible. I was searching for him and he reappeared after a few seconds and started attacking me...

After a few minutes a knight named knigt22 joined OneDeadlyHit on fighting me. Even now, I was not taking much damage from them. We were fighting for minutes, but none of us were dead... Meantime, another knight named kniGHT1 joined the opposite faction. But this time, I was taking some serious damage and I put my def and atk pots on. All the three of us were attacking me and with my pots, I tanked them. Then, I concentrated on hittin knigt22 and I killed him. Then I started hitting him and killed hi…

Have to concentrate on Real Life

I think I am spending too much time in the Virtual Worlds rather than the Real Life. I am in my final semester of College and need to get a job soon after finishing the college. Also, I am developing a game for Imagine Cup 10. Have to spend some time on that too...

So, from today, I am gonna reduce my Gaming and concentrate more on my real world problems... So, dont expect much posts here, but check out my Personal blog for updates:-)

Morrowind: Thief to Warrior

I was doing the Thieves Guild mission for the past few days and completed all the mission from Big Helende... I am bored with the missions of Thieves guild and thought of improving my fighting skills. So, I went inside the hell of morrowind, the Ghost gate and fighted some creatures there. It was very very difficult for me to fight some of the beasts of the Red Mountain(Remember, I am playing with the difficulty option set to 100!!!).

So, I thought of practicing with easy targets first and going into the ghost gate later. So, I returned back to Balmora and started doing the Fighters guild jobs. I retrieved the Code Book, recovered the debt money from Desele and killed the outlaw Dura gra-bol. With those missions over, Eydis Fire-Eye forwarded me to Lorbumol gro-Aglakh in Vivec's Fighters guild for more orders...

Counter Stike - Warehouse Map Download

I noticed some visits coming to my blog to download Counter Strike Warehouse map... I, myself not yet played that map. But, here I am giving a fileplanet link to download that Warehouse map..


Last Chaos: Revenge is Sweet!!!

Me and my friend Arun had a wonderful party at Sphinx, Draton. With his stun and my +15 sword, we killed so many Sphinx Spear Man and leveled very fast. We played only for some 30 minutes and I got leveled to 43. He also leveled to 39 fast. Since we practiced with styles of Sphinx, I think I can solo it without much difficulty. I ll try it soon...

There is a wonderful incident happened at Sphinx yesterday. While we were fighting the Sphinx, I got hit very badly and was running away from a Sphinx, when I met a Titan named Deavol. I was very happy to see him and yelled HELP HELP HELP. I was in a hurry and didnt gave much attention to my Red Name. But unfortunately, Deavol noticed it and turned on the PVP mode. He even hit me once, then I started running in the opposite direction. After a few seconds, I turned back to check whether he is following me or not. He is still on my trail but that massive Titan was very slow. Then Arun came to my aid and stunned him. After that I started hitting…

Mafia Wars

I never thought I would play a text based MMO. Even, I hate the grinding part in 3D MMORPG's like Last Chaos. But, inspite of all this, I joined Mafia Wars. This was only because, most of my friends are there shooting and punching each other daily and I dont want to miss that fun. So, me too joined the Mafia Wars to punch up my friends...

More about Mafia Wars here,

Morrowind: From Footpad to Captain

I am now the Hortator of all the three Houses. But, I think I am not deserved to hold that title, as I was so weak in most of my skills. So, I am not going to progress on the main quest until I practice myself and raise my skill levels.

As a first step, I decided to complete the quests of Thieves guild rather than just hunting. So, I spoke to Sugar-Lips Habasi and completed all the quests she gave me. Then, she forwarded me to Aengoth The Jeweler in Ald'ruhn. Then, I completed all his quests and then I was forwarded to Big Helende in Sadrith Mora. I spoke to Big Helende and completed a few quests there and now I am in the quest of looting a Grandmaster's Retort from Berwen The Trader in Tel Mora.

I was promoted all the way to Captain from Footpad as I completed many of the Thieves Guild missions. I think I will complete all the missions and become the Master of Thieves Guild. After that, my plan is to join to House Redoran and make some progress there....

Last Chaos: Cute Polar Bear Pet

While Grinding the Giant Larvas in Merac, I saw a Titan and a small cute white bear following him. Actually, it was the new pet that was added to Last Chaos after the Episode 2 was released. I cant resisit my temptation towards getting one bear and I immediately started searching on how to get one. But sadly, I found that only who participate in raffles can get the Bear. So, I have to wait till I cant get that Bear by some other means:(
A Screenshot of that Cute Bear

Links to Two raffles to get the Bear(These Raffles are closed now)

For the past 2 days, I have been grinding the Giant Larvas and I reached level 42. While grinding the larvas, Grand Red Dragon(GRD) appeared several times, I killed it a few times. But, all the time, the Cerebril monsters that spawned after GRD is dead, killed me and prevented me from taking the drops of GRD.

But today only I managed to kill both the GRD and its spawns. I didnt g…

Last Chaos: EvilIncarnate

I started out a new Mage Character in Last Chaos and named it xEvilIncarnatex. I skipped all the quests and started to level up by killing the creatures in Juno. When I was at level 7, I met a guy named bats4life. Then, I partied with him and played for a long time. Then at level 12, we went to Velpist temple and hunted there some time. Most of the time a high level knight named Rapman buffed us with his horse and helped us out... I am now level 16 and bats4life level 17.

EvilIncarnate(myself) and bats4life

Then, the Quiz Event was about to start and went to attend the quiz. I answered 18 questions right and got 10 tool aids, 10 moon stones and 5 Heaven stones. Then I joined a guild to lock my xp so that I can farm sp till I reach 32...

Superb question in the Quiz

Last Chaos: I am Back

Since I got Internet Connection back in my home, I am free to play Last Chaos.. Thats Great:-) I started LC today, and met Elspethia, the guild master of The7thCircle guild and I joined them again...

Then, I went to Merac and grinded in jail for some half an hour. I am gaining experience only at a very small rate and hence I went out to fight with Giant Larva... After some 30 minutes of fighting, a Grand Red Dragon (GRD) appeared.... I started fighting it after using all the def and atk potions I had. But, I didnt notice the no of hp potion I had. After the hp of GRD was reduced to half, my hp potions ran out. So, I called out my friend, Arun to bring me some hp potions and leaves for my per. He came there in 5 min, but sadly the hp of GRD became full...

Without losing hope, we started fighting it again, and this time we succeeded and killed after smashing it for nearly 5 min. But several small creatures spawned after the GRD is dead and they killed us:( I came back again trying to …