Morrowind: Thief to Warrior

I was doing the Thieves Guild mission for the past few days and completed all the mission from Big Helende... I am bored with the missions of Thieves guild and thought of improving my fighting skills. So, I went inside the hell of morrowind, the Ghost gate and fighted some creatures there. It was very very difficult for me to fight some of the beasts of the Red Mountain(Remember, I am playing with the difficulty option set to 100!!!).

So, I thought of practicing with easy targets first and going into the ghost gate later. So, I returned back to Balmora and started doing the Fighters guild jobs. I retrieved the Code Book, recovered the debt money from Desele and killed the outlaw Dura gra-bol. With those missions over, Eydis Fire-Eye forwarded me to Lorbumol gro-Aglakh in Vivec's Fighters guild for more orders...


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