Morrowind: From Footpad to Captain

I am now the Hortator of all the three Houses. But, I think I am not deserved to hold that title, as I was so weak in most of my skills. So, I am not going to progress on the main quest until I practice myself and raise my skill levels.

As a first step, I decided to complete the quests of Thieves guild rather than just hunting. So, I spoke to Sugar-Lips Habasi and completed all the quests she gave me. Then, she forwarded me to Aengoth The Jeweler in Ald'ruhn. Then, I completed all his quests and then I was forwarded to Big Helende in Sadrith Mora. I spoke to Big Helende and completed a few quests there and now I am in the quest of looting a Grandmaster's Retort from Berwen The Trader in Tel Mora.

I was promoted all the way to Captain from Footpad as I completed many of the Thieves Guild missions. I think I will complete all the missions and become the Master of Thieves Guild. After that, my plan is to join to House Redoran and make some progress there....


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