Last Chaos: Hide n Seek in Onepiece

I(saiy2k) joined the guild Onepiece through letsrogue and we had a great Hide n Seek event today morning. It was RoyalEagles who was hiding somewhere in Juno. Prizes will be given to the first two people who find him.

Only 2 people came for the event other than me and they are letsrogue and sirkiller. At first I looked for RoyalEagles around the Randol town. After some 5 minutes of searching, RoyalEagles gave us a clue that he can see enormous body of water from the place where he was hiding. Then I started searching for him along the banks of the rivers in Juno. While searching, letsrogue crossed my path. Again, after sometime, he told that he need not be very close to water to see the river. Immediately the mountains came to my mind. They are a good place to hide, as they are hard to climb and also we can see rivers that are very far. So, I started searching in the mountains closer to the River that flows north of Randol. On the way, I met a guy named Hayabusa. I asked him whether he saw RoyalEagles. I got no reply and I proceeded north. My instinct said me that I was going in the right direction.

Then, I FOUND RoyalEagles at the north end of the map at the top of a mountain. I was the first one to find him and I got the prize money of 2M:-) letsrogue came second and sirkiller too found him in the end. So, prize was given to sirkiller too...

royaleagles, saiy2k, guild, event, hide n seek, juno, mountains

Had great fun and hope to see another event soon...
Thanks Onepiece


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