Last Chaos: EvilIncarnate

I started out a new Mage Character in Last Chaos and named it xEvilIncarnatex. I skipped all the quests and started to level up by killing the creatures in Juno. When I was at level 7, I met a guy named bats4life. Then, I partied with him and played for a long time. Then at level 12, we went to Velpist temple and hunted there some time. Most of the time a high level knight named Rapman buffed us with his horse and helped us out... I am now level 16 and bats4life level 17.

last chaos, juno, leveling
EvilIncarnate(myself) and bats4life

Then, the Quiz Event was about to start and went to attend the quiz. I answered 18 questions right and got 10 tool aids, 10 moon stones and 5 Heaven stones. Then I joined a guild to lock my xp so that I can farm sp till I reach 32...

last chaos, quiz, event, room, superb, question
Superb question in the Quiz


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