Last Chaos: Revenge is Sweet!!!

Me and my friend Arun had a wonderful party at Sphinx, Draton. With his stun and my +15 sword, we killed so many Sphinx Spear Man and leveled very fast. We played only for some 30 minutes and I got leveled to 43. He also leveled to 39 fast. Since we practiced with styles of Sphinx, I think I can solo it without much difficulty. I ll try it soon...

There is a wonderful incident happened at Sphinx yesterday. While we were fighting the Sphinx, I got hit very badly and was running away from a Sphinx, when I met a Titan named Deavol. I was very happy to see him and yelled HELP HELP HELP. I was in a hurry and didnt gave much attention to my Red Name. But unfortunately, Deavol noticed it and turned on the PVP mode. He even hit me once, then I started running in the opposite direction. After a few seconds, I turned back to check whether he is following me or not. He is still on my trail but that massive Titan was very slow. Then Arun came to my aid and stunned him. After that I started hitting him with all my skills. After a few seconds, HE DIED... It was really coooool to kill a high leveled person who tried to PK you and I was very happy:-)

last chaos, screenshot, deavol, killed, pvp
Pawned Deavol!!!

Then I went to Quiz event yesterday and got all the questions right and hence got 15 HS. I am thinking of upgrading a new 46 armor to +10 with these HS to replace my 41+10 armor... Hope I will upgrade it successfully...

Thats all now
see u all later


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