Last Chaos: Exploring the Dark Tombs in Land of Iris

While I was leveling my pet lever, Gammag was in my party and he was getting ready to explore the Temple of forgetfullness. I was also very eager to check what evil creatures were hiding in those Dark Temple. So, I joined Gammag with my main saiy2k and together we went inside the temple of forgetfullness.

At our first sight we saw some spiders at level 63. After buffing ourselves with all the buffs we got, we started kicking the spiders. But the spiders grouped together and we were no match for them. So, we went back to the safe area and planned to sneak in instead of fighting all the way in. Then we proceeded to go in, but Gammag took heavy hits from the Legendary Slayer and was killed. He lost some of his SP and he was not willing to lose more SP and he went out. Then, I proceeded in with all my courage. There were some 2 headed monsters. I crossed them and ran all the way in. At the heart of the temple, I found the boss monster Barren Eise. I looks like a giant evil eye that is floating in the air with violent thunder storming around it.

I know for sure that I cant even stand near this Eise. But I was very curious to touch it. So, I thought of stunning it and DB it just once. But, as expected the stun failed and I was dead.

I added this Barren Eise to my hitlist, which holds the following monsters:
1. Grand Devilroad Kamira (Draton Boss)
2. Black Pudding (which killed me once, when I went to Stryana)
3. Barren Eise(Temple of Forgetfullness, Draton)

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