Last Chaos: Epic PVP

Today I(saiy2k) was called by Arun Balaji(xChaosknighTx) to help him kill a rogue named OneDeadlyHit. My weapon and accessories was my friend. Arun Balaji told me tat rogue was at level 30 only and I can easily kill him with vl 29 sword. So, I went to west gate and started attacking the rogue.. I was making very low damage only and he also misses too much on me. I DBed 2 times and he became invisible. I was searching for him and he reappeared after a few seconds and started attacking me...

last,chaos,best,epic,pvp,saiy2k,onedeadlyhit last,chaos,best,epic,pvp,saiy2k,onedeadlyhit

After a few minutes a knight named knigt22 joined OneDeadlyHit on fighting me. Even now, I was not taking much damage from them. We were fighting for minutes, but none of us were dead... Meantime, another knight named kniGHT1 joined the opposite faction. But this time, I was taking some serious damage and I put my def and atk pots on. All the three of us were attacking me and with my pots, I tanked them. Then, I concentrated on hittin knigt22 and I killed him. Then I started hitting him and killed him too... But I cant take out OneDeadlyHit as he used his Invisibility skill often.

last,chaos,best,epic,pvp,saiy2k,onedeadlyhit Photobucket

Then we came to an agreement to stop the fight and we chatted for sometime about the epic 10 minute PVP fight we had and I logged out...


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