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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Game Name: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Genre: Tycoon / Simulation Series: Roller Coaster Tycoon
Gamespot Score: 7.8 IGN Score: 8.5
Developer: Frontier Development Publisher: Atari
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Fallout - Index

Game Name: Fallout Genre: RPG Series: Fallout
Gamespot Score: 8.7
Developer: Black Isle Studios Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Links: Introduction.Shady Sands.No Chip in Vault 15.Death Claw.Necropolis.Returning Water Chip.Back to the Hub.Junktown Raid.

FEAR - Escalation

Escalation is a big Interval with a large number of levels and a few creepy encounters with Alma. I had several good gun fights with the super soldiers, with the final fight topping them all.

The final fight takes place in a big alley with a number of normal soldiers and one heavy trooper. There were a number of crates for my cover. But still, this was a very challenging and hard fight. After I took them all down, a chopper arrives and picks me up.

But in this interval also, I failed to catch up Paxton Fettel and my pursuit continues. Fortunately, it was found that Fettel is now hiding in Armacham's headquarters and so I am going there in the next interval.

Few Screenshots:

FEAR - First Encounter

I was dropped in a Armacham facility, along with a few of delta team members. Our mission was to find Paxton Fettel and to find the true nature of the crisis.

The entrance of the facility was closed and I was told to open it somehow. I searched for the nearby area and found a lever in a control room. I opened the entrance gate and pulled the lever and went back to the entrance to find only to find the dead bodies of all the delta team members. On going close enough, I saw a vision of that creepy little girl killing the delta team members.

Now, I was to proceed all alone. After that disturbing scene, I dont know how I was going to play. Somehow I cooled myself and proceeded into the facility, where I saw the firsts of the pyschic controlled super soldiers and was taught the combat mechanism in this game, including melee attacks.

There were a number of super soldiers here and there in that facility and I took them all, proceeding deep into the heart of that facility, where I was suddenl…

First Encounter Assault Recoon

I love horror games for their dark, scary, frightening environments and music and I played a few of them like Doom Franchise, Resident Evil series. But I never played them alone. I always used to play this sort of games with my friends, for some obvious reasons :-)

But now, I installed FEAR in my system and is going to play it all by myself. To make things more interesting/scary, I decided to play the game in the night, with lights switched off and with my headset cranked up to the high volume. I know its like a suicide mission for me, but lets see what FEAR has for me.

First Encounter Assault Reckon:
FEAR is a highly trained special military unit formed by government to deal with supernatural threats. I am a point man, who just recently joined the FEAR team.

My first mission is to find and neutralize Paxton Fettel, the antagonist of this game. Paxton Fettel is a chief commandar in Armacham Technology Corporation and worst things about him is he has the ability to control an army of cl…