FEAR - First Encounter

I was dropped in a Armacham facility, along with a few of delta team members. Our mission was to find Paxton Fettel and to find the true nature of the crisis.

The entrance of the facility was closed and I was told to open it somehow. I searched for the nearby area and found a lever in a control room. I opened the entrance gate and pulled the lever and went back to the entrance to find only to find the dead bodies of all the delta team members. On going close enough, I saw a vision of that creepy little girl killing the delta team members.


Now, I was to proceed all alone. After that disturbing scene, I dont know how I was going to play. Somehow I cooled myself and proceeded into the facility, where I saw the firsts of the pyschic controlled super soldiers and was taught the combat mechanism in this game, including melee attacks.

There were a number of super soldiers here and there in that facility and I took them all, proceeding deep into the heart of that facility, where I was suddenly confronted by the little girl. The whole scene turned creepy with things exploding the game automatically moved into SloMo. I was terribly frightened on seeing her face and was naturally backing up from her. Everything happened in slow motion and I found a broken window to my left, in which I jumped off and escaped from that restless soul, which also ends this Interval "Initiation".


I was totally exhausted psychically and so I am here writing the post, instead of playing Interval 3 :-)


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