First Encounter Assault Recoon

I love horror games for their dark, scary, frightening environments and music and I played a few of them like Doom Franchise, Resident Evil series. But I never played them alone. I always used to play this sort of games with my friends, for some obvious reasons :-)

But now, I installed FEAR in my system and is going to play it all by myself. To make things more interesting/scary, I decided to play the game in the night, with lights switched off and with my headset cranked up to the high volume. I know its like a suicide mission for me, but lets see what FEAR has for me.

First Encounter Assault Reckon:
FEAR is a highly trained special military unit formed by government to deal with supernatural threats. I am a point man, who just recently joined the FEAR team.

My first mission is to find and neutralize Paxton Fettel, the antagonist of this game. Paxton Fettel is a chief commandar in Armacham Technology Corporation and worst things about him is he has the ability to control an army of cloned soldiers through psyche.


Inception - Point of Origin:
I was dropped at a building, where Fettel was supposed to be hiding. The building was damn creepy with the worst sound effects and visuals. After searching the whole building for some time, I regrouped with my team and was again ordered to proceed alone to search for Fettel. Fettel was hiding in a terrace of one building, where he took me out by surprise, blabbered something and escaped.

With this, the first Interval 'Inception' got over. There were no combat in this chapter, but I was already creeped out.

Till now, I havent seen that small girl and looking forward to see that small creepy girl in the second Interval.

PS: I am playing the game in hard difficulty mode. Hoping to finish this game at this level. If I felt hard enough, I will tone it down later.



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