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Kingdom Rush: Review

A good tower defense game with simple and neat graphics that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. The game is slow placed, unlike most other tower defense games, but intensive at harder levels. The difficulty of the game increases linearly with new monsters and towers (and their upgrades) being introduced at right levels.

The monsters and towers in the game has various types of attacks and defenses and they are very well balanced. The power ups are awesome :-)

Here is my progress through the game as of writing:

Completed 10 levels with 3 stars in first 8 levels and fewer stars in later levelsScored 33 of 62 stars

Pros: Visual Presentation, Slow pace of the game
Cons: Not much addictive

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GemCraft Labyrinth - Best Tower Defence Game

Gemcraft, The most comprehensive and brilliantly designed Tower Defence game, I ever played.

Loads and Loads of Unique Maps.Awesome variety of Gems and their Combinations.Superb Strategy.Excellent Visuals.Best Sound Effects.
Overall, its just plain awesome and I LOVE the game. But its too much to finish in one single sit. But thanks to the saveable profile, that I played this, almost a year back and I am able to continue with that old profile now. Completed a dozen maps and shelving it again for later play.

Grand Defense - HD Battle

I am very much into Tower defense games these days and I recently played quite a couple of matches in Grand Defense - HD Battle in iPad. Its not a super-duper, genre changing RD game, but its a standard, very balanced and simple TD game that is very much worth being a free one.

Game Link:
The catchy feature of this game is its neat interface and clean graphics. Many stats that will be usually shown in other TD games like HP, defense, attack power, range and other such numbers are totally avoided, but hit points and range are shown visually with appropriate graphics. I love the simplicity of this game. As a hard core TD player, I dislike the fact that I cant see how exactly the defense upgrades improves them. Also seeing all the stats and numbers and making them raise as I play / upgrade is very much satisfying, but I miss all those in this game. But for a casual player, I guess this is what that is appropriate. J…

Autobot Stronghold

Autobot Stronghold is a tower defense game based on the film 'Transformers'. Our objective is to defend the base from the Decepticons with the following autobots: Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet and Optimus Prime. Each autobot has its own pros and cons. The game consists of 50 waves of increasing difficulty, comprised of a variety of decepticons.

Game Link:

After experimenting with all the autobots, I found that placing just Ironhides at appropriate positions is enough to hold back for the first half of the game. Then after you get access to Optimus Prime, deploying just that and upgrading Prime is enough to beat the whole game.

After a couple of loses, I beat the game on my 4th or 5th try. Its not a very complex, addictive tower defense with loads of features. But a simple one which is good for the first few times.

Thanks to my friend Sankar Ganesh for letting me know of this good game.