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     I almost forgot Morrowind, because of my tight schedules. Also, I set the difficulty setting to 100 a long back and its hard for me to fight people there. So, I just decided to reduce the difficulty and quickly finish the game...

     Now I am travelling with my mates Bralas Andaren, Luthien Morvayn and Shareel. Actually Bralas and Luthien were in Solthiesm, since I took them with me for my solthiesm hunt and left them there. I just took them to Morrowind by swimming all the way to Gnisis.

     My Main Mission Status: I already became the Hortator of all the houses and now I am to convince all the four tribes to accept me as their leader. Also, I already became the leader of Urshilaku Camp. Now i need to convince the other 3 tribes to complete the fifth trial. So, I decided to visit Zainab camp first.

     From Gnisis, we started our journey to Zainab Camp and on the way met sooo many devil monsters and several ashlanders and bandits. We killed all of them with our strength of Unity. Also we raided a few tombs and dungeons. But in a big war against a bunch of bandits near Zainab Camp, we lost one of our pal, Bralas Andaren. It was like 4 vs 10 fight. So, Bralas death is obvious.

After the War

     Then, after proceeding for some time, we reached Zainab Camp. Now the job is to persuade the leader of Zainab Camp to accept me as their leader, which I ll do later…


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     I had been training myself and my Ichi at wafes for the past 1 week. In the past few levels I got loads of SP from killing wafes. With all those SP, I maxed all my skills and spent the remaining SP on Master Weaponsmith and some leaf processing skill.

     I thought of making a quick level and so went to tomb taking MUTTI, a templar knight in my guild along with me. On entering Tomb, I was in level 53 and 8% xp. We went to Anubis and killed few anubis and a few sphinx which made my xp to 61%. Then for one anubis kill, i put on a Experience Booster(XPB) to check how much I get with the XPB. On that kill I got a whooping 65% xp and made level 54, with 26%.

     Then had a small fight with TheUnDead, an alt of Sickness. We didnt went to arena as it will be crowded by high level ppl. So we went to the Providing grounds in Draton, which is quite empty. He is just level 40 and I am level 54. Anyway we just had a few fights and it was a good fun. A Screenshot:

last chaos,game,mmorpg,pvp,saiy2k,theundead,providing grounds,draton

     As most people think, soloing high level monsters is not very tough, especially in Tomb. You just need to get the right gears and pots and must not hesitate to run in the middle when your health gets to very low level.

     Here is small tips on soloing high level monsters in Tomb

  • You need to get maximum Evasion and a few Hit Rate. Just forget about the crits and suction accs. Like Stone of Shadow(SoS) for evasion and Tears of Knight(ToK) or 93 HR acc for hit rate.
  • Then had loads of Greater HP and MP pots and candies. Keep these pots running all the time to be in safer side.
  • Level 12 physical defense and attack minerals is must. Put your pets technical points in full defense.
  • Lastly, top gear which includes +15 weapon and +8 and above armor
  • Keep an eye on your HP all the time, if it goes below 25% of ur total, just run and give some time for your candies and hp pots to heal you.

     With all the above, you can easily solo the mobs on tomb. No need to beg someone to plvl you, when you can do it all by yourself..

Have Fun


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First Kamira Kill

I was leveling myself and my Ichi at Wafes near sphinx in Draton and arrived the "GRAND DEVILROAD KAMIRA".. I tried to solo it a few times before, but always failed. This time I had a little hope in succeeding as I had 56+13 shirt and 56+12 pant, which gives me a good defense. After buffing myself with all the pots, I started hitting Kamira.

In the beginning it was very easy as Kamira did only melee attacks and missed a few of its hit. After like half of its HP was over, it started with its magical attacks and I was dying. When its HP was like 80% over, I died. Without wasting a second I came back and was happy to see it didnt regenerated its health.

But I lost the Elizabeth buff and I am not going for the buff now and let Kamira disappear. I had only like 20% of health and so I buffed myself with all the pots and started hitting it and voila, I killed Kamira. I got “Chain of Tiger” accessory and junks..

Here goes the Screenshots:

last chaos,saiy2k,knight,kamira,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot
last chaos,saiy2k,kamira,knight,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot last chaos,saiy2k,kamira,knight,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot

First Anubis Spearman Kill

My friend Arun Balaji challenged me to just visit the Anubis spearman at the tomb of theos, Draton. I didnt thought just visiting them would be hard and as expected I made it to Anubis Spearman easily. So, I went inside all the way in and surely not coming back empty handed. So, I decided to kick in Anubis and with all my pots on, I actually started fighting it.

But that noobish mob stunned me. I never knew monsters have skills like this stun. After the stun is over I ran from there and came back after it lost focus on me. Then grafity, a mage gave me few remedy potions to escape from the stun of Anubis. With the remedy, I started my fight against Anubis again. It was hitting hard and my hits was feathery.. I was running the candies and HP MP pots to keep myself from dying.. Though my HP went below 500 a few times, when I started running away, get a few seconds to rejuvenate and then come back to fight.

After like 15 min of hard fight, I MADE IT.. yes.. i killed Anubis Spearman :D Thanks to grafity for the remedy pots.

Here goes the Screenshot of my Anubis spearman Adventure:

last chaos, anubis, solo, kill, low, level, saiy2k last chaos, anubis, solo, kill, low, level, saiy2k

Most of the time I used to think “I am not buying Ap nor getting plvled… So what the heck am I doing in LC?” But now I got hope that I can plvl myself whenever I want. All I need is to upgrade my helm, boots and gloves to current level armor and above plus 10

More Adventures Later

The Brave Knight

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Its been a long time since my last post, almost a month. Actually I was not playing any games seriously for the past one month. All this because of the hectic project I am doing and my College Symposium, Callida. But once in a while, I play Last Chaos, Track Mania and few flash games.

In Last Chaos, I made some good progress in terms of my financial status. I used to buy and sell things daily and made like 1 billion in de past month and bought few good accessories. Now my accessories include

  • 3 x 90% crit (ea costs around 250M, but i bought for all 3 for 630M... thx to Arun for selling me at cheap rate)
  • 2 x Tears of Knight (ToK)
  • A 93 HR, 2 x 56 Eva Accessory
  • Few Stone of Shadows (SoS)

And I learned an important lesson, which also applies to my Real Life. Its “NEVER TRUST ANYONE”… Its because of the following two incidents

Rocky987 was one of my close friend in LC and I trusted him with my 33+15 sword. He told me that he will use that sword till he levels to 40+ and return back the sword along with 10 HS. But later, when I asked him, that fking retard is telling me that he never borrowed that sword from me.

Also a titan named Morrowind was a good friend of mine and so I lended him a Titan event Weapon +12. Since then, I never seen him online. He just disappeared with my sword

Few notable things that happened in the past 1 month:

  1. Joined the guild Violaters (http://violators.ub3rserver.com/)
  2. Bought a level 6 Ichi and trained it to level 12.
  3. Made 1 level from 49 to 50 with the skills maxed.
  4. and 1 more important sad thing about a old friend, to know what it is click here

Apart from Last Chaos, I played Age of Empires 2 online with my friend Sridhar.


More Later

Saiyasodharan. R

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