Last Chaos: First Kamira and Anubis Solo

First Kamira Kill

I was leveling myself and my Ichi at Wafes near sphinx in Draton and arrived the "GRAND DEVILROAD KAMIRA".. I tried to solo it a few times before, but always failed. This time I had a little hope in succeeding as I had 56+13 shirt and 56+12 pant, which gives me a good defense. After buffing myself with all the pots, I started hitting Kamira.

In the beginning it was very easy as Kamira did only melee attacks and missed a few of its hit. After like half of its HP was over, it started with its magical attacks and I was dying. When its HP was like 80% over, I died. Without wasting a second I came back and was happy to see it didnt regenerated its health.

But I lost the Elizabeth buff and I am not going for the buff now and let Kamira disappear. I had only like 20% of health and so I buffed myself with all the pots and started hitting it and voila, I killed Kamira. I got “Chain of Tiger” accessory and junks..

Here goes the Screenshots:

last chaos,saiy2k,knight,kamira,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot
last chaos,saiy2k,kamira,knight,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot last chaos,saiy2k,kamira,knight,fight,solo,kill,first,time,ss,screenshot

First Anubis Spearman Kill

My friend Arun Balaji challenged me to just visit the Anubis spearman at the tomb of theos, Draton. I didnt thought just visiting them would be hard and as expected I made it to Anubis Spearman easily. So, I went inside all the way in and surely not coming back empty handed. So, I decided to kick in Anubis and with all my pots on, I actually started fighting it.

But that noobish mob stunned me. I never knew monsters have skills like this stun. After the stun is over I ran from there and came back after it lost focus on me. Then grafity, a mage gave me few remedy potions to escape from the stun of Anubis. With the remedy, I started my fight against Anubis again. It was hitting hard and my hits was feathery.. I was running the candies and HP MP pots to keep myself from dying.. Though my HP went below 500 a few times, when I started running away, get a few seconds to rejuvenate and then come back to fight.

After like 15 min of hard fight, I MADE IT.. yes.. i killed Anubis Spearman :D Thanks to grafity for the remedy pots.

Here goes the Screenshot of my Anubis spearman Adventure:

last chaos, anubis, solo, kill, low, level, saiy2k last chaos, anubis, solo, kill, low, level, saiy2k

Most of the time I used to think “I am not buying Ap nor getting plvled… So what the heck am I doing in LC?” But now I got hope that I can plvl myself whenever I want. All I need is to upgrade my helm, boots and gloves to current level armor and above plus 10

More Adventures Later

The Brave Knight


  1. Thanks, to learn more about Anubis ( New Design )…..please enter her

  2. Thank you for this topic, here's the news about the Aquarius


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