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I am now the Hortator of Hlaalu and Redoran Houses and only one more house to go to complete my Fourth Trial. So, I got a Brown Book which lists all the Councilors of Telvanni House. All the councilors were in high Telvanni towers located in various places like Tel Aruhn, Tel Vos, Tel Mora, Tel Branora and Tel Naga.

The councilors Mistress Therana, Master Neloth, Mistress Dratha and Mater Aryon simply accepted me as the Hortator of Telvanni House. I think they got very big things to do rather than hearing my Nerevarine story. I told by Aryon that Archmagister Gothren would delay my request indefinitely and so me told me to kill him.

I went and met Gothren and as expected he asked me some time to think about my request. When I ask him again and again, he told me the same thing. So, there is no other way than killing him. But there were two Daedra standing beside him. So, I am sure it would be impossible for me to kill him. But, I too have no other way. So, I started fighting him. I saved and loaded in between fights 100 times and killed him. Then, I went back to Aryon's place and spoke to him. Since no surviving Councilors disagree with my request, he named me The Hortator of Great House Telvanni and gave me the Robe of Hortator.

Now I am the Hortator of all the three houses and completed my Fourth Trial of the Seven Visions of Seven Trials of the Incarnate. I am now to complete the Fifth Trial by persuading all the four camps of Velothi to accept me as Nerevarine.

But, before that I need to improve my close range fighting skills because I will surely face strong fighters in my path of Incarnate and I have to prepare myself for that. For that, I am going to the Red Mountains and practice my combat skills there.

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I got myself a copy of Yellow Book, which has a list of all the councilors of House Hlaalu. Then, I started visiting each one of them to get my approval to be Hortator of the great house Hlaalu.

First, I went to Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. There I met Uncle Crassius and told him my Nerevarine story. He asked me 1000 gold to get his approval. I gave him that money and I accepted to name me Hortator and he told me to go and speak to other councilors. He also told me that if I was able to find Dram Bero, who is having his invisible house somewhere in Vivec, then he will accept my request. Then he told me to speak to Orvas Dren and Velanda and Nevena will automatically accept my offer.

After searching the No Name Club, I went inside the Haunted Manor in St. Olms and found Dram Bero inside. He accepted me to be the Hlaalu Hortator.

I travelled to Dren Plantation and met Orvas Dren. I persuaded him and made him to tell Velanda and Nevena to accept my offer. Then, I visited them both and without any question they accepted my request.

Then, I spoke to Yngling Half-Troll. He asked me 2000 gold. I gave him and he accepted me to be Hortator of Hlaalu.

Now I convinced all the councilors and went back to Uncle Crassius and he named the the Hortator of Great House Hlaalu and also gave me a Belt of Hortator.

Next, I have to convince the evil wizards of Telvanni House. Lets hope that goes fine...

morrowind,vivec, nice, screenshot
Visually Stunning Vivec - A Nice Screenshot

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I went to Redoran Council in Ald'Ruhn. I spoke to Neminda and she gave me a copy of Red Book, which enlists all the councilors of House Redoran. Now, I must visit all of them and convince them to accept me as Redoran's Hortator.

First, I met Mistress Morvayn, persuaded her and placed my request. She told that she cant take decision herself and she would discuss with other councilors, before accepting me as Redoran Hortator. Then I spoke to Arobar, Llethri, Ramoran and they also told me the same thing as Morvayn said.

morrowind,redoran, council
Redoran Council, Ald'ruhn

Then I spoke to Athyn Sarethi. He told me that his son, Varvur Sarethi was kidnapped by Venim and he wanted me to rescue him. If I done this errand, he will name me Redoran Hortator and I think other councilors will also be convinced. So, I went to Venim manor and searched for Varvur. There was a small room behind a curtain in the wall and Varvur Sarethi was hidden in it. I rescued him bravely and spoke to Athyn Sarethi. He was very happy to his son and he accepted to name me the Redoran Hortator and also he spoke to other councilors and made them to accept as Hortator.

But, Athyn told me that Bolvyn Venim will never name an outlander as Hortator and he may call me for duel. As told, Bolvyn Venim challenged me for a duel in the Vivec's Arena. So, I went there and started the fight. He was fuckingly hard for me. I cant block the hit from his heavy two handed sword and one of his hit costed me half my life. So, I used SO many potions, saved and loaded 100 times, even levitated in the middle of fight and took rest. Then, after doing so many tricks and stunts I killed him:-)
morrowind,bolvyn, venim, fight, kill, arena
Dual with Bolvyn Venim, Arena, Vivec

Then, I went to Ald'ruhn and spoke to Athyn Sarethi. Since, there were no opposition for me in the Redoran house now, he named the Hortator of Redoran House and he gave me a Ring of Hortator and wished me all the best in my path of the Incarnate...

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The third trial is to go the Cavern of the Incarnate and to get the Ring of Moon and Star. But the catch is all the details about that Cavern is hidden in a riddle, which goes as follows:

  • the eye of the needle in the teeth of the wind
  • the mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl
  • the dream is the door and the star is the key

I spoke about this riddle to the ashlanders in the camp and found the following:
"The star is the Key" refers to the Azura's star which appears only in magical hour between day and night. This may mean that the door to the Cavern of the Incarnate will be open only during that time.

"the teeth of the wind" refers to the Airan's Teeth in the Valley of the wind, whose entrance is marked by two high rock spires.

With these assumptions, I went to the Airan's Teeth and found the Cavern of the Incarnate. But I cant get into the door. So, I waited till 6 AM and tried to go in. I went inside and saw Azura. She gave me the ring of Moon-and-Star. It is again confirmed that I am the Nerevarine. Also, I found the souls of some people who traveled the path of Incarnate, but failed. Each of them told me their story and gave me their precious artifacts.

morrowind,cavern, incarnate, map, location morrowind, moon, star, ring
Cavern of the Incarnate - Map Location
Ring of Moon and Star

With the Moon-and-Star ring, I went to Urshilaku Camp and met Sul-Matuul. He warned me of the danger for me from the Temple and recited me the needs and duties of Nerevarine. Then, he accepted me as Urshilaku Nerevarine. Then he reminded me of the forth trial to become the Hortator of all the three houses and fifth trial to be accepted as Nerevarine by all the four Velothi tribes.

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I went to Urshilaku Camp and told Nibani Maesa about all the details of the lost
When asked about the Third Trial, Nibani Maesa told me about a Shrine to Azura called Cavern of the Incarnate and she told me to meet Sul-Matuul for more details.

morrowind, flame, atronach morrowind, bonelord morrowind
Some screenshots inside Tomb of Dagoth Morin

Sul-Matuul warned me that the path of Incarnate is a very hard one and many tough people failed the warrior test in the the path of Incarnate. Then, he gave me instructions to complete the Warrior test and only if I completed this test successfully, then I will be briefed about the Third Trial.
I have to go to Kogoruhn, the ancient halls of the forgotten house and collect 3 tokens.

  • The first one is just a Corprus weeping from a Corprus beast.
  • The second one is a Cup with the mark of House Dagoth
  • Third one is a Shadow Shield, which lies in the tomb of Dagoth Morin, deep beneath the lava tunnels.

After some 5 minutes walk from Urshilaku Camp, I reached Kogoruhn. First, I started exploring the tomb of Dagoth Morin. It is very big filled with insane creatures from all types of Atronach to evil Dagoth people. This tomb is really very big with so many tunnels, water ways, lava tunnels and much more. I searched for a very long time, but didnt found any of the token except the Corprus weeping. So, I came out of the tomb and searched the other three buildings in Kogoruhn. They are all just one roomed building and I found the House Dagoth cup there. Then, again I went into the tomb of Dagoth Moring and after a long time, I found the Shadow Shield. I spent almost two hours in Kogoruhn and found all the tokens.

morrowind, house, dagoth, cup morrowind, shadow, shield
House Dagoth Cup and Shadow Shield

While I was roaming through the lava tunnels of Dagoth Morin Tomb, I found a door which leads directly to the Red Mountain, bypassing the Ghostgate. But, I didnt go into it, since I wanted Dagoth Ur to live some more days:-)

When, I was about to return to Urshilaku Camp, I found the dead body of an Ordinator there. All his armors were worth more than 1 lakh gold. I looted them all and went back to the camp and gave the tokens to Sul-Matuul. He was really impressed by my success and accepted to tell me about the Third Trial.

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Then, I went to Vivec and searched for Mehra Milo and found a note addressed to Amaya in her room. The notes stated that she was locked up in Ministry of Truth and she wanted me to come there with two Divine Intervention scrolls for escape. Then, I levitated to Ministry of Truth and spoke to Alvela Saram, the Ordinator guarding entrance into Ministry of Truth. Mehra already spoke to Alvela and so she gave me the key to get into Ministry of Truth. with the key I went inside and started searching for Mehra. A guard saw me and started chasing me and I immediately casted my Moon Shadow power and became invisible. Again, I started my search and found the Mehra Milo in a Cell. Then, I gave her the Divine Intervention scroll I bought and she told me to meet her in the secret Dissident Priests monastry at Holamayan. Also, she told me how to come there and informed me that the entrance to the monastry will be opened only at the magical twilight hours sacred to Azura.

morrowind, Ministry, Truth, Vivec
Ministry of Truth, Vivec

As she said, I went to Holamayan Monastry and met her. She thanked me for rescuing her and she spoke for sometime about the Prophecies, Tribunal and much more. Then, I spoke to Gilvas Barelo, the head of Dissident Priests. He told me the ancient stories of Dagoth Ur, Formation of Tribunal and Kagrenac's Tools. Then he told me about the two prophecies, "The Lost Prophecy", "The Seven Curses", which may be lost prophecies I have been looking for. Then he recited me the versus of this prophecies. Also, he revealed me truth about the corrupt nature of Divine powers of Tribunal and much more.

After getting all the details about whats going on in Morrowind from ancient times and the lost prophecies, I started to go to Urshilaku Camp to meet Nibani Maesa.

morrowind, my, shrine, neravarine
My Shrine in Holamayan Monastry

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To cure my Corprus Disease, I went to Tel Fyr and met the Telvanni wizard Divayth Fyr. I gave him the beautiful Dwemer artifact and he liked it. I spoke to him about the Cure for Corprus disease and he said that he tested so many cure potions on so many people and all of them are failed. Also, he had a new potion at that time and he wanted me to bring a Dwemer boots from his Corprusarium in exchange for the potion.

morrowind, Corprusarium

I went into the Corprusarium and got the Dwemer boots from a half-human half-spider person named Yagrum Bagarn. Then I returned back and gave the boots to Divayth Fyr and he gave me the potion. It worked perfect and I got rid of the Corprus Disease. Also, I am now immune to this Corprus Disease and Blight Disease, which makes me pass the Second trial.

Now itself I am feeling godly inside:-) Soon I will finish the other trials and become the real Nerevarine.

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After passing the second trial, I went to Balmora and reported to Caius. He said that he was recalled to Imperial City and he made me an Operative in Blades ranking which means I am the Blades agent in Vvardenfell district. He told me to find the lost prophecies and deliver it to Nibani Maesa and continue my work on becoming the Nerevarine. He told me to approach Mehra Milo to get the lost prophecies. Then he left Vvardenfella and went to Imperial City...

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I met Nibani Maesa to test myself against the Nerevarine Prophecies. She said there were 2 different Nerevarine Prophecies, The Stranger and The Seven Visions. She started reciting me the versus of the
prophecy, "Seven Visions of Seven Trials of the Incarnate". The versus goes as follows:
First Trial
On a certain day to uncertain parents.
Incarnate moon and star reborn.
Second Trial
Neither blight not age can harm him.
The Curse-of-Flesh before him flies.
Third Trial
In caverns dark Azura's eye sees
and makes to shine the moon and star.
Fourth Trial
A stranger's voice unites the Houses.
Three Halls call him Hortator.
Fifth Trial
A stranger's hand unites the Velothi.
Four Tribes call him Nerevarine.
Sixth Trial
He honors the blood of the tribe unmourned.
He eats the sin, and is reborn.
Seventh Trial
His mercy frees the cursed false gods,
Binds the broken, and redeems the mad.

Then she recited the versus of the prophecy, "The Stranger", which was:
When earth is sundered, and skies chokes black,
And sleepers serve the seven curses,
To the hearth there comes a stranger,
Journeyed far neath the moon and star.

Though stark-born to uncertain
His aspect marks his certain fate.
wicked stall him, righteous curse him.
Prophets speak, but all deny.

Nibani Maesa told that Dissident Priests of the temple were studying the Nereverine prophecies for a long time and they much more about the lost prophecies. So, she wanted me to bring a copy of the lost
prophecies from them.

Then, I went to Balmora and reported to Caius. He told me that he will contact Mehra Milo and ask her to get the lost prophecies from the Dissident Priests. In the meantime, he gave a tough task to
finish.. I will write about it in the next post...

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Caius told me that Fort Buckmoth Legion found a Sixth House Base and Sixth House Shrine and a Sixth House Priest named Dagoth Gares near Gnaar Mok. My order is to go that Sixth House Base and kill the priest Dagoth Gares.

morrowind, ilunibi, sixth, house, base
Inside Ilunibi shrine

I found the Ilunibi shrine, the sixth house base near Gnaar Mok. It is a very vast base under the ground with so many undead creatures, daedra, atronaches, dreamers and much more. After more than an hour of hunting, I met the priest Dagoth Gares. He referred me as Lord Nerevar and he told me that I must accept the friend request of Dagoth Ur and join him and drive away the false gods from the land of Vvardenfell. He spoke enough and its time for some action. He was a little tough, but I killed him after a small tough fight. Then, I took a message of Dagoth Ur to me from the priest. My mission was over here, but I got the Corprus disease, which was said to be an unhealable disease.

After the Sixth House Base is cleared of creatures, I returned back to Balmora and reported to Caius. Caius promoted me to Traveler rank and told me that meeting the Divayth Fyr, a Telvanni wizard will help to do something better with my Corprus disease. Also, Caius gave me a Dwemer artifact to give to Divayth Fyr, which will please him and make him to help me.

morrowind, Hiding, place, Dagoth, Gares
Hiding place of Dagoth Gares

I doubt myself not to be the Nerevarine, because the second trial says the Corprus disease cant infect the Nerevarine. But I am affected. Only time will tell what's the real truth. So, lets continue our journey...

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After a very long journey, I reached Urshilaku Camp. But, I remembered that I cant just enter into the Yurt of the leader. I need someone to sent me in there. SO, I spoke to an Ashlander in the camp and he
liked to have a Trama Root. I had one and gave it to him as a thoughtful gift. So, on my request, he sent me to meet the head of their Camp.

I met Sul-Matuul, the head of Urshilaku Ashlanders. I told him my story and that I needed to be tested against the Nerevarine Prophecies. But he told that only an Ashlander or the Clanfriend of them can be
tested for the prophecies. But I am an outlander. So, I told me to fetch the Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow in the burial caverns of Sul-Senipul, the father of Sul-Matuul. If I get and return the bow to
Sul-Matuul then he will adopt me as a Clanfriend of Urshilaku Tribe. This act of bringing the bow is called as Initiation rite.

I searched for a while and found the burial grounds of Urshilaku. It was extremely large inside, with so many sub-burial grounds. I spend much time here searching for the Bonebiter Bow. After nearly an
hour of searching, I found the ghost of Sul-Senipul. I fought it, killed it and retrieved the bow from its remains.

morrowind, wraith, sul, senipul
Wraith of Sul-Senipul

With the bow, I returned to Urshilaku Camp and gave it to Sul-Matuul. He was very surprised to see the bow and he told me to keep the bow myself. He also accepted me as a clanfriend of their tribe and
forwarded me to Nibani Maesa, the wise woman, to test me against the Nerevarine Prophecies.

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Caius wanted me to meet Hassour Zainsubani, an Ashlander who left the wastes to become a wealthy trader in Ald'ruhn, to investigate about the Ashlanders. I went to Ald'ruhn and met Hassour. He told me about
the thoughtful gift, that is used to please any Ashlander and to gain their trust. Also, while speaking he mentions that he love poetry. So, I went to a nearby merchant and bought a copy of "Ashland Hymns".
Then, I presented that book to Hassour. He was very pleased and was ready to answer whatever I need to know.

Hassour said that no Ashlander would like a total stranger to enter their home. The stranger must present him a thoughtful gift or should me sent by some other Ashlander or else the Stranger must duel
the Ashlander and defeat him. Then, I asked more about the Ashlanders and Nerevarine Cult. He gave me some notes and I returned back to Balmora and reported to Caius.

Caius promoted me to Finder Rand and he showed me the decoded package that I delivered him before and asked me to read them. It is written that the Emperor believes in the Nerevarine Prophecies and also
think that I AM THE NEREVARINE...

Now, I'm to travel to Urshilaku Camp to speak with the heads of Nerevarine Cult, Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa and to test myself against the Prophecies.

I started my journey to Urshilaku Camp thinking that I might be the real Nerevarine:-)

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Caius wanted me to go to Vivec and collect information about the Nerevarine cult and Sixth House cult from three persons. They are Addhiranirr, Huleeya and Mehra Milo.

So, I went to Vivec and spoke with Huleeya first. She was in Black Shalk Cornerclub in the Foreign Quarters. Since some people were troubling her in the Cornerclub, I killed them and took her to
Jobasha's Rare Books, where she felt she was safe. There Huleeya gave small notes on Nerevarine Cult and its conflict with the Temple. But she don’t know anything about the Sixth House cult.

Then I went to the Temple in Vivec to find Mehra Milo and found her in the Hall of Wisdom. She says about the Nerevarine cult's claiming of Tribunal to be the false gods and the work of Dissident priests
name "Progress of Truth". She says that I must get a copy of that book and give it to Caius. Also she wanted me to inform Caius that she was being watched by the Ordinators and if something goes wrong she
will leave a message under the agreed code word "amaya".

Then I went to St. Olms searching for Addhiranirr. After searching the whole Canton I found her at the lowest level in the sewers. She was so concerned about the Census and Excise agent who was looking for
her. She wanted me to get rid of him and she agreed to give all the information she knows. So, I went up and met the agent and lied to him that Addhiranirr went to the mainland. He believed me and so he
left the place. Then I went back to the bottom and met Addhiranirr again. She now opened her mouth and told that the smugglers were working for the Sixth House and doing their business very quietly, that it
was impossible for her to find out what they were smuggling.

With all the information I gained, I went to Balmora and reported to Caius Cosadus. He was happy that I was doing my duties well and paid me 200 gold.

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While wandering through the Icy lands of Soltheism, I saw a broken airship near Hrothmund's Bane. I went near that ship and found that all the crew members were dead. This space ship reminded me of the quest given by Louis Beauchamp in Ald'ruhn. So, I searched all over the ship to check whether the crew found the Amulet of Infectious Charm. This is the amulet for which Louis Beauchamp sent his crew here. But all the crew members were dead including the Captain and so they failed Louis. After reading through the Airship Captain's Jouranl I understood that the crew members lost their minds and lives because of the heart piercing chillness of Soltheism.

morrowind, airship, soltheism

I decided to search for this Amulet myself and searched the surrouding area. After a while, I found the entrance to Hrothmund's Barrow, where the Amulet of Infectious Charm is likely to be found. On trying to get in to the cave, I was stopped by the voice of Hrothmund's Bane and he asked me a name and showed me a 4 names. Louis told me that the name was Ondjage. So, I selected that name, which was correct and hence I got access into the Hrothmund's Barrow. Inside the barrow, I found that Amulet of Infectious Charm and immediately I teleported to Ald'ruhn and returned the Amulet to Louis. He gave me 2000 gold for the feat I had done and thanked me a lot.

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Prince of Persia is the third installment in the Prince of Persia series after Prince of Persia Warrior Within. I played both the Sands of Time and Warrior Within before, but missed out this. So, I started playing Two Thrones now. One thing is I am not going to write posts for this game as I did for Sands of Time. But, after finishing the game, I will write a post about the story of the whole Prince of Persia series.

The game picks up the story after Warrior within, in which the Prince killed Dhaka and changed the fate of both Kaileena and himself. After killing Dhaka, they leave the Island of Time and return to Babylon in search for a peaceful life. But their very first sight of Babylon was very worse. Babylon was burninng like hell and their boat was shot down by some Sand Monsters. Prince got separated from Kaileena and this is where the game starts...

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I played Call of Duty 2 a year back and I love the game. Yesterday I got Call of Duty 4 from my friend. I started playing the game today morning. From the first mission, "Crew Expendable" itself, the game ROCKED. I loved all the missions and was so involved in the game and I forgot my lunch itself. AFter nearly 8 hours of playing I completed the game and was so upset with the size of the game. It is too small that I finished it in a single day.

I am not in a mood to post about my COD 4 gameplay, because I have so many games to complete before my semester leave ends. Also, in the next semester of my College, I have to concentrate on doing a project. Also, I have a BIG plan to develop a very BIG game for Image Cup Challenge of Microsoft. So, I wont be playing much on next Semester.

Now I am trying to get Call of Duty 6. Hope it will run on my PC...

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