Morrowind: Hlaalu Hortator

I got myself a copy of Yellow Book, which has a list of all the councilors of House Hlaalu. Then, I started visiting each one of them to get my approval to be Hortator of the great house Hlaalu.

First, I went to Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. There I met Uncle Crassius and told him my Nerevarine story. He asked me 1000 gold to get his approval. I gave him that money and I accepted to name me Hortator and he told me to go and speak to other councilors. He also told me that if I was able to find Dram Bero, who is having his invisible house somewhere in Vivec, then he will accept my request. Then he told me to speak to Orvas Dren and Velanda and Nevena will automatically accept my offer.

After searching the No Name Club, I went inside the Haunted Manor in St. Olms and found Dram Bero inside. He accepted me to be the Hlaalu Hortator.

I travelled to Dren Plantation and met Orvas Dren. I persuaded him and made him to tell Velanda and Nevena to accept my offer. Then, I visited them both and without any question they accepted my request.

Then, I spoke to Yngling Half-Troll. He asked me 2000 gold. I gave him and he accepted me to be Hortator of Hlaalu.

Now I convinced all the councilors and went back to Uncle Crassius and he named the the Hortator of Great House Hlaalu and also gave me a Belt of Hortator.

Next, I have to convince the evil wizards of Telvanni House. Lets hope that goes fine...

morrowind,vivec, nice, screenshot
Visually Stunning Vivec - A Nice Screenshot


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