Morrowind: A Thoughtful Gift and a Big Surprise

Caius wanted me to meet Hassour Zainsubani, an Ashlander who left the wastes to become a wealthy trader in Ald'ruhn, to investigate about the Ashlanders. I went to Ald'ruhn and met Hassour. He told me about
the thoughtful gift, that is used to please any Ashlander and to gain their trust. Also, while speaking he mentions that he love poetry. So, I went to a nearby merchant and bought a copy of "Ashland Hymns".
Then, I presented that book to Hassour. He was very pleased and was ready to answer whatever I need to know.

Hassour said that no Ashlander would like a total stranger to enter their home. The stranger must present him a thoughtful gift or should me sent by some other Ashlander or else the Stranger must duel
the Ashlander and defeat him. Then, I asked more about the Ashlanders and Nerevarine Cult. He gave me some notes and I returned back to Balmora and reported to Caius.

Caius promoted me to Finder Rand and he showed me the decoded package that I delivered him before and asked me to read them. It is written that the Emperor believes in the Nerevarine Prophecies and also
think that I AM THE NEREVARINE...

Now, I'm to travel to Urshilaku Camp to speak with the heads of Nerevarine Cult, Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa and to test myself against the Prophecies.

I started my journey to Urshilaku Camp thinking that I might be the real Nerevarine:-)


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