Morrowind: Sixth House Base

Caius told me that Fort Buckmoth Legion found a Sixth House Base and Sixth House Shrine and a Sixth House Priest named Dagoth Gares near Gnaar Mok. My order is to go that Sixth House Base and kill the priest Dagoth Gares.

morrowind, ilunibi, sixth, house, base
Inside Ilunibi shrine

I found the Ilunibi shrine, the sixth house base near Gnaar Mok. It is a very vast base under the ground with so many undead creatures, daedra, atronaches, dreamers and much more. After more than an hour of hunting, I met the priest Dagoth Gares. He referred me as Lord Nerevar and he told me that I must accept the friend request of Dagoth Ur and join him and drive away the false gods from the land of Vvardenfell. He spoke enough and its time for some action. He was a little tough, but I killed him after a small tough fight. Then, I took a message of Dagoth Ur to me from the priest. My mission was over here, but I got the Corprus disease, which was said to be an unhealable disease.

After the Sixth House Base is cleared of creatures, I returned back to Balmora and reported to Caius. Caius promoted me to Traveler rank and told me that meeting the Divayth Fyr, a Telvanni wizard will help to do something better with my Corprus disease. Also, Caius gave me a Dwemer artifact to give to Divayth Fyr, which will please him and make him to help me.

morrowind, Hiding, place, Dagoth, Gares
Hiding place of Dagoth Gares

I doubt myself not to be the Nerevarine, because the second trial says the Corprus disease cant infect the Nerevarine. But I am affected. Only time will tell what's the real truth. So, lets continue our journey...


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