Morrowind: Vivec Informants

Caius wanted me to go to Vivec and collect information about the Nerevarine cult and Sixth House cult from three persons. They are Addhiranirr, Huleeya and Mehra Milo.

So, I went to Vivec and spoke with Huleeya first. She was in Black Shalk Cornerclub in the Foreign Quarters. Since some people were troubling her in the Cornerclub, I killed them and took her to
Jobasha's Rare Books, where she felt she was safe. There Huleeya gave small notes on Nerevarine Cult and its conflict with the Temple. But she don’t know anything about the Sixth House cult.

Then I went to the Temple in Vivec to find Mehra Milo and found her in the Hall of Wisdom. She says about the Nerevarine cult's claiming of Tribunal to be the false gods and the work of Dissident priests
name "Progress of Truth". She says that I must get a copy of that book and give it to Caius. Also she wanted me to inform Caius that she was being watched by the Ordinators and if something goes wrong she
will leave a message under the agreed code word "amaya".

Then I went to St. Olms searching for Addhiranirr. After searching the whole Canton I found her at the lowest level in the sewers. She was so concerned about the Census and Excise agent who was looking for
her. She wanted me to get rid of him and she agreed to give all the information she knows. So, I went up and met the agent and lied to him that Addhiranirr went to the mainland. He believed me and so he
left the place. Then I went back to the bottom and met Addhiranirr again. She now opened her mouth and told that the smugglers were working for the Sixth House and doing their business very quietly, that it
was impossible for her to find out what they were smuggling.

With all the information I gained, I went to Balmora and reported to Caius Cosadus. He was happy that I was doing my duties well and paid me 200 gold.


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