Morrowind: An Airship to Soltheism

While wandering through the Icy lands of Soltheism, I saw a broken airship near Hrothmund's Bane. I went near that ship and found that all the crew members were dead. This space ship reminded me of the quest given by Louis Beauchamp in Ald'ruhn. So, I searched all over the ship to check whether the crew found the Amulet of Infectious Charm. This is the amulet for which Louis Beauchamp sent his crew here. But all the crew members were dead including the Captain and so they failed Louis. After reading through the Airship Captain's Jouranl I understood that the crew members lost their minds and lives because of the heart piercing chillness of Soltheism.

morrowind, airship, soltheism

I decided to search for this Amulet myself and searched the surrouding area. After a while, I found the entrance to Hrothmund's Barrow, where the Amulet of Infectious Charm is likely to be found. On trying to get in to the cave, I was stopped by the voice of Hrothmund's Bane and he asked me a name and showed me a 4 names. Louis told me that the name was Ondjage. So, I selected that name, which was correct and hence I got access into the Hrothmund's Barrow. Inside the barrow, I found that Amulet of Infectious Charm and immediately I teleported to Ald'ruhn and returned the Amulet to Louis. He gave me 2000 gold for the feat I had done and thanked me a lot.


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