Morrowind: Redoran Hortator

I went to Redoran Council in Ald'Ruhn. I spoke to Neminda and she gave me a copy of Red Book, which enlists all the councilors of House Redoran. Now, I must visit all of them and convince them to accept me as Redoran's Hortator.

First, I met Mistress Morvayn, persuaded her and placed my request. She told that she cant take decision herself and she would discuss with other councilors, before accepting me as Redoran Hortator. Then I spoke to Arobar, Llethri, Ramoran and they also told me the same thing as Morvayn said.

morrowind,redoran, council
Redoran Council, Ald'ruhn

Then I spoke to Athyn Sarethi. He told me that his son, Varvur Sarethi was kidnapped by Venim and he wanted me to rescue him. If I done this errand, he will name me Redoran Hortator and I think other councilors will also be convinced. So, I went to Venim manor and searched for Varvur. There was a small room behind a curtain in the wall and Varvur Sarethi was hidden in it. I rescued him bravely and spoke to Athyn Sarethi. He was very happy to his son and he accepted to name me the Redoran Hortator and also he spoke to other councilors and made them to accept as Hortator.

But, Athyn told me that Bolvyn Venim will never name an outlander as Hortator and he may call me for duel. As told, Bolvyn Venim challenged me for a duel in the Vivec's Arena. So, I went there and started the fight. He was fuckingly hard for me. I cant block the hit from his heavy two handed sword and one of his hit costed me half my life. So, I used SO many potions, saved and loaded 100 times, even levitated in the middle of fight and took rest. Then, after doing so many tricks and stunts I killed him:-)
morrowind,bolvyn, venim, fight, kill, arena
Dual with Bolvyn Venim, Arena, Vivec

Then, I went to Ald'ruhn and spoke to Athyn Sarethi. Since, there were no opposition for me in the Redoran house now, he named the Hortator of Redoran House and he gave me a Ring of Hortator and wished me all the best in my path of the Incarnate...


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